I Got Robbed Last Night

SSociety seems to accept stealing and thievery as acceptable conduct and there are a whole bunch of folks that do this stuff. But . . .; , it is NOT acceptable conduct. Society is suffering a lack of ethics.

I Got Robbed Last Night . . .

Have you ever gone into a store and asked the store clerk for something behind the counter and watched him hold the item out of your reach until he has your money

White America is AFRAID!

This should not come as a surprise. White America fears the Black Man. That is the only excuse I can find that allows this farce of Black people being treated worse than Whites.

No Justice

Our Justice System is designed to let a criminal go rather than convict an innocent. We know that isn’t true today

Nothing Worse Than Being Forced . . .

Games like “Lucky Plinko – Happy Dropping Ball,” “Lucky Word,” “Solitaire Cash” and a bunch of others have found a way to mess up your entire day by trying to force us to install their games and other apps. “I can not stand it!”

Responsibility . . .

The writer’s opinion is that the parents of children in these situations should share the responsibility for the outcome.

Respect . . .

Originally posted on WHY?:
RESPECT IS BASED ON ACCOMPLISHMENT . .. A whole lot of people believe that they are due respect. Worse yet,is there is? more people that feel they do not have to respect anybody or anything. Let’s discuss respect. Respect? is earned not just given. People are subject to other people requiring?…


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