Manipulate the Blacks

Is it at all possible that almost the entire population of the planet has been fooled into believing something untrue and nobody check the validity of the claim? We have had rioting in the streets, business and property destroyed, people harmed, and looting with mayhem across the globe.

Why? Because Black Lives Matter. Do they matter more than anybody else? Yes, if you believe that more Black people are killed by police than others. Who believes this? Why do they believe it? Do they believe it because they researched the data? Do they believe it because somebody else does and convinced them it true? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Why don’t I understand. I don’t understand because the data does not support that claim. White people believe it also, at least some do. Why do they believe it? Did they research the data confirming it true? Or, did somebody tell them it was true?

This gets better. Our Politicians believe it. They believe it and are acting on it. They are allowing the de-funding and dismantling of the only protection that most of America has, our Police Departments. But, have they done any research that shows the claim valid? Or, did they just jump on board the band wagon believing it true all on their own? Of all the professors, scholars, and educators . . . none chose to do the research to test the validity of the claim.

How do you support a claim without knowing it true?Do you mean to tell me that all these years I believed we were making decisions based on knowing the facts, the truth, and belief in our fellow man? No wonder our Country such a fucking mess. Do ya’all know what a “lemming” is? And, if you folks believe any politician in office today . . .

The facts are simple. Yes, Black people make up about 13% of this Country’s population. But, that is the entire Country. Black people don’t live everywhere in the United States. Black people only have a strong presence in about twelve States. In those States they make up from 23 to 60 % of the population. So, let’s tell the truth. Then let’s find out who, what, when, where, and why someone has mis-lead all the people of this world and why. Why? Because somebody is making bank off this hate and discontent. Somebody is playing the rest of the world for fools. And, getting away with it.

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