All lives matter

How Math Works . . .

I believe we have a significant learning disorder affecting millions nation wide. It appears as though supporters of “Black Lives Matter” do not believe in basic math . . .

If you have a significant population in 10 to 12 States, and you have approximately 30 percent of the population of those states, then you are 30 percent of 10 to 12 states, not a tiny portion of the entire country. Let’s test my theory . . .

Do you think that the places most effected by the riots set off by the death of George Floyd were a population of 13 percent? Okay, not a good demonstration of numbers there. Let’s look from the other side. The Black population of Oakland, CA. is close to 40 percent Black, with White and Hispanic populace bringing in a lesser percentage. In some cities/states the Black population is less than 1 percent. So wouldn’t it be wiser to draw data from the truest representation of truth. Sure the Black population of the U.S. is roughly 13 percent of 50 states, of which 38 states do not have a significant population of Black people. But, in the states Black people are being harmed the Black has at least a 30 percent of the population. (You will note that I have said the same thing numerous ways to drive this point to the forefront of this topic) Use of the entire country for the statistics is an intentional misrepresentation of the data. In other words, it is a lie.

In the states where most of the claims of racial abuse has been, Black people are 23 to 53 percent of the population. So why isn’t the Black Lives people using data that represents the truth? Could it be because they make a living pushing racism? Aren’t the organizations that seek the betterment of one race at the cost of another actually creating racism instead of stopping it?

The problems of failing racial harmony are not because we cannot get along. The problem that creates the fail for racial harmony is that Black people believe they are the only one suffering. Blacks are not treated any different than Whites or others until they resist. When White people are approached by police, for most they cooperate. Those that resist, get their asses whipped or shot just like Blacks do. That White Privilege that everyone thinks is afforded all White people, is bullshit. White Privilege is afforded the affluent. Forty percent of todays Black population is “middle class” and five percent is “upper class” leaving the rest struggling day by day, just like about twenty percent of the Whites. New to the Whites are the homeless, which daily is increasing in numbers and exceeds the amount of Black homeless by at least double. My point being that contrary to other opinion, we all suffer in the lower incomes. We are all treated like shit by City, County, and State Agencies, Law Enforcement, and even our own races.

You cannot fight racism with racism. When all of those suffering quit playing the race game, quit letting the racist manipulate us, and stand together . . . We may have a chance of defeating racism.