Are White People Really This Stupid?

Last night I observed an absolutely beautiful White Gal saying “All lives matter, but not until Black Lives are heard.”

It’s a strange situation. Black people believe that they have been treated worse by police than White people and have recently created a lot of havoc trying to get their voice heard. Their belief stems from a Washington Post database in which selective data revealed that Black people makeup approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population but are victims of abuse and killings at a higher percentage than the other races.

Deeper data disputes that information, providing a different finding. The deeper findings demonstrate that although Black people make up approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, they have a significant population in only about a dozen states. In those states, Black people make up from 23 to 65 percent of the population. In many cities having a 1/3rd share of the population. Whites are killed by police almost twice as often as any other race.

My problem with this situation is the belief that Black people are the only people being abused and killed by police. That is simply bullshit. Black people are jumping to the support of Black people that simply did not have to be in such a situation. Most the people abused and killed by police got there by trying to resist arrest or during the commission of a crime. Now that is not everyone that has been abused or killed. There are some that should not have ever been even stopped by police, and some others that suffered mental issues, but most resisting or other crime.

Black people seem to believe that they are the only race that gets such treatment. White people get it every day in every way also. White people just don’t bring attention to it. And although White people support Black people in protest of such treatment, you do not see Blacks or Whites rallying, rioting, protesting, burning down cities, and causing other harm when a White person is killed by police. Were a Black person to have been harmed even during the commission of a crime the streets would fill with people of all colors screaming “racism” the reason for the person harmed when the person would not have been harmed at all had they complied with police.

What people of all colors have to understand is somebody is making money off racism. Those same people are promoting racism. We as a people need to look beyond color and see racism for what it is. Racism is “hate-for-profit” and those profiting are manipulating the rest of us. We need to identify and remove the influence and quit falling for the racism game

Pay Attention Politicians, Pay Attention Corporate America . . .

The reason that America suffers racism, is not because we just cannot get along. It’s because those making the decisions suffer from rectal-cranial inversion. Instead of taking efforts to stop racial issues, they instead create new racial disharmony.

You cannot fight racism with racism. Taking from one race and giving to another race is racist. Not only is it racist, but it’s also predatory. Allow me to explain . . .

Every program developed by both Corporate America and our Government gives benefit to a minority by taking that benefit away from White people. What White people lose in this situation? The lower income workers, entry level workers, and the less fortunate trying for acceptance to education. The upper middle class and the wealthy are not effected, yet they make the rules. It is already hard enough for the less wealthy White people, and it’s just as hard for the same level minorities, but creating programs that take from one race giving to another race is just plain stupid. And doing so based on the color of skin, qualifies for intentional negligence. (Yes I just made that up.)

All that Corporate America and Government is doing is creating anger and racial disharmony at the expense of White people suffering the same strife as the minorities, when it is their job to help all the people regardless of skin color.

You see, the problem isn’t skin color. The problem is economics. Trading one color for the other does not eliminate the problem. Not only does it not eliminate the original problem, but it creates a new problem because you have left one of the colors the loser based upon his skin color. And for all you folks looking for Systemic Racism, climb back into your big house upon the hill because you don’t know shit about life down the hill, we are all treated like crap regardless the color of our skin.

One of the requirements of employment in America is a diverse workplace where there are no business that is strictly white. Equal Opportunity Employment laws

“U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which was established by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to assist in the protection of United States employees from discrimination. The law was the first federal law designed to protect most US employees from employment discrimination based upon that employee’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Employment discrimination entails areas such as firing, hiring, promotions, transfer or wage practices and it is also illegal to discriminate in advertising, referral of job applicants, or classification.”

Do you know how many employers do not hire White people as employees? White people are discriminated against in numerous occupations nation-wide and nobody sees anything wrong with it. But, isn’t it just as wrong when the position discriminates against minorities?

There is only one solution to racism in America. Quit fighting racism with racism. Eliminate race from every issue. Do not create any organization/program/or benefit that does not benefit all races equally. Education and Employment should be based upon qualification, not skin color. Corporate America and Government need to take responsibility for the positions in which they serve and move beyond skin color to ascertain actual issues and seek resolution to such issues without taking the food from one table to another.

Racism is STUPID, don’t you be STUPID too!


Walter Wallace is killed by police and Phili goes stupid over a Black man being killed. Has there been anybody killed by police that wasn’t doing something fucked up? Walter Wallace may have been a Black man, but he was also a Black man with a knife running up on cops.

I don’t mean to slight any of the persons killed by police, but how many of these have been because the person did stupid just before getting shot? This is a difference between White people and Black people. When a White person does stupid and gets his ass beat up or shot by the cops we assess the situation and the moment stupid observed, we are done. Then we let it go. Black people support Black people regardless the stupid criteria, which is kinda messed up. You have to consider that that could be you or a family member having to deal with the likes of Walter Wallace dancing around acting the fool with a knife. Don’t forget men have been killed by a single stabbing. Nobody should have to stand around and wait for someone to feel lucky and stab them.

A lot of the recent Police killing of Black people has been due to the emotionally charged want of more, but why are black people creating the incidents leading to their own deaths? Right now is when Black people demonstrate they can function without being the problem. Black people should be showing they can stop the violence, put an end to destruction of others property, and seek to bring about racial harmony.

If Wallace was White, Black people would not give a shit if he was shot. You know it’s true. And if Wallace was White and came dancing around with a knife, we would ask, What’s he doing with that knife? And, most of us would say . . .” trying to get killed.” And that would be the end of the story.

There is no true merit in supporting a person endangering himself or others. So why do it? Wouldn’t you cause have better meaning if it supported those that did not bring about their own end, themselves? How do you stand for a man that creates his own failure? Is it racist do support him, regardless his own fault because of the color of his skin?

( I wrote this hoping to get an answer. Are Black people protesting Black people doing wrongs, just because of the color of their skin? And, if the Black guy was White . . . Would he be given the same support?)

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

Happy T-Day

There is no requirement that you enjoy Thanksgiving Day. You are not forced to eat as much of that turkey as you can fit in you, or stuff yourself with stuffing. And, maybe you should have stopped at a single slice of pie, rather than the whole pie.

As you sit reclining on the sofa with your belt undone, passing the occasional belch and lord knows what else, you still have no requirement to enjoy it.

Following dinner your arguments with both your brother and your father over some football player and teams appeared as though the three of you had enjoyed far too much beer. And the argument with your little sister regarding the length of the dress she chose to wear for her date this evening almost turned violent. But again, there is no requirement of enjoyment.

However, when you and your friend return to your home talking of the days events as she drives, and you re-play the day in your head, heed my warning:

You are required to enjoy your THANKSGIVING DAY because it may never happen this way again. Even though you may forget how much a pig you made of yourself, you will always remember how much you love your mother’s turkey dressing. You will forever appreciate how strongly your brother and father defended their football choices, even though their choices sucked. Your little sister, who left the house looking like my grandmother may have dressed, might forgive you for ragging on her about her dress, but will always love you for caring.

Yes, you are required to enjoy Thanksgiving Day and hope you have many more to enjoy in the future.

I Would Not Be A Cop In The U.S. Regardless The Pay!

Do you think being a cop in the United States is easy today? I don’t care how much the pay, I would not put a badge on my chest for nothing in the U.S. today . . . The following headline appears in todays news:

Homicide Charges Filed Against Former SF Police Officer Chris Samayoa In Fatal 2017 Officer-Involved Shooting

Syndicated Local – CBS San Francisco  8 hrs ago

When a criminal has the right to assault people, carjack a vehicle, and run from the police . . . He poses a threat to society and the use of deadly force regardless he armed or not is allowable. So why are we trying to fuck over a cop?

The suspect took off running from the police. Where do you think he was headed? Is it possible he was going to carjack someone else to evade arrest? What if it you family member victim to this clowns escape? He could of surrendered when stopped, he would be alive today. But because of his shit poor decision making, he’s dead and a cop has to pay for it. How about instead of making everybody else responsible for a persons inability to make a good decision, you make them responsible for their own mistake.

There’s going to come a day when you need a cop, and none will come . . . There will come a day when a man is expected to be a man and do what is right or wrong and pay any penalty associated with such decision. Right now, White America is doing their best to appease Black Lives Matter ideals even though such are racist lies and ridiculous demands. Since the death of George Floyd while in police custody a few months back all of America is kissing the Black man’s ass, trying to make Black America happy so they will stop rioting and protesting. All they are succeeding in doing is recreating racism.

Black America, with a portion of White America seem to believe that you can commit crimes, resist arrest, and not get hurt. WTF! The whole fucking Country is being harmed by people committing crimes and a significant amount of the population seems to think that it is okay to resist arrest and make it a cops fault if the criminal gets hurt.

It all comes down to decision making skills. And, perhaps upbringing. If your parents sucked at being parents and didn’t teach you from right or wrong, or somehow you were not there the day one of your parents tried to teach you that if you do something wrong, the police gonna arrest you, maybe you’d have an excuse for being so stupid that you make the decision to commit crimes and fight cops. But, are we talking people that don’t know right from wrong being the problem?

The person committing the crime likely knows that he is doing wrong. He probably has a clue that if he gets caught it may mean jail time for the wrongs committed. But maybe he is also not the true problem. No the problem is the people that believe a criminal gets to get away with crime and gets to fight cops making good his escape that are the problem.

Is there really that many stupid people in America? Don’t people understand that if you commit crimes you are likely to get arrested. Don’t people understand that you are not supposed to fight police or try to evade arrest? Now, go back in history . . . How many people have been hurt or killed by police that complied with police and surrendered to being arrested? ZERO! Even George Floyd resisted arrest. That is how he ended up on the ground with a cop holding him down by a knee to his back. The facts are simple. George Floyd caused his own death by making the decision to resist arrest. But, is George Floyd being held responsible for his failure to make a better decision? Nope! So, let’s blame a cop. (No George Floyd should have not died while in the custody of police, nor should the officer that killed him been so negligent as to cause his death) But, would he be alive today if had just complied with his arrest?

Another Cop Beating A Citizen Story . . .

Here’s a story about a fella got his ass whipped by Vallejo PD officers . . .

Man beaten by Vallejo police will receive $750,000. Now he plans to leave town for good

By Otis R. Taylor Jr.  

Here’s a guy minding his own business when Vallejo Police Officers decide to beat his ass good, for being the wrong color in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now this being Vallejo and cops kicking ass, got to be another Black fella? Nope! A middle-aged White guy working on his fence and he didn’t even resist, but he did live.

Guess what folks? Cops do treat White folk as bad as they treat Black folk! Of course they do, but racists will tell you different. They will claim Black folk treated worse and getting killed more by police than others. There wasn’t any marching, protesting, rioting, looting, or causing harm to others for this guy. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Cops Kill 2 Guys That . . .

Two young Black men were killed by police acting in self-defense. But, that isn’t what the headlines say. It seems the media will do anything to sell their product. It matters not, newspapers, magazines, TV news, or any other type of publication . . . The headline rarely matches the story. The following is the prop for the CBS News video on the situation

Video shows Florida deputy fatally shooting teens in moving car.

Video released by a Florida sheriff’s office shows two deputies pulling their weapons and one firing at a car as it drives near him in a shooting that killed two Black teenagers. A.J. Crooms, 16, and Sincere Pierce, 18, were killed last week in Cocoa, Florida

So why doesn’t this headline read Cops kill 2 . . . ? I cannot bring myself to finish the sentence, but the questions need to be asked because all over America today people are demonstrating, rioting, looting, and causing harm to others because some believe that this situation would have turned out better had the guys shot by police been White. The only way this situation could have turned out better is if the kid didn’t aim his car at the cop. This was clearly poor decision-making skills demonstrated by these youngsters. Where does it say that someone can try to kill a cop and the cop doesn’t get to do anything about it?

Most of the people subject of the racial unrest recently have been killed subsequent to resisting arrest. All these people had to do was not resist. This is not that difficult to understand. Cop comes to arrest you, you get arrested. Cop comes to arrest you and you resist, what happens next is your fault. But, it’s easy to blame someone else. It’s easy not to take responsibility for your own actions. I agree it’s a shame that anyone gets hurt or killed by police, but they didn’t have to get hurt or killed. Folks out there today are forgetting that with the exception of a couple instances, most of these people were the cause of their being harmed. Even George Floyd would not have been on the ground with a cops knee in his back had he of just complied with police and allow himself be arrested.

And, it matters not the color of your skin, your sex, your age, or your religion . . . If you resist, you chose to be where it went next. Yet we continue to protest, riot, loot, and cause others harm. Why? I know damn well that nobody would give a damn if I got hurt of killed resisting arrest. Are these people more important than myself? Maybe All Lives Don’t Matter!

Affirmative Action Note

In a Washington Examiner article today the writer discusses California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action.

“Californians, and Americans, reject racial quotas and preferences”

by Michael Barone, Senior Political Analyst |   | November 18, 2020 11:19 AM

I truly enjoy the way this guy writes. And, although he obviously has better education and qualification to talk on this topic than I, I think he has missed a portion of the reasoning leading to the lack of support of Affirmative Action.

Lack of support for Affirmative Action is not racist. To the contrary, it is the non-racist choice of many. AS evidenced by the previous Affirmative Action programs, People of color were hired into jobs based on skin color rather than by qualification. This led to a couple of different situations of which I doubt anyone thought it significant enough to collect the necessary data to validate the findings or opinions.

The first being how many qualified White men were displaced from such employment by a lesser qualified person of color? Before you get your panties in a knot, I am not trying to cause issue with minority inclusion to the workforce. I merely am trying to point out how Affirmative Action may have led to the failure of a White person by allowing a less qualified person of color to be hired due to Affirmative Action. Keep in mind, the Affirmative Action policies also influenced promotions within the workforce. How many White men were qualified for promotion but were not considered because a person of color was needed in such position to satisfy Affirmative Action quotas?

The second issue which was spoken of repeatedly in the days of Affirmative Action in the past. How many people of color were hired, promoted, and rose to excellent careers while those in their peer group looked upon them as less than equal because they did not get to where they were on qualification, but by color of their skin? This may not seem a significant issue but perhaps to a young man embarking on a career, educated, and qualified . . . Maybe he would rather be seen as an equal in the workforce. I do not know if this is even an issue to a person of color, but I know if I were in such position it would bother the hell out of me. When I was hired, promoted, or selected to any position in the workforce, it was due to qualification and merit, not skin color.

If California has an Affirmative Action problem with people seeking employment it is not due to lack of diversity in the workforce. People that try to build statistics regarding racial equality tend to stop at the Blacks make up 13% of the US. population, expecting that equation to magically produce racial equality. It doesn’t!

Although Black people make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, they make up a far different figure in some of our major cities ranging from 23 to 55 percent of the population. In these cities the other races split the percentages left over, the usual highest percentage being White but surprisingly the breakdown of Black, Hispanic, and White is close enough to suggest an almost equal percentage of the cities population. In many of these cities, the racial breakdown of those living in poverty is also similar. Over 50 percent of the Black population is considered middle class while 40 percent own their homes.

California was well on it’s way towards equality of all until the recent racial unrest that exploded subsequent to the death of George Floyd while in police custody. “Black Lives Matter” and other racist organizations have created a new racism that serves no purpose but to further racial disharmony.

However, California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action serves to stop the racial aspect of Affirmative Action with no favorites due to color of skin and a very diverse workforce is apparent should one actually look. California strives to move beyond skin color. The harm caused by recent racial unrest threatens racial equality Nation-wide as the racists aim the attention towards the Black population instead of serving all the populace. Folks do not realize that we are all suffering the same regardless of race but are not taking the opportunity to see it.

Affirmative Racism

The headline “Appeals court upholds Harvard’s affirmative action policy” is “affirmative racism” and it is “affirmative racism” by a a school of higher learning. If I was a minority I would not attend Harvard. How would you like to be known as the person that got into school because of your skin color regardless your qualification?

That is exactly what Harvard has done. No matter the reason, their Affirmative Action Policy leaves every minority student that attends school there the label of “less” even if their qualifications are better than others, simply due to skin color.

You cannot fight racism with racism and contrary to the definition, any program that serves to provide skin color benefit or advantage over other skin color is racism. Our school of higher learning doesn’t care if the minority student wants to hold his/her head high so long as they satisfy the school’s need for diversity in the population in attendance. Do you really think that a minority student wants to be considered less than others just because he is a minority? That is the only benefit provided by this policy. Seriously how can this be considered any benefit? 10 years after graduating with honors some Black guy is going to apply for a job and the HR person is going to see “Black Guy” vs. “Harvard” and immediately assume the Black Guy lesser simply because he thinks “affirmative action” instead of qualification and even if you get the job everyone thinks less of you.

How stupid are we? If you want to fight racism you don’t reduce qualification. To fight racism you need to maintain qualification and get rid of the racist that is deciding who attends based on skin color. You would expect a school of higher learning to have moved beyond racism rather than embrace it. Yeah, we’re that stupid!

How Did Biden Beat Trump? Kamala Harris!

Photo by Markus Winkler on

Biden alone couldn’t beat Trump even with Trump ranting and acting stupid. But, Kamala Harris could. Actually Kamala Harris could of beat Trump without Biden. But will Kamala Harris rein fairly as the Vice President of the United States?

Kamala Harris is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, which is clearly a radical racist organization. She is already noted as “The First Black Woman To . . . ” for numerous events and now the first Black Woman Vice President.

The Black Community is under the impression that Kamala Harris is gong to do everything “Black” that she can. I find it hard to believe that Kamala Harris is not smart enough to recognize the difference between racism and racial rhetoric.

Almost every campaign started to benefit Black people has made somebody money to wage the campaign. Simply put, they made heir money off of racism. Recent events have brought about a whole new bunch of folks eager to make their money off of racism. Is Kamala Harris smart enough to recognize that you cannot fight racism with racism? We should hope so.

Voters recently struck down an attempt to revive Affirmative Action in California. Affirmative Action was a program from the 60’s I believe that gave special consideration to Black people for hiring and promotion. It was famous for getting unqualified people hired into positions simply because of their skin color. And the qualified applicants were the losers. California is beyond such as they already see hiring the best qualified regardless of skin color the best practice.

But not all of the United States is as concerned with equality as California as evidenced by Corporate America’s race to donate money to Black Lives Matter subsequent to the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Corporate America didn’t even check to see what type of organization Black Lives Matter was, they just started making big donations to an organization due to it’s name. We hope Kamala Harris can see better than Corporate America.

Racism cannot stop racism, but it can create new racism. Any government program considered for the future should hold a specific requirement to not benefit one race more than another. Look around, every race is going through the same strife. It is economy not skin color the problem, but people have to go beyond skin color to see it. And, you have to eliminate use of the “race card” to blame everything wrong due to racism.

Kamala Harris shows promise of being an excellent Vice President and possibly future President so long as she can see beyond skin color and educate the rest of America to see as well.