How Much Of The Racial Unrest Is A Lie?

Right from the top, Police need to quit abusing their authority and the brutality has got to be brought to an end. But, are Black people killed by Police more than any other race? Maybe, maybe not.

Wikipedia says:

As of July 2016, White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, comprising an estimated 13% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising an estimated 18% of the population.

Self-identified race: Percent of population

Black or African American: 12.6%

White: 72.4%

Native Americans and Alaska Natives: 0.9%,estimated%2018%25%20of%20the%20population.

What this says is the White race was 72.4% in 2016. But this figure includes Whites from every corner of the U.S. Blacks only make up 12.6% of the U.S. population and a majority of Black people live in our cities or nearby suburbs. This is not true for all Black people but it is true of most.

The ethnic composition of the population of OaklandCA is composed of 124k White Alone residents (29%), 114k Hispanic or Latino residents (26.5%), 97.6k Black or African American Alone residents (22.7%), 65.2k Asian Alone residents (15.2%), 22.3k Two or More Races residents (5.19%), 2.98k Native Hawaiian & Other …

Oakland, CA | Data USA

In fact there are many cities across the U.S. that have African-American majority populations. If the  killings of Black people by Police is within these cities, the percentage relevant to how many killed by race needs to be recalculated to demonstrate accurate figures. You cannot base this calculation on a nationwide demographic when the locations of the killings are areas of possibly more than 50% populated by Blacks.

In 2017 Police killed 457 Whites, 223 Blacks, 179 Hispanics, 44 Others,and 84 Unknowns. In 2018: 399 Whites, 209 Blacks, 148 Hispanics, 36 Others, and 204 Unknowns. In 2019: 370 Whites, 235 Blacks, 39 Others, and 202 Unknowns. As of June 4th of this year: 172 Whites, 88 Blacks, 57 Hispanics, 14 Others, and 98 Unknowns. Calculated: 1398 Whites, 755 Blacks, 542 Hispanic, 133 Others, and 588 Unknowns. Clearly more Whites are killed by Police than any other race. And, if a majority of these killings are in the same cities as Black people are being killed by police, the assumption that the national percentage of White people would not  be applicable and such requires recalculation based on the applicable demographics.

I do not mean to take anything away from the Black Lives Matter folks, but aren’t there a lot more than Black people being killed here? And if the proper numbers be used in the calculations, Black may actually be being treated like all the other races. This does not mean that Blacks are not being treated poorly. It means ALL RACES ARE BEING TREATED POORLY and it has to stop. This is not a situation in which the races should argue, but a situation in which all the races should unite for change.

Of larger concern is the failure of Government to address this matter as I have. I have used data readily available on the Internet for my findings. Anyone that wants the truth can find it easily  So, what is preventing our elected officials from doing the research as I have? Could it be they fear racial unification for a cause . . .

Why Is There Poverty In America?

I know, what kind of question is that? Everybody knows there’s some that have and others that don’t but why is there some that got nothing? Our current pandemic has opened my eyes to our governments failure to do for their citizens.

Billions and billions more has been handed out to America to stimulate the economy and provide for loss of incomes, but that doesn’t give everyone some form of income to survive on. If you don’t qualify for unemployment, all the government gives you is the $1200.00 stimulus check. In the San Francisco  Bay Area that wont house and feed your pet. Damn sure won’t pay the rent and feed a family. So how is a person supposed to survive this pandemic financially?

The Government gave out billions of dollars in stimulus checks, millions of which was paid to all sorts of people that did not qualify for such payment. Where did the government get this money. And, what good did it do? It was inadequate to provide any real support for a lot of America. Mortgages, rents, loans for cars, and all the other bills the average American pays are not being paid. You don’t think that the Banks and other Lenders are just going to forgive arrearages, do you? Any day now folks are going to be greeted by someone coming to their door to collect or relieve you of the applicable property. Would an estimate of 50% of America having a bad credit score be unexpected?

Why? Why isn’t the Government stepping up to the plate and providing a livable income for every citizen in the United States? The idea of a basic universal income seems to be an answer to a lot of people in need of income. If I understand how this would work, it would call for the Government to pay everyone a basic income amount. People could make additional income by employment regardless of this Government payment. But those not employed and not eligible for  other benefit or payment would still have an income to survive on. Presently our politicians are trying to find a way to put more money in the People’s hands, possibly by a second $1200.00 stimulus check, which does not even provide for housing of even the poverty level of yesterday and is a ridiculous amount of Government provided support to get America back on it’s feet and save our economy from collapse.     

Nobody in America has not suffered due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. We neither started this pandemic nor wanted it in the first place. We are all victims of the negligence of some other country. Why isn’t our Government sending a bill to that government for the damage caused here? With over 100,000 dead and many more than that suffered sickness because of it, why isn’t our government seeking some form of payment from the responsible government for the suffering caused America? It is simply not right that most of America will continue to suffer financially without those responsible being held responsible for their negligence.

As America suffers the losses created by the pandemic, more and more people are joining our Homeless Encampments, our roving Tent Cities, and Motorhome Convoys which demonstrates how rapidly we are losing family after family to below poverty level status. This is unacceptable for this great country, and you will not save our economy by allowing the growth of poverty stricken to continue to grow. Our Government has the ability to save us from our fall to poverty and it sure would be nice if they got off their collective asses and did something about it while we still have a chance to survive.