Trump & The Confederate Flag

President Trump seems to have his hands full defending the Confederate flag. But, is he defending the flag or our right to use it as freedom of speech?

Across the Country people are tearing down things they see as offensive using racism as their reasoning. You cannot erase history. But you can create a new racist. You learn from your mistakes, not by taking it away, but by using it. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT EDUCATION IS?

Every symbol of anything in our history, bad or good needs to remain in place and the people need to see it and be educated in what it symbolizes. And, you cannot make everyone that had slaves or used the “N-word” one hundred and fifty years ago your enemy, and classify them as racist when that was the way society was accepted back then. Those same people in today’s day and age would likely be the strongest supporters of racial equality. But, they are history and we should learn from it.

The most offensive racial symbol flying today is the “Black Lives Matter” flag because it is actually creating new racism. How can you want for equality when you think your life more important than mine? Especially when the data used to suggest Black people being killed and abused more by police does not support that belief. What the data does suggest is use of data to demonstrate a lie so somebody could create racial disharmony and probably make bank while doing so. I really wish someone would take the time to do the research to prove me wrong. Mind you, I am not saying that Black people haven’t been treated poorly by police. I am saying that everyone is treated like shit by police. And if you don’t believe “Black Lives Matter” creating a new racism, go tell a white woman that her baby not as important as a Black baby. And, until BLM created that issue it was never even a consideration in a White woman’s head. Is BLM a racist organization making bank off the Black people? That’s up to you to decide. But before you make such decision, DO THE RESEARCH so you can make an informed decision.

Let me get back to our symbols in history that some find offensive. If you had left that statue standing and required the Government to affix a plaque to it speaking of the issues in offense, a kid in school could make a report presenting it to his whole classroom, telling the entire class of the past wrongdoing and teaching from it. Instead, idiots tear down these things so history doesn’t have to remember them at all. All under the false claim of police abuse. Again, I am not saying Black people have not been abused by police. I’m saying police have abused all of us, not just the Black race.

If Trump is in fact trying to protect our freedom of speech, he is doing what he should be doing. He is defending our “Constitutional Rights” as he should. Those politicians not doing so lack the backbone to do their jobs.

I do not like Trump and disagree with many of the things he says and does but he is the only one trying to defend our Constitution while the rest of the Nation follows a misguided public opinion on a subject not as important as our Constitution.