Does Government Truely Want To Stimulate Our Economy?

I just saw 1 Billion dollars handed over to a single Mega Millions Lottery winner. The week prior I think better than 750 million to a PowerBall Lottery winner. I ask myself, “Are we really this stupid?” Lottery winners stimulate the economy, don’t they?

First thing a lottery winner does is go spend. He buys or builds a big house. He buys cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s. He buys new clothes, gets a haircut, visits the Dentist. Then he spends a bunch of money on stuff he just wants to buy, because he can. THAT IS STIMULATING THE ECONOMY! And guess what folks? It is not all being done with our tax money.

The problem is there are so few winners. Why not make a bunch of 100 million dollar million winners instead of one billion dollar winner. The impact to our economy would be the same multiplied by the number of winners. Think about it. Not just one house, not just a few cars, not just a little stuff, and have we considered the services like gardening, dry cleaners, maid servbices? A whole bunch of money gets spread aroound this way. And you give people a chance of living the life.

I suppose I have always had a problem with the Lottery. It is not that it is gaming. It is gambling. It’s not the fact that it is addictive. It is simply a way for a whole lot of bullshit to take place that should never happen. If there is only one direction that our pandemic will go, then it will be an easy choice for most of America. I personally believe there are other choices to be considered and a responsible government should do whatever it takes to make our economy strong again.

I think the original laws that formed the Lottery preclude the government using monies from the Lottery except for schools and taxation. I do not know if there is anything that prevents the changing of prize structure or not, but the winnings need more distribution making more simple millionaires, instead of just a few high figure winners. Yes, it could make almost everyone in California wealthy. Would it not provide the stimulus needed for our economy?

And while we are at it . . . It is absolute bullshit that the Lottery does not better support schools. That was the primary goal of the Lottery, and it’s been doing a shit poor job of it. Do you really think that nobody will play the Lottery if the prize is not in the hundreds of millions? Give up some of that money and actually provide funds for schools.

And, why are we not keeping the Lottery money in the State of California? In a single week 1 billion to someone in Michigan and 750 million to someone in Maryland. Shouldn’t there be some restrictions on out of State players. Sending all that money out of State does nothing for our State economy. Maybe reducing winnings for such players or increased taxation should be considered.

There is presently nothing that can produce high volume dollars as well as the Lottery. The government should be able to enact some sort of emergency law allowing the modification to the Lottery payout. This pandemic has taught us one thing: A whole bunch of folks are going to lose everything while the rest barely hang on. Our State and Federal economy is already shit in the wind with no real chance of gain on the horizon. The Lottery may be the best chance of saving the wealth of the State of California . . .

And A President Disgraces A Nation . . .

Throughout President Trump’s presidency, he has been known to act a little different than your every day politician. This for the most part has been accepted as the poor fella has not had a single day of peace since he was sworn to office. His biggest fan and our Country’s biggest embarrassment throughout his presidency being Nancy Pelosi, who should of been removed from office with the first complaint she chased Trump with. She wasn’t and four years of embarrassment brings us to today.

In all the pursuit to remove Trump from office, Pelosi made a “smear campaign” out of Trump’s every day. But let us not forget why we elected Trump in the first place. The reason we elected Trump was that we had grown tired of lying ass politicians that did nothing and wanted to give a businessman a chance at running the Country. Well Trump never got the chance because Pelosi and her bunch of political assassins pursued Trump like a pack of junk-yard dogs using every bullshit thing they could to cause Trump and this Nation disgrace.

I have no idea what Trump was thinking, but Pelosi didn’t do this one. Yesterday thousands of people converged on Capitol Hill trying to disrupt the counting of the electoral vote, in support of the President and at the encouragement of the President. Four people dead, one by a Capital Police bullet, and 52 arrested in a riot that should not have ever taken place and it was ALL 100% President Donald Trump. The offense bigger than the laws broken is the disgrace this episode brings upon our Nation. The threat to the political folks in the chambers, the violation of Capitol Hill, coupled with the violence that injured many have all been seen worldwide and makes the United States of America look like a bunch of idiots.

Now Trump may not have gotten a fair deal in Office with the Pelosi mob chasing him, but for a President to “in any way” be a participant in this riot, is way too much. How many people could have been hurt or killed? If it continues would it bring about another civil war? Trump took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Trump became the enemy, and he incited others to follow. Not a very Presidential act . . .

You see, what we fail to take note of is our own democracy. In order for democracy to work, we the people have to honor the vote. Never should a citizen have to take a violent or unlawful act to challenge a vote. We might protest, but the job of determining the legality of the vote are the bean counters that count the vote. And, once the determination made the vote legal, it is our responsibility to honor the vote, and if necessary support someone other than who you voted for taking the position voted for. That is what democracy is all about. Subsequent to the most recent presidential elections we have failed to honor the vote and accept the winner into Office. You may not like the one elected, but you still need to honor the vote.

I’m sorry Donald Trump, but you have violated a great many laws of the United States of America and it is time you surrender your keys to the executive washrooms and go back to Trump Hotel and stop bringing disgrace upon our Nation.

Happy New Year!

There’s no fucking way my life is supposed to be this fucked up.

If this is the way my life is supposed to end, then bring it on. I am tired of living the pain. I hate the emptiness, the solitude, and the loneliness each day brings. I am not anxious to die, but this is not living. I no longer experience joy. I no longer have hope. Am I not already dead?

The entire world, every Country, every populace suffers today. We are stuck in a pandemic world in which we are unable to thrive. People that ache to be close cannot be. We are no longer able to gather in groups and meet one-another. There is no expansion of our existence, forced to shelter within our own space. How do people fall in love now? Is it even possible? And, is it possible to live without love or the closeness of another? If it is, do we want to?

This last year brought about a new racism, for which it appears that people think they can fight racism with racism. It won’t work because it just creates additional racism, hatred, and distrust between the races. Politicians and others that have wealth to comfort them make decisions that take from one and give to another while they are not affected by such decision, forcing those that are affected into a new racism that could be avoided by fairness. You want to defeat racism . . . Treat all men equal.

I hate life now. There is nothing in this new world for me, and I have nothing to offer it. Most people of my acquaintance are absolute bullshit. None appear to have to have honor or ethics. I seriously doubt a single person has either, most waiting to feed upon the others when they fall. Everybody seems content to live the lie of their own existence. None care to find a way to a better life.

I either need to find what I need to enjoy my last years of my life, or give up. If my life is to be of no meaning except to be miserable in a world already filled with misery, then what value do I provide humanity? I believe I was destined to make a difference, but how can I when I may not give a damn myself. I believe all men have the ability to reach deep within themselves to find the strength to pick themselves up and carry on. God grant me such strength as we move forward into another new year