Racism Is A Dirty Word

Recently there have been incidents in which folks cry “RACISM” that are reason for concern. But, there are situations in which racism is being overlooked or even treated as acceptable. And I hate to say it but for years the claims of police abuse of Black people is worse than to other races was a fabrication by manipulation of data, for use as a race card for use by Black people.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is based on calculations that do not truly demonstrate the truth. Black people are not killed more than other races by police, except in certain neighborhoods. The truth is more white people are killed by police than any other race and people regardless of color that live in certain areas are all treated like shit by police. People are so prone to jumping for the race card when something happens, they fail to consider economics. Believe me, a white guy driving through the poor part of town acting a fool will get pulled over and treated as though a serious felon just as everybody else in the neighborhood does.

But “Black Lives Matter” folks have taken data that clearly fails to support their claim and have chosen to use it as though Black lives are more important than people of the other races. This in itself is racism. You find a mother of any color and when her child is killed, are you going to tell her that the life of any other child matters more than hers? Not only is this racism but the failure of Black people to recognize it as such is a racist attack on the other races. How dare you or anybody say you matter more than anybody else on this planet. Have we not yet as humans learned that living in harmony with others is the only way to proceed into the future? Are we so stupid and self absorbed that we cannot see just this simple phrase “Black Lives Matter” for the racist offense that it is? And, the fact that so many people believe the lie because the lie told so long and so often it has become accepted as true, when it isn’t.

Racism is a dirty word. And, to stop it’s use we as a people of all colors need to stand against abuse and injustice, together. Racial motivation need be set aside and men of integrity need to step up and guide us all to a better America, an America that supports truth and tolerance for the betterment of all races.