Costco Pulls Product From Shelves Because Maker Doesn’t Support Black Lives Matter.

Costco plans to rewrite the U.S. Constitution and do away with freedom of speech next! The maker of Palmetto Cheese called “Black Lives Matter” a terror organization on his Facebook page and Costco read it and decided that he wasn’t allowed “Freedom of Speech” and they removed his product from their stores.

How much you want to bet that like most of America, Costco has no idea who and what “Black Lives Matter” is? I’ll bet you that Costco Management thinks the U.S. Constitution is only supposed to be defended by Military and Law Enforcement.

For those of you too damn lazy to do the research, Black Lives Matter was not form for the support of George Floyd. Black Lives Matter was formed by two lesbians trying to protect black homosexuals. I may have it wrong and only one of the two is gay. Irrelevant! The fact is that when George Floyd was accidently killed by a cop, Corporate, and White America jumped to defend the George Floyd’s of the world by donating millions of dollars to who? The name “Black Lives Matter” just got paid, bigtime!

A few years back the Washington Post thought themselves the way to ascertain what is going on with police killing people, so they started a database collecting data on every police killing of people nationwide. You know what this database said? It said that Black people were 13% of the U.S. population, and it does. Based on that information they calculated the amount of Black people killed by police against the entire U.S. population. And, that is as far as they went into reading the database.

Well, I am not a scholar, politician, or any of the people that should be researching this database, but in less than an hour I found the flaw in their findings. You see, Black people are not part of the entire U.S. population. They only have significant population in 10 to 12 states. And, in the major cities of those states, Black people make up 23 to 54 percent of the population. Recalculation of the data demonstrates White people are killed by police almost twice as much as Black people. Did anybody else research the data to validate the truth?

Black Lives Matter is a racist terror organization making money off racism and they are laughing their asses off because the White man is footing the bill, believing the database lies.

After weeks of riots, looting, and violence Black people believe themselves justified in the unrest they have caused the nation. Black people that previously got along quite well with other races suddenly have become short fused trying to find someone to slight them, so they have an excuse for “going off” about it. Racial disharmony is growing day by day because our government is giving everything they can to the Black people, blatantly disregarding the other races.

And while our politicians are busy defunding police and dismantling police agencies. Crime is running rampant and violence is everywhere. Police officers are being prosecuted because persons they were trying to arrest resisted. Almost all of the killings by police of all races has been due to resisting arrest. Not all but most. A majority of those killed would be alive today had they just cooperated with police and taken the argument up in the Court.

Today, the biggest crime against this Nation, is the new racism being created by the racist organizations making money off it. That includes “Black Lives Matter” and all those White people supporting them.