TRUMP says more Whites are killed than Blacks . . .

BEFORE YOU LABEL TRUMP A RACIST, DO THE MATH YOURSELF. This is a case of “lemmings” being lead to the sea and nobody bold enough to do the math.

The facts are simple. If you manipulate data, you can make it almost say anything. On the face of it, claims of more police killings of Blacks than others looks true. But, it isn’t. Nation-wide more Whites are killed by police than any other race. And that is as it should be. There are more Whites than others nation-wide.

The math of there being approximately 13% Blacks nation-wide is also a good figure . . . If there was a significant BLACK POPULATION NATION-WIDE! Nation-wide there are only about 12 States with a significant Black population. In these States the population of Black people runs from 23 to 60%. Averaged out the population, believe it or not is close to equal Blacks, Whites, and Others. Except in some areas with a large Hispanic population.

In most of these States Whites still get killed by police more often than anybody else. Except Chicago, Illinois. Blacks are killed by police in Chicago more than anyone else at about 99% over the past ten years. Do not ask me to explain why, I am curious about myself. And, could not find adequate data to even provide a clue.

Now, do Blacks get abused by police more than others. People need to quit looking at skin color to provide the answers to everything. In areas of significant White population there are certain areas considered the “wrong side of the tracks,” where the less affluent reside. In our cities there are areas also considered “wrong side of the tracks” that used to be mostly minority populated. This has changed. Less affluent Whites now share these neighborhoods. And the police, the Courts, County Agencies, and even the local transportation treat all these residents like shit.

I am not Pro-Trump, but I am Pro-No Bullshit. Why has our political structure chosen to not check the data for themselves? Is it because they are “lemmings” on their way to the sea? Are they so stupid that they would choose to follow a cry of wolf, instead of identifying the bigger picture and trying to fix it. Cops treat everybody but the affluent terribly. It does not matter your skin color. The only exception to this rule is young attractive women, regardless of color. Just look at any major city. There are more cars taken by police in the less affluent neighborhoods, more parking tickets, and more rights violations in those neighborhoods than elsewhere.

You may believe that I know nothing or speak with racism in my heart but anybody can do the research and find the truth. You just need to want the truth more than what seems to be the popular.

Trump Downplays Police Violence Against Black People, Says ‘More White People’ Killed

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