I Understand . . .

I understand why some would look upon this site with disfavor. I understand how may see this site as racist. I understand that some might believe this site supportive of their ideals. But, this site neither supports anyone’s cause, nor do we care the color of your skin, what your sex habits, which god if any you pray to, or any other issue relative to racism. Racism is just one topic of this site, and our concerns are not about our being racist, but about if you are racist, or not.

There are topics of interest that you may find offensive, others you may find supportive of your opinion. We seek neither to offend, nor support anybody else’s anything. Our opinion is our own, what we feel, what we believe, or what facts present. The facts are, if after you read on a topic here you choose to do a little research you will likely find the information here correct. And if not correct, at least presenting data that will make you think on the topic rather continue following the voice of social media that may or may not be an educated adult.

Why do we disfavor “Black Lives Matter?” We do not disfavor “Black Lives Matter?” We don’t. Our concern is of two things. 1.) Does BLM create new racism? And, 2.) What is going on with the millions of dollars donated to BLM? BLM may have excellent ideas on how to benefit the Black community. You decide.

This site is not here to change your mind on any topic. This site is here to present the topics hoping to provide you adequate information that you can form an intelligent opinion of your own.