Are We Really This Stupid?

All across America there are White folk that support “Black Lives Matter” even though BLM is a racist organization supported by lies. For reference Black people although are 13% of the US population, Black people make up from 23 tp 62 percent of the population in the cities/states where most of the Black people are experiencing the abuse and killings claimed made by police. Nation-wide the are more White people killed by police than any ot the other races. So why are these White people jumping on the Black Lives Matter band-wagon when they won’t even take a supportive posture for their own race? And an even bigger question, why are White people supporting a racist organization that is anti-White?

Are White people really this stupid? Is America this stupid? Major Sports organizations, some of the biggest corporations in the US, and politicians from every corner of the country have joined the ranks of the PRO-Black Lives Matter group withoout a second thought of how they have chosen to disregard the defense for their own race.

Everything that is happening to Black people, is also happening to White people, at much higher numbers, but White people don’t rally and protest this. White people do not gather in the streets, burning, pillaging, looting, and killing people over this abuse to white people. But, we jump to the front row of the civil unrest for another race. This just does not make sense to me.

I would like to think it because White people have a higher concern for others than others, but it is probably just because we are stupid. I suppose we could blame social media for allowing the lies that Black people are treated worse than Whites and killed more often by police than others. Then we could blame our educators for not finding the manipulation of data used to support such claims.

Or, we could just accept being that stupid as a race. Some suggest it be another reason. White people fear Black people. This is why White people make outlandish lies when reporting incidents to police. White people cower in fear anytime a Black person raises their voice. And, rather than oppose their criminal behavior, White people in fear of Black reprisal jump to support the Black cause without hesitation.

Every politician supporting the defunding of police and the writing of new laws that further restrict the usage of force as necessary, by police will find their true value written within the history books, because when we look backwards to the over all costs your failure to protect your citizens will have cost, you will be denounced by the voters and ran of office.

BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A RACIST Organization supported by some of the stupiest people in the world!

Don’t be a rascist ALL LIVES Matter!

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