Black Folk Be Trollin . . .

Yes, believe it or not . . . Black Folk be trollin and White folk be gettin hooked and made into “Sharons.” What I refer to is a situation in which a Black person, followed closely by another Black person approaches a White person and either agitates or instigates the White person enough that the White person says or does something demonstrative of racial or anti Black conduct. The second Black person mans his phone camera filming all the action. They later cut the scenes down to only show the “Karen” moment as the White person behaving poorly. The White person need not do anything racial at all. They don’t care if you do anything racial so long as they can get something on film that they can make look racial

In one situation observed a Black Man appearing intoxicated or on drugs is running around a public park area acting a fool and disrupting people enjoying the park. In the situation I observed the Black person was running up on people, trying to get access to a private access gate, while hollering about how local folks killed his father. Nothing about this guy is acceptable. Foul language, hollering, running up on folks in a threatening manner, spit flying all over the place, looking ragtag and unkempt. And, he is just waiting for somebody to say something about it or someone that will escalate the situation to help him make his video go viral as soon as it hits the Internet.

These events are created by racists (Bullshit, Blacks can be as racist as Whites regardless the dictionary claiming the term Racist is only descriptive of Whites.) for the promotion of racism and racial disharmony. When will we learn? We have to move beyond the color of our skin to defeat racism. There is no future in racism. From here racism only leads to the past and reliving those mistakes and failures. Moving forward means just that, moving forward without hatred over skin color. You really ought to try it. It is simple! just don’t see skin color and sooner or later you will be color-blind.

BTW Black people not the only one creating racial disharmony, there are plenty of White folks acting the fool and being racial while we tolerate it. Do society a favor. Tell these people to quit trying to destroy us and maybe they will stop, but not likely.

Racism is stupid. Don’t be stupid!

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