Happy 4th of July!

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Our Country is in trouble, but Happy 4th of July anyway. One of the biggest issues we face in the U.S. is the number of people that don’t understand where they are from. We have people in this country that do not realize they are Americans.

I don’t care where your daddy’s daddy came from, if you were born here, immigrated here, or were a transplant here . . . You are likely an American. If you have sworn allegiance to this country, then you can consider yourself an American. But, if you were born in the good old US . . . You are not anything else other than American The only way to move America forward is for all Americans to quit trying to be loyal to the place they ran from, got driven from, or got stolen from and support the place in which you live.

Next on our list is these mass shooting incidents. WTF is wrong with you people? Killing people you don’t even know, people that have caused you no harm, and children? There is no place in America today you can enjoy an event or even a birthday party without worry that some idiot with a gun is going to come shoot everything and everyone up. Our children can’t even attend school without fear of being killed, even in remote country schools. And, I have yet to hear of any of these incidents that had real reason. In my opinion if there is no real reason, the shooter is nothing more than a fucking idiot or has mental problems. You thinking about going out playing shoot-em-up? Don’t worry, history will remember you for the loser you are.

Next, what is the deal with full-grown men , big strong men beating up the old and the weak? I just don’t get it. Ya gonna rob some little old lady and then beat her down? Are you expecting to be recognized for your strength, bravery, and good conduct? Yeah right! And of course, the rest of the criminal element? There are so many people doing wrong now, you can’t trust anybody. The “living in a safe environment” no longer exists. And children are as much of the problem as adults.

What are we doing about all of this? Nothing! Sure the police are trying to get a handle on things, but then they unload 60 rounds into an unarmed man and our trust in them gets kicked to the curb. But are we doing anything about all the world falling apart? I don’t have a solution. Hell, I haven’t even got a clue what anybody can do. Feel free to drop your input in the “suggestion box” on your way out.

One thing I have noticed that all of the aforementioned situations have in common, racial disharmony. Folks, we gotta start doing something to stop these racial issues. We simply need to mature to color blindness and start doing as we preach and treat each other better. It’s not really that hard to do.

Black Folk Be Trollin . . .

Yes, believe it or not . . . Black Folk be trollin and White folk be gettin hooked and made into “Sharons.” What I refer to is a situation in which a Black person, followed closely by another Black person approaches a White person and either agitates or instigates the White person enough that the White person says or does something demonstrative of racial or anti Black conduct. The second Black person mans his phone camera filming all the action. They later cut the scenes down to only show the “Karen” moment as the White person behaving poorly. The White person need not do anything racial at all. They don’t care if you do anything racial so long as they can get something on film that they can make look racial

In one situation observed a Black Man appearing intoxicated or on drugs is running around a public park area acting a fool and disrupting people enjoying the park. In the situation I observed the Black person was running up on people, trying to get access to a private access gate, while hollering about how local folks killed his father. Nothing about this guy is acceptable. Foul language, hollering, running up on folks in a threatening manner, spit flying all over the place, looking ragtag and unkempt. And, he is just waiting for somebody to say something about it or someone that will escalate the situation to help him make his video go viral as soon as it hits the Internet.

These events are created by racists (Bullshit, Blacks can be as racist as Whites regardless the dictionary claiming the term Racist is only descriptive of Whites.) for the promotion of racism and racial disharmony. When will we learn? We have to move beyond the color of our skin to defeat racism. There is no future in racism. From here racism only leads to the past and reliving those mistakes and failures. Moving forward means just that, moving forward without hatred over skin color. You really ought to try it. It is simple! just don’t see skin color and sooner or later you will be color-blind.

BTW Black people not the only one creating racial disharmony, there are plenty of White folks acting the fool and being racial while we tolerate it. Do society a favor. Tell these people to quit trying to destroy us and maybe they will stop, but not likely.

Racism is stupid. Don’t be stupid!

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

Happy T-Day

There is no requirement that you enjoy Thanksgiving Day. You are not forced to eat as much of that turkey as you can fit in you, or stuff yourself with stuffing. And, maybe you should have stopped at a single slice of pie, rather than the whole pie.

As you sit reclining on the sofa with your belt undone, passing the occasional belch and lord knows what else, you still have no requirement to enjoy it.

Following dinner your arguments with both your brother and your father over some football player and teams appeared as though the three of you had enjoyed far too much beer. And the argument with your little sister regarding the length of the dress she chose to wear for her date this evening almost turned violent. But again, there is no requirement of enjoyment.

However, when you and your friend return to your home talking of the days events as she drives, and you re-play the day in your head, heed my warning:

You are required to enjoy your THANKSGIVING DAY because it may never happen this way again. Even though you may forget how much a pig you made of yourself, you will always remember how much you love your mother’s turkey dressing. You will forever appreciate how strongly your brother and father defended their football choices, even though their choices sucked. Your little sister, who left the house looking like my grandmother may have dressed, might forgive you for ragging on her about her dress, but will always love you for caring.

Yes, you are required to enjoy Thanksgiving Day and hope you have many more to enjoy in the future.