Terry Crew . . .

For there to be success in the future all colors need to come together and build something better.

When Will we Learn?

I wish I could get my message to someone of influence. We have an opportunity here. Now, in the midst of this civil unrest, we can make a change.

Reparations For What?

it’s news that more than 40 percent of African Americans now consider themselves members of the middle class. Forty-two percent own their own homes, a figure that rises to 75 percent if we look just at black married couples. Black two-parent families earn only 13 percent less than those who are white. Almost a third of the black population lives in suburbia

Another Interesting Headline . . .

You will note that there is nothing being done to stop racism. Quite the opposite is the plan right now. Instead of Government developing programs to benefit all races, they are creating a new racism by selective race benefitting from these programs.


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