Why Do White Lives Matter?

To answer this question you need to know what you are talking about. And before you suggest that I am wrong, you need to do a little research, to discover the real truth. Before I start this article, I want you to know that I do not support racism in any way. Equality, fairness, and social harmony; yes, racism; no.

Okay first: The Washington Post database that demonstrates that the population of Black people in the U.S. is approximately 13 percent. This is true, but misleading because believe it or not there are places in the U.S. that don’t have Black people. If you compare the populations of many of our major cities, the Black population ranges anywhere from 23 to over 60 percent. Using those same population figures there are more White people killed by Police than Black people. Before you get all up in your stuff to tell me I am wrong, go look at the data. Knowing this fact is not the big deal you may believe it is. Knowing this fact and wondering why our government, clergy, educators, and people we trust aren’t doing the research and telling us the truth is the big deal.

And second: Black Lives Matter, the organization was made to support a gay sports player, had nothing to do with supporting the Black population at all, and had no intent to do so. Having the right name and being in the right place at the right time allowed these people to take advantage of White Corporate America that in fear dumped millions of dollars in donations while BLM founders scooped it up, laughing it up as they were suddenly rich. BLM was not there to support George Floyd. They were there to grab misdirected money and did so. Since that day BLM people have done nothing to support Black people. They have however, joined the ranks of the “rich and famous.”

And third: The claims that Black people do not have opportunity as the Whites is another lie not adequately researched by anybody to make such claim. The data is available but not yet collected adequately to make a true determination. However, what data is available paints a very different picture. My interest in this topic came about from a situation in which a sports team hired a temporary head coach with no experience over a Black Assistant Coach and the media erupted with claims of racism. Looking at the sports organization I discovered that not only do they report the racial figurers for Players and Coaches but they also provide racial figures for damn near every employee of the Organization. Black Players made up from 60 to 80 percent of the Organizations Players, Black Coaches made up roughly 35 percent of the coaching staff. This prompted my delving into the topic further, so I reviewed “entertainment.” Who is the big loser in this topic? Asians! Blacks scored 25 to 35 percent in a majority of media and entertainment occupations. Again, knowing this fact is not the big deal you may believe it is. Knowing this fact and wondering why our government, clergy, educators, and people we trust aren’t doing the research and telling us the truth is the big deal. Going back to the 13 percent rule . . . what percentage of these jobs?

The point I am trying to show you is we are being fed lies with intent to create racial disharmony, and we are falling for it. Aren’t you tired of being lied to? Right now coast-to-coast in America our Government and Organizations are giving benefits to Black people while precluding Whites opportunity for the same benefit. Corporate America is telling their Hiring Managers not to hire White people. Do you really believe that Black people are the only race suffering the lower economy levels. Even if the entire 13 percent Black people were at such level, which they are not. There are at least an equal number of Whites suffering the same issues. And you have to ask, “do White Lives Matter.”

They are giving these benefits to Blacks and Others, excluding Whites under guise of fairness to the Black race. But what they are actually doing is building a whole new racism. This is the bottom of our economy levels. Do you think it fair one race benefit while another doesn’t? Another thing this situation does is highlight the true problem. Our Government is STUPID and cannot figure out the need for color-blindness in Government. To become color-blind requires maturing enough to seek fairness and equality regardless skin color. Really not that hard to do.

We need to stop living these lies. Don’t believe me. Do the research yourself. If you are in an occupation in which you are carrying these lies forward, quit your job or do the research to find the truth. All Lives Matter lets accept that and move forward.

Candace & Kanye . . .

Why is it when people speak truth, they get treated poorly? It isn’t because they are wrong. It may make them less popular, but they still are telling the truth shouldn’t we listen? Didn’t we listen when they had a different opinion? Not only did we listen, but we marched on their opinion. If their opinion was the popular opinion we would listen and follow their lead. Don’t fret, I have the answer to these questions and more.

The reason we don’t listen to or follow the less desirable opinion is because we as a society are a bunch of sheep following somebody that may not even know what they are talking about. And most of us are too lazy to do the research to seek the truth. I realize that this is not a popular opinion but it is still the truth. We believe we are so enlightened by the information provided by the Internet, but if you are following somebody else’s lie or misinformation? Go ahead, keep following like sheep . . .

Allow me top give you an example. Most believe Black Lives Matter was formed to represent the Black race. It was not! I know I could give you the answer to this, but would you believe me? George Floyd is likely rolling over in his grave with Kanye’s drug accusation. But, after you’ve destroyed city after city did you ever wonder how he ended up on the ground with a cops knee on his neck? Under no circumstance should he have died while restrained by police, but how did he end up on the ground in the first place? These are the questions you need ask if you seek truth. Most people believe that the Washington Post’s database that claims that Black People are 13% of the population and get treated so unfairly by police and others based upon that percentage gives a true representation of the topic. It doesn’t but the Washington Post has done nothing to clarify their claims. Although nation-wide Black People make up about 13 percent of the population, in many of our major cities the Black population is 33 to 60 percent.

It is easy to follow somebody else’s stupidity, but that only serves to make you just as stupid. Research before you follow, its the smart thing to do.

Black Lives Matter – Money Matters

“The leader of the national Black Lives Matter group has been accused of stealing more than $10 million from the charity’s donors.” Is the leading line in an article I read in MSN’s news app this evening.

Folks DO NOT understand that Black Lives Matter had nothing to do with George Floyd. BLM was originally formed to support a gay athelete. There was no support of the Black Community at all. One of the original Leaders of the BLM is a Political Activist. BLM was just in the right place, at the right time. When the unrest subsequent to George Floyd’s death kicked-off and Corporate America started wetting their britches they looked for someone to pay in hopes of self preservation. BLM was there and it’s name alone made it seem the logical choice. Corporate America gave 90 million dollars to a group of people that don’t give a damn about Black people. But, BLM got the money and they know how to spend it.

How many people could of benefitted from the 10 million dollars? ONE! You would think a lot more, but BLM was not established with any such goals in mind. Their goal seems only to scrape bits and peices of the cash off for individual gain. Shortly after Georrge Floyd one of the other BLM Leaders bought herself a bunch of high value multi-million dollar homes.

BLM is living evidence of an organization absolutly making a living by promotion of racism, while claiming to support others. And Corporate America (the wise busness men that they are) went right out and paid these frauds to promote racism and neglect the cause they claimed to support. What seems the worse part of this situation is that the Black Community is allowing the BLM Leaders to continue their failure.

It is really a shame that these common “street-hudlums” ended up with all this cash. What does this say of White America? Does White America fear the Black Man? That much? And, does anyone care to know the truth about the lies that continue about Blacks being treated worse than others.

When you decide that you really want to put an end to racism, mature enough to become color-blind so that skin color does not factor into decisions made, support services offered, and anything else that should not be race relative, isn’t! It really isn’t that hard to do . . .

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When Are We Going To Charge A-Holes For Murder?

I know . . . What am I talking about? I’m talking about these A-holes that don’t care about their own family members, neighbors, or anybody else that leave unsecured firearms around for children to pick up and harm others. The story that has me all irritated comes out of Baltimore where a Security Guard leaves his gun laying around the house where a 9 year old boy picks it up and shoots a 15 year old neighbor girl, killing her.

It is about time that something is done about the stupidity and negligence of assholes wuith guns. There is one person responsible for the death of this little girl. The Security Guard needs be arrested and charged for the murder of this girl, as well as child endangerment and any other charge that are applicable to this case. Keep in mind, this is not some lil gang member messing around with a gun. No, this is an adult that has been at least given basic firearms training that knows better than to leave an unsecured firearm anywhere. This is a person that makes his income carrying a firearm on his belt.

The headline reads “9-year-old accidentally shoots, kills 15-year-old girl in SW Baltimore.” What the headline should say is “Security Guard in SW Baltimore charged with murder in the death of 15-year-old girl

I apologize for my blatant anger over this situation but this is not an accident, this is negligence coupled with a disregard for others. This Security Guard is responsible for the death of this girl as though he shot her himself. And there is no excuse for it at all.

Here is the story: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/9-year-old-accidentally-shoots-kills-15-year-old-girl-in-sw-baltimore/vi-AA10q8HG?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=4d29ed948b3a42af8ef86a4524f40b52&category=foryou

When Do You Validate Your Position

I hate to be critical about the intelligence of the people that live in the United States, but are we all so stupid that we just accept what one person says without even checking to see if it true or not? If you want to know the truth, sometimes you have to do a little research. Allow me to get you started:

This is the Washington Post Police Shootings Database which is responsible for most of the racial issues facing America today. You see, this database fails to demonstrate the actual racial breakdown of America, and most importantly the racial breakdown where people are killed by police. This is where my research of this data began. If you open the web page and scroll down you will find some very interesting information relative to police shootings. The following heading: “Black Americans are killed at a much higher rate than White Americans” paints a picture of Law Enforcement Officers killing Black people because of the color of their skin. This is far from the truth and our politicians, educators, and those that influence others are negligent in allowing this farce to continue.


Although Black people are only 13% of the US Population in the cities most killings take place in Black people are 23 to 60% of the population, in some cities equal to or more than the White population. Yet, more white people are killed by police than Blacks.

Black people ARE NOT killed by police because they are Black. Black people are killed by police because they resist arrest or act a fool. Look at the history of those killed by police. George Floyd did not end up on the ground with a cop’s knee in his back because he cooperated. DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND! George Floyd should not have died and his death was while in the custody of a negligent cop, which is a whole bunch different than being shot by a cop. Would things of turned out better had Floyd of cooperated with officers?

The current racial unrest is being manipulated by racists making money off racism.

“Black Lives Matter” is not a champion of the Black People. BLM is a racist organization that had nothing to do with cases such as George Floyd. BLM got lucky because their name was made the place for Corporate America to donate millions of dollars demonstrating support for the Black cause hoping Black America would not burn their corporations to the ground. Black Lives Matter has done nothing beneficial to Black America, but they sure are loving the money they got.

You cannot defeat racism with racism; Giving to people based on the color of their skin will not solve the issues, fairness will. Give to those in need, fairly

You can disagree with me, but do the research before doing so. Feel free to prove me wrong. It will not hurt my feelings, not even a little bit if you can find a better answer than I provide. The truth is people are too quick to play the race card rather than seek the real reasons for the sufferings of the people. But there is one thing I am sure of. We as a people have got to move beyond skin color if we are ever to defeat racism.

Listen, I am aware my opinion is not popular and I know it angers some, but you do not have to share my opinion. But, to disagree with me requires you do the research to prove me wrong. I am 100% for the elimination of racism and I pray that one-day equality will be the way. What I seek by writing to this blog is informed interaction. People have got to quit being led by those that know less than they do.

Devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has been an honor bestowed upon the few that are worthy of such award. I saw a headline that said the Black Lives Matter movement had been nominated for such award. Why not just devalue the award entirely?

The Black Lives Matter movement was never intended to be what it is today. Black Lives Matter was formed by a couple of gay women to highlite the struggles of a young gay athelete I believe, and had nothing to do with anything else. On the day that George Floyd was accidently killed by a negligent police officer, Corporate America was looking for a way to support Black People and based on the name “Black Lives Matter” Corporate America started donating a whole bunch of money to BLM. Social Media was screaming “Black Lives Matter” and the women that formed BLM didn’t say anything about their organization not relative to the George Floyd matter, while they accepted gobs of money in donations. Simply put, right place, right time.

Now some folks say Black Lives Matter is not a racist organization. First becauase by definition Black People cannot be racist and second because some white people believe it isn’t. Well if you believe Black people cannot qualify as racist using the same criteria used for whites, modify the definition a little. And believe me Black people discriminate, show predudice, and treat others poorly based on skin color. Black Lives Matter even believes they are the Master Race. Wasn’t there a White guy who thought he had the Master Race back in history. Black Lives Matter people have threatened the U.S. Government, incited riots, incited violence, and caused millions of dollars in damage to their neighbors . . . All BASED ON LIES!

Selective Data Farming is when somebody farms data to show only certain information. This is how a company can claim it’s product better than a competitor or in the case of Black Lives Matter . . . “Black people are killed by police more than Whites even though they are only 11 to 13% of the population” The trouth is though Black people are 13% of the U.S. population, they only have a significant presense in 10 to 12 states and in those states Blacks are from 23 to 60 percent of the population. And, with the exception of Chicago Whites are killed at least twice as often than others. I cannot explain Chicago.

Killings of Blacks sells newspapers. Face it. It doesn’t matter if the person good or bad, all he has to be is Black and the Black populace will pour out onto the streets screaming of the injustice of it all. White people don’t do this for White people, but will for Black people. White people understand that if they mess around or act stupid they get their ass beat by the cops. When White people see a White dude beat down by the cops they know the guys an idiot that deserved the beating and go on about our business. But when it’s a Black guy beat down, nobody cares what he did, or even if he did. A majority of the Black people of recent protest and more are there by their own act, yet we cry defund the police as though the police are wrong. Yes some of the incidents have been by wrongdoings by police, but for the most part had the person simply complied with the police officer he would be alive today. Go ahead make me the bad guy for telling the truth. It is a fact that most Black people do not allow themselves be arrested without resisting. George Floyd did not end up on the ground with a cops knee in his back because he complied with his arrest. And people think White people get treated differently, but a White guy resists he gets treated the same.

Black Lives Matter would better serve the elimination of racism, by not practicing racism. Our problems are not skin color, it is economics. As long as BLM and America fail to see this, they feed the racism beliefs and continue to promote racism. There are a lot of people that make their money off racism, most use skin color as part of their name. Black Lives Matter being nominated for anything more than racist organization is ridiculous. For the Nobel?

If you want to nominate someone for a Nobel, find the man that treats all men equal.

Are White People Really This Stupid?

Last night I observed an absolutely beautiful White Gal saying “All lives matter, but not until Black Lives are heard.”

It’s a strange situation. Black people believe that they have been treated worse by police than White people and have recently created a lot of havoc trying to get their voice heard. Their belief stems from a Washington Post database in which selective data revealed that Black people makeup approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population but are victims of abuse and killings at a higher percentage than the other races.

Deeper data disputes that information, providing a different finding. The deeper findings demonstrate that although Black people make up approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, they have a significant population in only about a dozen states. In those states, Black people make up from 23 to 65 percent of the population. In many cities having a 1/3rd share of the population. Whites are killed by police almost twice as often as any other race.

My problem with this situation is the belief that Black people are the only people being abused and killed by police. That is simply bullshit. Black people are jumping to the support of Black people that simply did not have to be in such a situation. Most the people abused and killed by police got there by trying to resist arrest or during the commission of a crime. Now that is not everyone that has been abused or killed. There are some that should not have ever been even stopped by police, and some others that suffered mental issues, but most resisting or other crime.

Black people seem to believe that they are the only race that gets such treatment. White people get it every day in every way also. White people just don’t bring attention to it. And although White people support Black people in protest of such treatment, you do not see Blacks or Whites rallying, rioting, protesting, burning down cities, and causing other harm when a White person is killed by police. Were a Black person to have been harmed even during the commission of a crime the streets would fill with people of all colors screaming “racism” the reason for the person harmed when the person would not have been harmed at all had they complied with police.

What people of all colors have to understand is somebody is making money off racism. Those same people are promoting racism. We as a people need to look beyond color and see racism for what it is. Racism is “hate-for-profit” and those profiting are manipulating the rest of us. We need to identify and remove the influence and quit falling for the racism game

I Would Not Be A Cop In The U.S. Regardless The Pay!

Do you think being a cop in the United States is easy today? I don’t care how much the pay, I would not put a badge on my chest for nothing in the U.S. today . . . The following headline appears in todays news:

Homicide Charges Filed Against Former SF Police Officer Chris Samayoa In Fatal 2017 Officer-Involved Shooting

Syndicated Local – CBS San Francisco  8 hrs ago

When a criminal has the right to assault people, carjack a vehicle, and run from the police . . . He poses a threat to society and the use of deadly force regardless he armed or not is allowable. So why are we trying to fuck over a cop?

The suspect took off running from the police. Where do you think he was headed? Is it possible he was going to carjack someone else to evade arrest? What if it you family member victim to this clowns escape? He could of surrendered when stopped, he would be alive today. But because of his shit poor decision making, he’s dead and a cop has to pay for it. How about instead of making everybody else responsible for a persons inability to make a good decision, you make them responsible for their own mistake.

There’s going to come a day when you need a cop, and none will come . . . There will come a day when a man is expected to be a man and do what is right or wrong and pay any penalty associated with such decision. Right now, White America is doing their best to appease Black Lives Matter ideals even though such are racist lies and ridiculous demands. Since the death of George Floyd while in police custody a few months back all of America is kissing the Black man’s ass, trying to make Black America happy so they will stop rioting and protesting. All they are succeeding in doing is recreating racism.

Black America, with a portion of White America seem to believe that you can commit crimes, resist arrest, and not get hurt. WTF! The whole fucking Country is being harmed by people committing crimes and a significant amount of the population seems to think that it is okay to resist arrest and make it a cops fault if the criminal gets hurt.

It all comes down to decision making skills. And, perhaps upbringing. If your parents sucked at being parents and didn’t teach you from right or wrong, or somehow you were not there the day one of your parents tried to teach you that if you do something wrong, the police gonna arrest you, maybe you’d have an excuse for being so stupid that you make the decision to commit crimes and fight cops. But, are we talking people that don’t know right from wrong being the problem?

The person committing the crime likely knows that he is doing wrong. He probably has a clue that if he gets caught it may mean jail time for the wrongs committed. But maybe he is also not the true problem. No the problem is the people that believe a criminal gets to get away with crime and gets to fight cops making good his escape that are the problem.

Is there really that many stupid people in America? Don’t people understand that if you commit crimes you are likely to get arrested. Don’t people understand that you are not supposed to fight police or try to evade arrest? Now, go back in history . . . How many people have been hurt or killed by police that complied with police and surrendered to being arrested? ZERO! Even George Floyd resisted arrest. That is how he ended up on the ground with a cop holding him down by a knee to his back. The facts are simple. George Floyd caused his own death by making the decision to resist arrest. But, is George Floyd being held responsible for his failure to make a better decision? Nope! So, let’s blame a cop. (No George Floyd should have not died while in the custody of police, nor should the officer that killed him been so negligent as to cause his death) But, would he be alive today if had just complied with his arrest?

Affirmative Action Note

In a Washington Examiner article today the writer discusses California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action.

“Californians, and Americans, reject racial quotas and preferences”

by Michael Barone, Senior Political Analyst |   | November 18, 2020 11:19 AM

I truly enjoy the way this guy writes. And, although he obviously has better education and qualification to talk on this topic than I, I think he has missed a portion of the reasoning leading to the lack of support of Affirmative Action.

Lack of support for Affirmative Action is not racist. To the contrary, it is the non-racist choice of many. AS evidenced by the previous Affirmative Action programs, People of color were hired into jobs based on skin color rather than by qualification. This led to a couple of different situations of which I doubt anyone thought it significant enough to collect the necessary data to validate the findings or opinions.

The first being how many qualified White men were displaced from such employment by a lesser qualified person of color? Before you get your panties in a knot, I am not trying to cause issue with minority inclusion to the workforce. I merely am trying to point out how Affirmative Action may have led to the failure of a White person by allowing a less qualified person of color to be hired due to Affirmative Action. Keep in mind, the Affirmative Action policies also influenced promotions within the workforce. How many White men were qualified for promotion but were not considered because a person of color was needed in such position to satisfy Affirmative Action quotas?

The second issue which was spoken of repeatedly in the days of Affirmative Action in the past. How many people of color were hired, promoted, and rose to excellent careers while those in their peer group looked upon them as less than equal because they did not get to where they were on qualification, but by color of their skin? This may not seem a significant issue but perhaps to a young man embarking on a career, educated, and qualified . . . Maybe he would rather be seen as an equal in the workforce. I do not know if this is even an issue to a person of color, but I know if I were in such position it would bother the hell out of me. When I was hired, promoted, or selected to any position in the workforce, it was due to qualification and merit, not skin color.

If California has an Affirmative Action problem with people seeking employment it is not due to lack of diversity in the workforce. People that try to build statistics regarding racial equality tend to stop at the Blacks make up 13% of the US. population, expecting that equation to magically produce racial equality. It doesn’t!

Although Black people make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, they make up a far different figure in some of our major cities ranging from 23 to 55 percent of the population. In these cities the other races split the percentages left over, the usual highest percentage being White but surprisingly the breakdown of Black, Hispanic, and White is close enough to suggest an almost equal percentage of the cities population. In many of these cities, the racial breakdown of those living in poverty is also similar. Over 50 percent of the Black population is considered middle class while 40 percent own their homes.

California was well on it’s way towards equality of all until the recent racial unrest that exploded subsequent to the death of George Floyd while in police custody. “Black Lives Matter” and other racist organizations have created a new racism that serves no purpose but to further racial disharmony.

However, California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action serves to stop the racial aspect of Affirmative Action with no favorites due to color of skin and a very diverse workforce is apparent should one actually look. California strives to move beyond skin color. The harm caused by recent racial unrest threatens racial equality Nation-wide as the racists aim the attention towards the Black population instead of serving all the populace. Folks do not realize that we are all suffering the same regardless of race but are not taking the opportunity to see it.