Many say de-escalation is the way to reduce police-involved shootings, but what does it look like?

Has the world turned to absolute bullshit? How many good cops are going to have to die due to idiots avoiding the truth right before their eyes? There is one thing common to almost every police involved shooting that leaves a person dead. In almost every situation the person ran, fought, and/or resisted. How do you stop it? You stop fucking resisting. This is not rocket science. It’s not some deep psychological journey. It’s common sense. Duh!

How about the next time a cop approaches you, you don’t run, fight, or resist? Try it one time, bet you live through it. De-escalation is always a good policy, but we aren’t talking about situations in which de-escalation is even an option. Most of the problems are at the point of hand-cuffing the guy. That is when the confrontation begins. You no longer have an opportunity to de-escalate.

If you want to solve the problem and eliminate 90% of the police shootings, educate the public. The cops aren’t out there looking to kill somebody. Nor do they want to be killed themselves. How do you stop the problem? DO NOT RESIST! It is that simple. Nobody gets hurt, everybody gets to live. Parents, tell your children how to stay alive! Young men pay attention.

Is there any benefit to society for a person to resist the police? No, because usually it ends up with you or the cop injured. That is not acceptable. Arguing with the cop does not work, and usually is not an option. Arguing the matter is the job of the Courts.

You politicians will pay for your wrong-doings in this situation. Do you really think your allowing police departments be dismantled and/or defunded is going to solve anything? You don’t think the voters are watching. You haven’t even done the research to identify the problem. Already there is more violence on the street. Racism created by your bullshit decisions is starting to grow. Is this what you want? De-escalate my ass, what you are doing is de-evolution!

Sorry folks but this stuff has reached the point of ridiculous. To start with the Washington Post’s Database does not show Black people abused and killed by police more than other races. What it shows is although Blacks only make up about 13% of the US population, Blacks are only a significant population in 10 to 12 States. In those States Blacks make up from 23 to 54% of the population which is almost equal to the figures for White people in the same location yet Whites are killed by police almost twice as much.

People keep chasing the race card when things go sideways. Quit playing the race card and look for the real issue. Try economics instead of race and fix the problem.

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