Opinions | Blocking Black history is an attempt to counter Black Power, A WP Headline . . .

Does it seem as though the Washington Post prints more race-based stories than anyone else? What many people do not understand is those that are talking the most about racism, by doing so are promoting racism. And if you look a little deeper, they are making money doing it. Anyway, on to the article noted above. (Link to the WP article)

What America is having to deal with today is attempts by anyone riding the racism wave in furtherance of continued racism. Much of the new education regarding Black people claims that Black people were subjected to abuses other races were not subjected to. Claims of being “Woke” are mostly lies, again making the claim that Black people were abused more than others. Well, you cannot support education that fails to recognize that other races were also subjected to the same abuse or a variation thereof. You cannot claim to be “Woke” if you are only knowledgeable of a single race. Don’t get me wrong, some Black people have gotten a poor deal throughout history, but if you look deeper so have some other people of different races.

Believe it or not folks, the White race has abused every race there is to abuse, including their own. What makes you believe that White people haven’t treated everybody poorly? You don’t think Whites treat Whites poorly, both in history and present day? Any education that wants to speak the truth needs to attempt to do so right from the start instead of making a “grandstand” play to further racism. Politics makes a practice of stopping data research when it tells the story they want to tell. The Washington Post database that says Black people are approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population has been used as the measurement for almost any racial claim made in the past decade. Nobody bothers to dig a little deeper to discover that yes Black people appear to be 13 percent of the U.S. population, until they aren’t. Many of our major cities the Black population ranges from 20 to 60 percent of that city. Do an “after dark” calculation of people out and about in the downtown areas and the Black percentage for that area can reach 90 percent easily. I am not suggesting that a bunch of abuse suffered by Black people is acceptable. I am saying, if there is nobody there but Black people how does anyone else get subjected to the abuse? Believe it or not, there are some places in America that are 90 percent Hispanic and someplace else that is 95 percent White.

The path to racial equality for the Black man is a long road to travel, and it doesn’t travel well when it doesn’t tell truth any more than the stories in history which all seem to lead to White superiority rather than truth. Everybody of all races should be demanding the truth today. Let’s not praise “Critical Race Theory” making the entire White race responsible for Black abuse without knowing the truth of who has suffered such abuse. Let’s not accept “Woke” from someone that cannot tell you if anyone of any other race was subjected to the same abuse. And let’s not educate our children with information that fails to tell the whole truth. That has already been done.

It is important that all of America pay attention to what they are hearing. People screaming of racial strife are promoting racism with every word they say. They make their money promoting racism. Unless they can tell you how many unemployed Whites, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and every other race there are, they should not be telling you how many Black people are suffering in that topic. Do a little research, all of us have been lied to, and few of us actually research the information in hope of finding truth.

Even Black People say the Black Lives Matter movement is racist.

For months I have tried to get people to listen to me, that Black People get treated no differently than anyone else by police and that the claims of such are supported by failure to further expose the data. And, that the BLack Lives Matter movement is a racist hate organization making bank by donations of millions of dollars to their coffers from people that believe the organization something more.

The facts are simple:

1.) More White people are killed by police than any other race.

2.) Blacks may be 13% of the overall country population but are actually 23 to 65% of the population in the cities in which most of the serious incidents have occurred.

3.) Black Lives Matter was never intended, nor expected to become the organization it is today.

4.) George Floyd’s death should never have happened but has made a handful of Black people quite rich.

5.) Our politicians have demonstrated their lack of back-bone and blatant fear of the Black people by jumping to the demands of Black Lives Matter activists for defunding and destruction of our police services.

6.) Although there have been a couple incidents in which police have acted contrary to the law, resulting in deaths of a few people, most have died the result of resistance to arrest and it is not only Black people dying in such situations.

7.) Black Lives Matter is a racist organization, in which they have asked White people to get out of.

8.) Black Lives Matter protesters do not care to comply with the law and use the guise of legal demonstration to destroy property, and create fear amongst others by their aggressive and hostile action

Were the government truly supportive of Black Lives Matter, and/or the true issues, they would be trying to ascertain why so many Black men feel the need to resist, ending in a physical altercation with a probability of injury or death the end result.

A lot of the cases in which the person is injured or dies have been non-serious offenses that would not of even have required the person do anything more than allow himself to be arrested and then be cited or allowed to bail out. A majority of these cases fail to be reasonable as until resistance was involved the person was only facing minor offenses.

Are We Really This Stupid?

All across America there are White folk that support “Black Lives Matter” even though BLM is a racist organization supported by lies. For reference Black people although are 13% of the US population, Black people make up from 23 tp 62 percent of the population in the cities/states where most of the Black people are experiencing the abuse and killings claimed made by police. Nation-wide the are more White people killed by police than any ot the other races. So why are these White people jumping on the Black Lives Matter band-wagon when they won’t even take a supportive posture for their own race? And an even bigger question, why are White people supporting a racist organization that is anti-White?

Are White people really this stupid? Is America this stupid? Major Sports organizations, some of the biggest corporations in the US, and politicians from every corner of the country have joined the ranks of the PRO-Black Lives Matter group withoout a second thought of how they have chosen to disregard the defense for their own race.

Everything that is happening to Black people, is also happening to White people, at much higher numbers, but White people don’t rally and protest this. White people do not gather in the streets, burning, pillaging, looting, and killing people over this abuse to white people. But, we jump to the front row of the civil unrest for another race. This just does not make sense to me.

I would like to think it because White people have a higher concern for others than others, but it is probably just because we are stupid. I suppose we could blame social media for allowing the lies that Black people are treated worse than Whites and killed more often by police than others. Then we could blame our educators for not finding the manipulation of data used to support such claims.

Or, we could just accept being that stupid as a race. Some suggest it be another reason. White people fear Black people. This is why White people make outlandish lies when reporting incidents to police. White people cower in fear anytime a Black person raises their voice. And, rather than oppose their criminal behavior, White people in fear of Black reprisal jump to support the Black cause without hesitation.

Every politician supporting the defunding of police and the writing of new laws that further restrict the usage of force as necessary, by police will find their true value written within the history books, because when we look backwards to the over all costs your failure to protect your citizens will have cost, you will be denounced by the voters and ran of office.

BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A RACIST Organization supported by some of the stupiest people in the world!

Don’t be a rascist ALL LIVES Matter!

Let’s Talk About George Floyd

Let’s preface this by saying there is no question George Floyd should still be alive today, under no circumstance should he have died in police custody, and his death was avoidable.

But, was the police officer acting racist or was George Floyd’s death racially motivated? Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a few moments. The officers approached Mr Floyd telling he was under arrest for committing some sort of crime. While attempting to handcuff Mr. Floyd he became non-compliant and resisted his arrest. The end result was Mr Floyd was taken to the ground. While on the ground Mr. Floyd continued resisting arrest and the officer felt it necessary to to kneel on Floyd’s back. While on the ground Mr. Floyd continued to resist, this time telling the officer that he couldn’t breath. The officer, not believing Mr floyd continues holding him down with his knee.

Now how many people were in the immediate area. Everybody that heard George Floyd cry for help and did nothing is guilty of murder or at least conspiracy to commit murder. You have a responsibility to do something to prevent his death if possible. So did you holler at the officer, did you approach the officer and do anything to stop him? What, you don’t think you can intercede when an officer is unknowingly killing someone?

Do you think it made any difference at all to that officer, the color of George Floyd’s skin? Could have before he resisted, didn’t matter a bit after he resisted. What mattered was his size, how strong he was, and if he was complying with his arrest. Race does not factor into the resistance equation. Do you really think the cop decided to kill a Black man in front of all these people with intent to get away with murder? Right?

If racism plays a role in George Floyd’s death, it’s in the voice of the witness. Negligence definitely! Racism, nope.

American society is so quick to play the race card,that sometimes we look beyond it. George Floyd should not have died. George Floyd should not have died even if he resisted arrest. But, ask yourself . . . Would George Floyd be alive today had he not of resisted arrest?

Now an entire nations political structure has shown their lack of backbone by failing to stand up for themselves and the citizens of this Country. The cop that killed George Floyd needs to be charged with negligent homicide, along with every witness that allowed it to happen. And, every back-sliding politician that has failed to stand up for the Country needs to be voted from office as soon as possible.

This Country allows the playing of the race card far too easily and those doing so are the racist in our society . Quit being racist. We can all get along, and all lives matter.

Ignorance In Politics


At Least 11 Cities Are Defunding Their Police Departments

Did anyone vote these people into office? I’ll bet they get voted out of office fairly soon. Does it seem to you that we are in a Batman script in which the criminal masterminds are all at a meeting discussing how to eliminate interference by police as they rob and pillage.

Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Washington DC, Baltimore, Portland,  Philadelphia; Hartford, Conn.; Norman, Oklahoma; and Salt Lake City all have cut millions from their Law Enforcement budgets and reduced the amount of officers to be employed. I hate to say this, but are you people stuck on stupid, or what?

Allow me to explain the ignorance of our political and government leaders. First, there is no data to support any claims of racism by police. There is no data that supports the claims that Blacks are treated more poorly and killed more by police than the other races. The claim that Blacks make up about 13 percent of the US population but are killed by police more often than anyone else is a misrepresentation of the data. Blacks make up about 13 percent of the US Population, but only have a significant amount of people living in about 12 states, in which Blacks are from 23 to 65 percent of the population. And in these States, Whites are still killed almost twice as much as Blacks by police. Go ahead, do the research.

Now let’s add the rest of the game in play. The death of George Floyd was unfortunate, and un-necessary. But, for every George Floyd death a person of another race has reached the same demise. The facts are simple . . . Everybody gets treated like shit by the police. Add a racial organization to the game and you have three women of questionable integrity that just made millions in donations, based entirely on lies. And now . . . these same lies are being used to defund our police.

Frankly, I am disgusted. You don’t think there was a more intelligent way to handle this? For ONE, de-funding is stupid. Provision of additional funding to provide additional training to the community teaching them how to comply with police instead of getting hurt would be a better alternative. I cannot think of a single time that I have seen police put a man on the ground to restrain him, that wasn’t due to the persons resisting. Spend money teaching people to quit resisting could be another alternative.

Trump & The Confederate Flag

President Trump seems to have his hands full defending the Confederate flag. But, is he defending the flag or our right to use it as freedom of speech?

Across the Country people are tearing down things they see as offensive using racism as their reasoning. You cannot erase history. But you can create a new racist. You learn from your mistakes, not by taking it away, but by using it. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT EDUCATION IS?

Every symbol of anything in our history, bad or good needs to remain in place and the people need to see it and be educated in what it symbolizes. And, you cannot make everyone that had slaves or used the “N-word” one hundred and fifty years ago your enemy, and classify them as racist when that was the way society was accepted back then. Those same people in today’s day and age would likely be the strongest supporters of racial equality. But, they are history and we should learn from it.

The most offensive racial symbol flying today is the “Black Lives Matter” flag because it is actually creating new racism. How can you want for equality when you think your life more important than mine? Especially when the data used to suggest Black people being killed and abused more by police does not support that belief. What the data does suggest is use of data to demonstrate a lie so somebody could create racial disharmony and probably make bank while doing so. I really wish someone would take the time to do the research to prove me wrong. Mind you, I am not saying that Black people haven’t been treated poorly by police. I am saying that everyone is treated like shit by police. And if you don’t believe “Black Lives Matter” creating a new racism, go tell a white woman that her baby not as important as a Black baby. And, until BLM created that issue it was never even a consideration in a White woman’s head. Is BLM a racist organization making bank off the Black people? That’s up to you to decide. But before you make such decision, DO THE RESEARCH so you can make an informed decision.

Let me get back to our symbols in history that some find offensive. If you had left that statue standing and required the Government to affix a plaque to it speaking of the issues in offense, a kid in school could make a report presenting it to his whole classroom, telling the entire class of the past wrongdoing and teaching from it. Instead, idiots tear down these things so history doesn’t have to remember them at all. All under the false claim of police abuse. Again, I am not saying Black people have not been abused by police. I’m saying police have abused all of us, not just the Black race.

If Trump is in fact trying to protect our freedom of speech, he is doing what he should be doing. He is defending our “Constitutional Rights” as he should. Those politicians not doing so lack the backbone to do their jobs.

I do not like Trump and disagree with many of the things he says and does but he is the only one trying to defend our Constitution while the rest of the Nation follows a misguided public opinion on a subject not as important as our Constitution.