It’s Okay To Be A Racist If You Are Black!

Why is it okay to be racist one way and not the other?

There is nothing in the banner presented above that says anything about the millions of other people of other races suffering the same problems. How many other American families are feeling the same pain as these African Americans. Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black?

There is more people in America suffering from economics than racism. But rather than do the research to ascertain the true issue, the race card gets played, damn near every time. 50 percent of America is living paycheck to paycheck, poverty level in the Northern California Bay Area is around $50,000.00 per year because rents are close to $36,000.00 per year for even the shabbiest homes, and few have the emergency funds to cover three months of expenses that the noted advertisement above claims to be a Black problem. IT IS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM.

Why can’t we put racism aside and deal with the real issues. This is not a Black Only problem, and I’ll bet higher percentages of other races suffer the same issues. So why can’t we deal with the real issues?

Is it because there is money in racism? Is it because the loudest gets the play and it’s harder to raise a unified voice? Can we take a count and see if there is a wide difference in the numbers. Let’s count how many of each race are having trouble making ends meet and see if the numbers vary very much. Let’s then defend all of the people regardless of color suffering this way. Let’s quit being racist and find a solution for all the Americans regardless of the color of their skin.

Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black? It’s not! America, move beyond racism and fix what truly needs to be fixed.