Can The Lies Create A New Racism?

It troubles me that the lies that Blacks have suffered an abuse more than other races have actually given the Black people advantages never afforded the other races, all in the name of “payback.” It’s our government saying that even if the data lies we still want to give you everything. I believe the claims that White people fear Black people may actually be true, because in a day when the less fortunate White people are suffering so much, we turn our backs on them and rather than share the pie, we give it all to the Black people. Will this create a new racism?

How much will we give to Black people, because they claim they that they “Have it coming?” I am sorry, my family fought with the North during the “Civil war” and I have personally supported almost every Black movement since my high school years. I have never owned a slave of any color, and I have never intentionally caused any harm to any Black person at any time during my life. I don’t owe the Black people anything. I seriously doubt there is many Black people alive today that actually has experienced slavery. If there are any Black people still alive that actually experienced slavery, then they are owed something, but not those that haven’t experienced slavery.

Do you see how this unfair giving of things to one race, but not the needy of the other can create a new level of racial inequality? It is my contention that what we call racism is not racism. What we have is an issue derived from economics. The less fortunate people in this country, are suffering. But we don’t see anyone other than Black people being less fortunate than others. There are people of all different races that need help.

Yesterday’s newspapers demonstrate how ridiculous this “pay one race” is. I cannot remember the name of the government program doing this but, they plan on giving pregnant Black and Island women a basic income of $1000.00 per month for a period during the pregnancy and into the childhood of the child. This is a remarkable idea. This could very well be a turning point for the involved parties. But, it can and probably will be the festering of anger that eventually will be racism at a new injustice. As long as you are selective by race for any benefit, you have created your own racism. And as long as you serve only select races, you my friend are the racist.

The creation of Black Lives Matter is as racist as you can get. What, only Black Lives Matter? Now keep in mind the claims that Black People suffer more than the other races is fabricated bullshit by people that choose not to read what the database actually says. Why is Black Lives Matter even here. They are here because someone is making money off it. By it’s name alone, it creates racial disharmony. . . And, somebody is making money off of it.

There are poor people all over this Country. Children that do not get the food they need, cannot afford decent housing, people that have less opportunities than most of us. These people are not Black or White, or any other color. These are people living in poverty, that regardless the color of their skin do not have much opportunities for a decent future. And rather than representing all of these people regardless the color of their skin we assume the role of racist by only serving to benefit one race. Isn’t this just the continuation of racism?

Every business, every society, and every organization that uses race as part of their name needs to be put out of business. Everybody that serves to only benefit one race or limit benefit to select races is a self-proclaimed racist. And, anyone that supports such is also racist. The only way this Country will evolve to eliminate racism is if we quit building racism. If I went out tomorrow and started an organization called “White lives Matter” what would you think? White people would immediately call it racist, Black people would be trying to burn the building down. But yet, there are how many organizations made with the racist intent of serving only selected races?

If you take one person of any race that is suffering from injustice or condition, I guarantee you there will be someone of a different race suffering the same. We need to serve all races to not be racist. And we have to know within our hearts, that all men are created equal and serve that belief before any other if we truly desire to be free of racism.

While London Breed may well represent the City of San Francisco, she has failed to develop a non racist program because she created her own racism by selective race participation. I’m sorry, the basic income noted above is one of the programs by London breed.