I Heard That Trump Said The BLM Is Hurting Black People. . .

Black Lives Matter, every other “Black” organization, the U.S. Government, and every other organization that serves only specific races are hurting everybody in America.

Please listen to me America! If we as a Nation are ever going to get past racism, we have to quit pandering to racist. Every organization that uses race in their name just by being there is racism. The people that run these organizations make their money from racism. Were they confronted they would likely say, “Put an end to racism, and we won’t be needed.” But the facts are, racism grows because such organizations exist.

Here’s an example:

Do you think Mayor London Breed giving a $1000.00 monthly basic income to 150 Black and Island mothers is racist? This Nation has treated every one of a lesser income like crap for years. Why aren’t White, Hispanic, and every other race included in her offer? Doesn’t she think that the mothers of other races would love a shot a doing a better life for their child?

Every person that sees these Black and Island women being afforded opportunities not made available for them just started using the “N” word for the first time in their lives.

Black Lives Matter telling lies about police killings, inciting civil unrest has Black people and the other races angered by the violence and destruction created. That is causing racism from everywhere. And these people got along fine and actually cared for one-another prior to this.

If we, if this Country genuinely wants to put an end to racism, we must stop creating racism. Every organization that claims to represent a select race needs to be shut down. Every program that shows favor to one race over another needs to be shut down. Future organizations and programs need to be required to represent all races equally and fairly. If you do not understand what I am saying imagine this: White Lives Matter, White College Fund, or any other organization with White part of the name. If you saw such tomorrow, would it anger you? It is and always has been a two-way street. Racism exists because we keep continuing to try to fight racism with racism.

Everybody in the U.S. needs to stop today and eliminate racism around them. I know we will still have a few “Karens” around but giving them even mention allows racism to raise it’s head, laugh at them and walk away. Every race has some bigotry, hate, and prejudice. GET PAST IT!

The only people that want racism to continue are the racist.

About Me: I know I may come off as a kook sometimes, but I have spent a lot of years looking at the stupidity called racism. It cannot be stopped by use of racism. It has to stop by not being racist. Racism is stupid, don’t be stupid!