Everybody get in line, thats it. You guys in the back, c’mon get in line. We would expect lot’s of people joining just because we are tired of living this pandemic.

You simply add your data to their website and wait for them to respond. I’ll do it just to see if our Government is using vacuum technology to gather information by lacing the vaccine with other devices. It sounds a little far-fetched until you realize that we already chip our children and pets. That and banking by a chip embedded under your skin. Think about it, all you would need is chip writer and some “hacker” skills and you could re-write your spouse. . .

Anyway, they are seeking new people to work with them testing vaccines. It doesn’t pay well But it is an opportunity to serve your community.

Proof that racism is for idiots!

A couple of america’s finest decide to harass a Black man to demonstrate themselves absolute idiots to the rest of the Country.

Indiana Men Accused Of Threatening To Lynch Black Man In Viral Video Charged With Multiple Felonies

This almost seems scripted, but you read the story and make up your own mind. Regardless scripted or not, stuff like this is just plain stupid. Intelligent men don’t behave like this. And, I have doubt any self-respecting Black man would allow this to happen without a much bigger fight. Nor would his White friends of allowed this to happen without their being physically involved.

In today’s world, everybody has a camera. And do not hesitate to use it. Even in backwoods Indiana. So, anything video has to be proven true to me. Even I, with little video making knowledge can make a video that says and shows most anything. The part that troubles me is there is no video showing the victim being abused or restrained. The video shows the verbal abuse but where is the face shot of the victim.

And then, the response to the media when questioned, appears scripted in it’s entirety with the victim having thoughts of others that have died before him. Bullshit! Were he to have feared for his life at any time that big boy would have got free enough to mess someone up. As I have said, I believe the whole episode scripted, but you decide.

For the record however, racism does exist. And, with “Black Lives Matter” creating new racism by manipulating data to tell lies, while gathering millions of dollars in donations you have suspect any race report of being fabricated and scripted.