Have You Ever Wanted To Be Wrong?

Many times in my life I have been wrong, and prayed nobody noticed. Sometimes I have been wrong, and argued being right when I knew I was wrong. But, this is the first time in my life that I’m right and wish somebody would prove me wrong. You see, I got the idea that “Black Lives Matter” is based on lies and somebody is getting rich off it, regardless the harm to others. Worse than that, I believe our beloved Government is actively allowing it to happen.

It all happened by accident. I was sitting around for data to support “Black Lives Matter” for an article to write. And, found some pretty good information. Black Lives Matter |Research shows Blacks being killed by police at an outrageous amount. Check out the article, its good stuff.

Anyway, after writing that article I continued to research. Do you know what I found? I found that the data doesn’t show what BLM claims it shows. As a matter of fact, the data shows whites killed by police close to twice as much. Now I don’t much care if the Black man gets a step or two up, but they could have jumped way up and been the hero of the hour. All they had to do is quit being racist. It was so simple and all they had to do is change their slogan.

Let’s see, claiming that Blacks are being killed more than the other races, when it is not true. Screaming a racist slogan while you destroy our cities, our neighborhood, and our livelihood. Doesn’t that sound a bit racist? How about if it was being done by a White man running down the street screaming “White Lives Matter” while burning down your Walmart? Would you consider that racist?

So what I see, is a lying racist organization taking advantage of people of color because they have manipulated Black people to do the dirty deeds that have been done . . . While filling their pockets with millions of dollars in donations from stupid people that don’t research where they throw their money. But, they have nothing to fear . . . Because even our politicians are too stupid to raise the truth. Every politician in office today should leave office and go hide somewhere.

Our politicians, based upon the same lies are defunding our police forces. They are dismantling our police departments and removing the only defense the people have against crime. What they should be doing is providing additional funding for specialized training and funding to provide for the families of the slain officers that will fall due to these racists.

As I said, these folks had a great chance of being the hero of the hour. Simply by changing their slogan and truly being non-racist. All they had to do was say “All Lives Matter” and mean it.