And A President Disgraces A Nation . . .

Trump took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Trump became the enemy, and he incited others to follow. Not a very Presidential act . . .

Happy New Year!

The entire world, every Country, every populace suffers today. We are stuck in a pandemic world in which we are unable to thrive

Black Folk Be Trollin . . .

From here racism only leads to the past and reliving those mistakes and failures. Moving forward means just that, moving forward without hatred over skin color. You really ought to try it. It is simple! just don’t see skin color and sooner or later you will be color-blind.

All lives matter

How Math Works . . .

You cannot fight racism with racism. When all of those suffering quit playing the race game, quit letting the racist manipulate us, and stand together . . . We may have a chance of defeating racism.


Has there been anybody killed by police that wasn’t doing something fucked up?


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