How Can Someone With A Good Education Say Stupid Shit Like This?

The story starts with this headline . . .

“Trump’s White House says critical race theory is anti-American. Here’s the truth.”

And then, promptly turns to racial horseshit! The author is obviously well educated and likely believes the garbage he’s written but does he even have a clue? Racism in America is fed by the stuff he writes and I’ll bet he doesn’t know what racism is.

Everyone of these people jumping up and down screaming Black Lives Matter, and Defund The Police, and those supporting them, are the racist in this Country. And anybody that has failed to do the research to see the truth themselves, needs to shut up and sit down . . . Because they do not have a clue how stupid they actually are.

The Washington Times believes themselves the smartest of the media because they have compiled the data about all the people killed by police. But they don’t delve into the data to find the truth it reveals, instead they stop at Blacks are 13% of the U.S. Population and a whole bunch of Black folk are being killed by police and it looks like Blacks get killed more than other races.

But, that is not what the data demonstrates. The data demonstrates that there is only significant Black population in about 12 States. If you limit the data available to those States, you would find that Blacks were actually between 23 and 53% of the population, and that Whites are being killed twice as much by police.

Do you realize that the whole freaking Country has been up in arms believing Blacks are treated so poorly, and not a single educator, politician, or Community Leader has stepped up to check the validity of these claims. Instead we have stood by and watched our cities destroyed, our police forces dismantled, and our politicians are standing at the front of the problem acting on the same data lies without checking it out.

Actually, the United States was living at it’s most “race friendly” in years prior to this. Our young people were breaking away from the racial beliefs of their elders, and accepting each other as equals. But, it must have been very fragile, because race relations has now been set back at least 40 years. Why? Because a cop was stupid and killed George Floyd by accident. Floyd did not end up on the ground, under that cops knee because he was Black. He ended up there because he resisted arrest. It didn’t have to go that way at all. It should not have gone that way at all. That cop didn’t intend to kill George Floyd. That cop didn’t kill George Floyd because of the color of his skin. That cop killed George Floyd because he had resisted and the cop didn’t realize that George Floyd’s pleas for help were not continued resistance. The only racism involved here is the racists making it racist.

While the racists are busy defunding our police forces and seeking to re-educate the world on how to get your ass whipped by a Black man if you try to arrest him . . . They should be educating the youth of this Country that cops don’t have to take any crap from them and if you resist that is your own poor decision making, nobody else’s. And contrary to what you may believe, George Floyd was old enough to know better.

We can go back through the years and we will find that most of those killed by police, of any color, resisted. Yes, a few may have been by unfortunate accident, but most because instead of allowing their arrest, made the wrong decision and resisted. It seems that Black men choose to resist. Why? Those that choose not to resist, again of any color have enough money to afford an Attorney. Which brings us to another fact hidden by claims of racism.

Cops DO NOT treat Blacks more poorly than the other races. Cops, the community, local Government, and anybody else affluent treats everyone of the less fortunate like shit. It used to be the poor Black neighborhoods and the White trailer parks, but now it’s the poorer neighborhoods mixed race that catch the abuse from everyone. It’s simple economics, not racism at all. But, let the racists tell the story, it suddenly is about the color of your skin.

Let me tell you folks something that my years have learned me. ( I know, I meant to say that.) Given the opportunity, without the constant “everything is racial’ we can all get along without major issue. But, add one person that starts with the color of our skin, ands that’s where it goes. Instead of doing the work to resolve the actual issue, it becomes racism. Look past the color of your skin. There is an issue that needs to be resolved. You won’t see it if you are looking at skin color. Don’t be a racist . . . Look beyond skin color!

Oh, here is the link to the story that started this rant: By Laura e. Gomez