At What Point Will The Civil Unrest End . . .

It’s hard to believe how far upside-down this Country has gone in just a few months. Where it is headed is scary, very scary. It’s easy to get behind something that is true, but as lies are exposed it no longer seems like the thing to do. When the news came out that Black people are only 13% of the U.S. population yet killed by police at a much higher rate than the other races, it was easy joining the ranks of the angered. But then, after examining the data for myself it changed. Look out your window. How many Black people do you see? Black people are only 13% of the population if you include places where there isn’t any Black people. In a few states, Black people are 23 to 54% of the population. Even in those states White people are killed by police twice as much.

Presently Black people have been told the 13% lie for long enough that they won’t believe anything else. Why would someone want to cause anybody to believe an untruth like this? Seriously, who would have anything to gain by telling such lies.

Let me tell you folks something . . . Somebody is making money off of this racism. Because the only reason to promote racism is to profit from it. How do we get the world to stop for a minute and look around? We aren’t looking at each other as friendly as we used to. Whoever is behind this madness could win and tear this Country apart.

You know, I remember the racism of the 60’s and 70’s. this country really had made definite strides towards leveling the racism issues until just recently. If we don’t put an end to this racism on the build, we can easily set this Country back forty or fifty years. Who wins if that be the case?

Right now, this racism has made criminals out of almost the entire black race, and a whole bunch of the White race. If everyone that protested was charged for the damage done, most of us would have criminal records today. You cannot claim you were protesting because Black people killed more than the other races, by police. because that is not true (Except in Chicago where a whole bunch of Blacks been killed).

There is only one way to win, for all of us. We must eliminate racism. I know it’s an easy task, right? Stop listening to the haters and the liars. Look around you. Is there someone you dislike? Why? If it’s the color of his skin, grow up and get over it. Racism is for idiots. Don’t be an idiot!