Respect . . .

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RESPECT IS BASED ON ACCOMPLISHMENT . .. A whole lot of people believe that they are due respect. Worse yet,is there is? more people that feel they do not have to respect anybody or anything. Let’s discuss respect. Respect? is earned not just given. People are subject to other people requiring?…

Government Pandemic Robbery

Should you have to pay late fees or penalties to the DMV, or your City or County during this pandemic? How about taxes due? Give this a moments thought. You have worked your ass trying to get ahead, along comes a simple pandemic that currently has passed the year mark.

If You DO NOT Know The Truth, STFU!

Politicians, Clergy, and every stupid ass that doesn’t know the truth and is too damn lazy to check it out needs to just STFU until they actually do some simple research.

Obama Says . . .

White men have fought for racial equality and defended “Civil Rights” for all Americans for at least as long as the Black Man has.


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