How Did Homeless Become Cool?

Homeless is not, nor has it ever been cool. But, the way some of these people act you would think that it not only an acceptable lifestyle but a preferred way of life. Benefits of homelessness include:

  • Sleeping under the stars while you wonder who is going to do what to you while you are not awake.
  • Camping out with a bunch of folks that would just as soon cut your throat as do anything nice to anyone.
  • No fear of rape, robbery, assault, or victim of any crime . . . Once you get used to it, you don’t fear it very much.
  • You don’t have to protect your valuables. Somebody else will have them as soon as they find you on the street.
  • Being filthy, dirty body, dirty clothes, serious hygiene concerns are no longer a concern, as long as you can stand your own stench.
  • You get lots of attention from local government and police.
  • Local business are happy to see you in their establishment. It’s okay to steal from them, ya’ all come back anytime . . .
  • Don’t worry about being unemployed, the people you are camping with will find a job for you. What do you mean you won’t do that . . . Yes you will, repeatedly.
  • You get used to being so hungry that your belly button touches your backbone.
  • On the rare occasion that someone not homeless tries to help you, it’s acceptable to take advantage of them.
  • Most camps are run by your local Park Ranger or the person most aggressive that decides he is in charge, whether you like it or not.
  • That rustling in the bushes at night is probably nothing to fear until you feel it against your leg in the dark.
  • You don’t have to worry about keeping the neighborhood clean, herds of mice and rats will follow behind you to maintain the neighborhood. What do you mean, that hill moved?
  • You get lots of loving, by those that can hold you down . . . sometimes in groups. No worry of STD’s, you got them.
  • Rummaging through trash cans and dumpsters for your meals provides a wide variety of healthy foods. Remember penicillin comes from mold. Cheese matures by molding. What are you talking about, it’s not alive, of course it is alive, can’t grow unless it is alive . . . Mmmm tasty!
  • You don’t do dope! You mean you didn’t used to do dope. Now you do it, sell it, and have it stolen from you . . . Daily!
  • And never forget . . . There is always a nice clean bathroom available if you need one.
  • “High Street Oakland is the place to be, Homeless livin is the life for me” Sung with the music from “Green Acres” theme song . . .

I have no idea if the homeless encampment at High Street is still rooted to the area but between rioters following the death of George Floyd and the ongoing theft to retailers at one point they were talking shutting down Home Depot there. Now, almost daily there is another retailer closing their doors due to theft losses being so high. And there is no longer a safe place to shop anymore. Not all of this is due to homelessness, but a significant portion is and sooner or later it is going to effect our communities and the value of the State. California used to be prime real estate. It is losing its appeal quickly. Major retailers that have been part of the San Francisco market for many years are closing their doors. High end retailers and jewelry stores, even in populated shopping malls are brazenly attacked in broad daylight losing millions of dollars to theft and driving consumers from the area. You have to ask yourself, who will they attack when the retailers are gone.

Which brings us to the rise in Home Invasion robberies. Again not directly attributed to homelessness but you need understand that these people are hungry and when one food source leaves, another will have to provide for their needs. There is no need for homelessness in the United States and no need for support of the homeless community, not when we have government agencies that can absorb a significant portion of those living homeless.

How many of our homeless could be enlisted in our military? How many of our homeless could be utilized supporting the military. Could the homeless be better helped by being used this way, given a job, given an income, and subsequently benefit from training that can provide them careers, as well as a roof over their heads. I’m not saying this is the perfect solution. Being homeless provides those of criminal nature excellent recruiting resource for crime. We need to stop this. We are doing nothing to redirect our homeless to a better place. I don’t believe all these people really want to be homeless, but there has to be a place for them to go that can provide for them and their families. Re-open a couple military bases. Those that cannot be absorbed by the military might find the expansion of civilian support retail in the area a viable place to get a job.

Again, I may not have an ideal solution. What we are doing presently is not working. If this idea only took 25 percent of the homeless of the street, even if only on a temporary basis, it would serve a more positive result than all the present efforts combined. Just my opinion. If you have a better opinion please tell us about it

Why Do White Lives Matter?

To answer this question you need to know what you are talking about. And before you suggest that I am wrong, you need to do a little research, to discover the real truth. Before I start this article, I want you to know that I do not support racism in any way. Equality, fairness, and social harmony; yes, racism; no.

Okay first: The Washington Post database that demonstrates that the population of Black people in the U.S. is approximately 13 percent. This is true, but misleading because believe it or not there are places in the U.S. that don’t have Black people. If you compare the populations of many of our major cities, the Black population ranges anywhere from 23 to over 60 percent. Using those same population figures there are more White people killed by Police than Black people. Before you get all up in your stuff to tell me I am wrong, go look at the data. Knowing this fact is not the big deal you may believe it is. Knowing this fact and wondering why our government, clergy, educators, and people we trust aren’t doing the research and telling us the truth is the big deal.

And second: Black Lives Matter, the organization was made to support a gay sports player, had nothing to do with supporting the Black population at all, and had no intent to do so. Having the right name and being in the right place at the right time allowed these people to take advantage of White Corporate America that in fear dumped millions of dollars in donations while BLM founders scooped it up, laughing it up as they were suddenly rich. BLM was not there to support George Floyd. They were there to grab misdirected money and did so. Since that day BLM people have done nothing to support Black people. They have however, joined the ranks of the “rich and famous.”

And third: The claims that Black people do not have opportunity as the Whites is another lie not adequately researched by anybody to make such claim. The data is available but not yet collected adequately to make a true determination. However, what data is available paints a very different picture. My interest in this topic came about from a situation in which a sports team hired a temporary head coach with no experience over a Black Assistant Coach and the media erupted with claims of racism. Looking at the sports organization I discovered that not only do they report the racial figurers for Players and Coaches but they also provide racial figures for damn near every employee of the Organization. Black Players made up from 60 to 80 percent of the Organizations Players, Black Coaches made up roughly 35 percent of the coaching staff. This prompted my delving into the topic further, so I reviewed “entertainment.” Who is the big loser in this topic? Asians! Blacks scored 25 to 35 percent in a majority of media and entertainment occupations. Again, knowing this fact is not the big deal you may believe it is. Knowing this fact and wondering why our government, clergy, educators, and people we trust aren’t doing the research and telling us the truth is the big deal. Going back to the 13 percent rule . . . what percentage of these jobs?

The point I am trying to show you is we are being fed lies with intent to create racial disharmony, and we are falling for it. Aren’t you tired of being lied to? Right now coast-to-coast in America our Government and Organizations are giving benefits to Black people while precluding Whites opportunity for the same benefit. Corporate America is telling their Hiring Managers not to hire White people. Do you really believe that Black people are the only race suffering the lower economy levels. Even if the entire 13 percent Black people were at such level, which they are not. There are at least an equal number of Whites suffering the same issues. And you have to ask, “do White Lives Matter.”

They are giving these benefits to Blacks and Others, excluding Whites under guise of fairness to the Black race. But what they are actually doing is building a whole new racism. This is the bottom of our economy levels. Do you think it fair one race benefit while another doesn’t? Another thing this situation does is highlight the true problem. Our Government is STUPID and cannot figure out the need for color-blindness in Government. To become color-blind requires maturing enough to seek fairness and equality regardless skin color. Really not that hard to do.

We need to stop living these lies. Don’t believe me. Do the research yourself. If you are in an occupation in which you are carrying these lies forward, quit your job or do the research to find the truth. All Lives Matter lets accept that and move forward.

The Halloween, that wasn’t . . .

Have we already lost to those who wish us a lack of fun and lost imagination? Have they sufficiently beat us down so far that we cannot go into our city streets and have fun anymore? What has happened to the land that I love? What has happened to the people that used to live in this Country that enjoyed the party, the costumes, and the thrill of having our hearts beating in fear of something or someone hiding in the dark?

You may not have missed Halloween last night. If you were lucky and the Halloweens’ found you, tell em I miss em.

Wait, what the hell am I supposed to do with all this candy? I am diabetic, I cannot eat all this (munch, munch, burp . . .) candy! Diabetic Coma, here I come. You know, I only bought candy that I liked. Stuff like “Reese Peanut Butter Cups,” “3 Musketeers,” and “HoHo’s.” And, I bought gobs of it. I can swim in Peanut Butter and Chocolate for the next week if I want.

Man, I hope Turkey Day and Christmas doesn’t pass me by . . . Oh Santa?

Wait! I know somebody had a Halloween! So long as there be ex-wives and mothers-in-law, there be witches!

“Racism Against White People”

This is a topic not discussed very much, but is a very serious concern. Why? Because the current society opinion does not support White America. Allow me to explain: (This was the topic of Fox News)

Throughout my life I have supported equality of everyone and coming from the wrong side of the tracks and being in a low-income family rarely did I ever experience “white privilege” or any other form of favoritism. But as an adult I felt the opposite in the form of “equal opportunity employment”. This is the law that allowed people less qualified to be employed at a job to be hired for that job based on the color of their skin. The first thing you have to understand about such law, is it does not effect those that wrote it. Those that have white privilege still have it. The reality of the situation is that white privilege is based on wealth and unwealthy whites do not have it.

Every new policy, law, or program intended to provide equality for Black America does one thing. It takes from support of the Unwealthy White. Do you think these new laws and such affect those of White Privilege? Not in any way! I do not know if any kind of support was available to my mother when I was a child, but I remember a party being held for me in elementary school in which my fellow students provided me gifts of socks and underwear because I didn’t have any. The reality that such a party could be held embarrassed me my entire life. Within a year or two, students participating in this party would tell others about it leading to issues later. Programs for the benefit of any of us should benefit all of those in need. Did I grow up with White Privilege? No!

Throughout my entire adult life, I have supported equality. I have not committed acts of violence against any person other than in self-defense or defense-of-others and never based upon skin color. I have never owned, pimped, or enslaved anyone of any color. I have never taken advantage of, ripped off, or profited in the exploitation of anyone of any color. Yet I have been victim of such when befriending others of color. Why? Because people of color are raised believing the difference in skin color is the problem. They fail to recognize the economics involved.

One of the first things I hear Black people complaining about is being followed by store security. It doesn’t just happen to Blacks. As a lower-income-youngster, I also enjoyed this type of harassment. Later when working store security as an adult I developed my own reasoning for whom to pay attention to not based on skin color. The result was more attention to Blacks, but not due to skin color. In each incident some other factor was the cause. Even today, be White and homeless and walk into a store, see if you get more attention than others.

The point I am trying to make is every complaint of racism nobody actually looks at it as though the same situation does occur to Whites. Lack of employment, educational opportunity, and even housing are boundries enjoyed by all, except those affluent enough to get through such.

We come to today when everybody is woke. Woke means to make me pay for the wrongs of others. Like I previously mentioned: I have never owned, pimped, or enslaved anybody regardless of skin color. Neither did my father. And, his father fought for the North during the Civil War. I have always been woke to equality. White America doesn’t know how to handle this. I do! Quit using skin color as an excuse. Educate yourself, that Washington Post database that says Blacks are 13 percent of the population but are treated poorly more than Whites is a lie. It doesn’t tell you that in the communities that the problems are the actual population of Blacks is around 25 to 45 percent, and in certain cities even higher. Whites are killed more than any other race, but the database doesn’t calculate the killings per police data.

If you truly want for equality, mature beyond skin color. Recognize there are good and bad of all colors amongst us and deal with such accordingly. And most important of all, quit making the White Race of today your enemy. I am not responsible for the acts of a man committed before I was even born. Recognize that the progress made thus far in equality have not been solely supported by any minority. White men from the onset have supported and given even their lives in furtherance of equality. Quit making policy, law, or organization specific to race. Doing so only fosters racism. Such should be developed Soley to serve a need not skin color. Become color-blind, it really isn’t that hard to do. Just remember all men are created equal and forget skin color.

Hot Topic: Officer’s Immunity

DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND WHY THERE IS IMMUNITY FOR PEACE OFFICERS? They are granted certain immunity so they can just go out there shoot stupid !@#$& that holds still long enough to get shot. Everybody seems to think the only one responsible for most of this so let’s make the cops more liable and require the cops get more training that won’t fix the problem.

Where the liability needs to go is to the citizen. Why are people allowed to resist and fight with cops? Do you really think that cop is getting paid well enough to have to fight some idiot every day? Do you realize that it is still legal to shoot a fleeing felon in certain parts of this country? And, you only have to suspect he committed a felony? As far as training goes, parents why are your children fighting and running from the law? Parents need to stop blaming cops for your childs poor decision-making skills. Isn’t this country screwed up enough? Our parent’s parents took responsibility for their stoopids and fails, why can’t we? And at this rate or children’s children won’t have to accept responsibility for anything. Of course, that will be our failure.

Cops DO NOT just grab an innocent person slam him to the ground and shove a knee in their back. Okay it doesn’t happen like that most the time. Usually, in order to end up dropped to the ground, you had to do something. And probably what you did was scared the cop by acting like an ass instead of doing what the cop told you to do. And this just comes back to your parents not teaching you good decision-making skills.

If a cop comes at you for a crime you didn’t commit, do you:

1.) Argue and fight with the cop, getting your ass whipped and pissing the cop off more because you tear his uniform?

2.) Or, do you cooperate with the officer, allow the arrest, call an attorney as soon as you can and file suit for false arrest? Without getting your ass hurt or shot.


Now, If ya’all was paying attention I just learned you something that your parents likely failed to learn ya growing up. You are as responsible as that cop if you end up with your ass tossed to the ground and believe it or not real men accept responsibility for their actions, as you should teach your children.

“Lord please save us from our own stoopidity” (Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose)

What Percentage of The Population?

They say that Black People make up 13 to 15 percent of the U.S. population. Then why are television commercials suddenly significantly Black? It is a given that Government and Corporate America fear Black people. The riots after George Floyd’s death scared a lot of people, and I don’t have issue with Black people getting theirs. But, this is my observation:

Every commercial on television includes Black people, some almost entirely. Many have situations in which it appears a family is made up of a Black man, White woman, White daughter, and a Black boy. Are there no other mixed-race families out there?

My point is, if Blacks make up 13 to 15 percent of the population, should they be entitled to more than 50 percent of the jobs created by commercials? Have we gone completely to one side? Can you see how this could create a racial issue? Domino’s has a commercial where it looks like a Black kid steals a pizza and runs away with it, what kind of message does this commercial give?

There are only so many jobs available and consider the wanna-be actor trying to get a job making a commercial and he/she not given equal opportunity for the job. This is where we have to take action to try to end racism. When you take from one race and give to another race it fosters resentment which allowed to grow creates racism.

We already have the Government doing programs that only provide benefits for Black people. Millions of dollars were given to “Black Lives Matter” by Corporate America, which has only proved beneficial to the founders of the organization who are “living large” on that money. And they don’t care if anyone sees it because they were never intended to be a resource for Black people. We really cannot be this blind. You don’t fight racism by taking from one and giving to another.

If we are ever serious about fighting racism, we need to start by giving to those in need regardless of color, sex, religion, etc. There is no justification in giving to anybody based upon the color of their skin. When you give to one race and not the other it creates racism. When you give to all that need regardless of the color of skin, you take skin color from the equation and isn’t that the goal we should be trying to achieve?

Every organization that supports individual races, supports racism. You don’t agree? How do they make their money? By promoting racism. We do not need Government that creates racism or Corporate America giving money to bogus organizations. If you make your money supporting one instead of all, you may very well be the problem. Think about it. We all need to mature beyond skin color if we are ever going to beat racism.

C’mon ya’all let’s do something good for our future, our children, and our community!

Will Smith Did Just What The Situation Asked For . . .

Enough of the bullstuff! Do you think Will Smith did wrong when he slapped Chris Rock during the “Oscar” presentation last week? He didn’t do wrong, he did the only thing he could do under the circumstances and he should be commended for it.

Chris Rock not only made a joke in poor taste, he also failed to consider how those part of the joke may feel about it. I do not care how well Jada took the remark made by Chris Rock, it had to of not only humiliated her, but likely hurt her feelings deeply. Do you think it didn’t take a lot of guts for Jada and Will Smith to attend the Oscar Presentation with Jada’s current medical condition? And then to be ridiculed world-wide on Television by Chris Rock bringing his poor-taste joke into the spotlight.

Have you ever known a beautiful woman to not be seriously embarrassed by anything that takes away from that beauty? Be it a clothing stain, a poor hairstyle, or even a pimple? Many women would decline any sort of public appearance under such circumstances. Even if Jada smiled had laughed on the outside, I doubt she did so on the inside. And, Will Smith did exactly as he should have done.

Will Smith did not go up and beat Chris Rock down. He did not grab him and shake him vigorously while holding him by the throat. Will Smith did not pull a weapon and use such on Chris Rock. No, he went up in front of a world-wide audience and slapped Chris Rock in a manner that said exactly what needed to be said but Chris Rock wasn’t smart enough to respond correctly.

Instead of Chris Rock saying that Will Smith just smacked the crap out of him, he should of stood up and walked over and on that same world-wide television presentation apologized to Jada and Will Smith. Chris Rock is smart enough to realize his offense. And this is where Will Smith did wrong . . .

When Will Smith smacked Chris Rock, he should of told him “Don’t say my wife’s name again.” Instead, on a worldwide television presentation, Will Smith not once but twice said “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” And, did so from across the room in a very strong and loud voice. This was inappropriate and the only thing Will Smith did wrong.

Chris Rock did wrong from the very start by making his poor taste joke involving Jada Smith. And, unless Chris Rock has publicly apologized to the Smith’s for his actions and defended Will Smith’s acts to all that seek to find fault with him, including Chris Rock’s brother who is quite vocal with his opinions on the matter, then Chris Rock continues to be in the wrong.

Will Smith did the honorable act of standing for his wife. Since when has it been acceptable to make jokes about the disability or health of others? It is not acceptable! Plain and simple, what Chris Rock did was unacceptable under any circumstance. Will Smith should be recognized for his strength to face the ridicule of the entire world for doing as he should have. The Nation should be proud of Will Smith’s actions. He acted like a man should and did so without regard to any issue it may raise probably because he loves Jada. Most men are just too chicken shit to defend their family, friends, or others. Will Smith became a man when he smacked Chris Rock, he should be commended for it.

The last I heard was Will Smith was banned from the Oscars for a decade. Today, throughout America there are people destroying lives by the thousands, yet we allow a man be penalized for standing as a man. People today go to extremes to ensure they not be disrespected and it ends in a mass shooting somewhere or some other “over the top” act of violence. Will Smith did exactly what he should have done. He slapped Chris Rock for running his mouth at Jada Smith’s expense. There was nothing extreme about it. And had he of waited for a later time to make his point known to Chris Rock, it would likely have led to something stupid. Ladies in the future when some guy is making jest of your fat ass and you look at your husband or boyfriend as though “aren’t you going to do something?” and he gets up and goes to the bar for a fresh beer . . . remember.

White America is AFRAID!

This should not come as a surprise. White America fears the Black Man. That is the only excuse I can find that allows this farce of Black people being treated worse than Whites.

It is my contention that the data used to demonstrate the treatment of Black people is intentionally flawed to create a racial disharmony.

Why? Simple, racists make money off racism.

The Washington Post’s Police Killings Database does not tell the actual story?

This database fails to demonstrate the actual population percentages that dispute the findings of Black people being 13 percent of the US population.

America’s political machine is afraid they will lose voters if they talk against the current movement in support of Black people.

Lets look at the true facts:

The Washington Post Database of Police Killings says that Black people make up about 13 percent of the US population and this percentage should be relative to the amount of Black people killed by police. NO IT SHOULD NOT! The claim of Black people making up about 13 percent of the US population may be true, but that is all it is good for. Use of such data does not truely reflect the data necessary to demonstrate police killings claims.

According to U.S. Census Bureau, 49.7 percent of the California population is male and 50.3 percent are female. The top five races for people in California are: White (61.8%), Hispanic or Latino (37.2%), Some Other Race (13.9%), Asian (13.1%), Black or African American (6.1%).


As you can see from the data above, the Black population of Oakland, California clearly exceeds the 13 percent claim. Run the data with these population percentages and suddenly not so many Black people killed by police vs population exists. There are still a high rate of Black people killed, but race does not factor near so much. One has to stop playing the race game and ask the right questions.

Why do Black people get killed by police? Black people get killed by police because Black people resist or act a fool when arrested. This is what needs to be fixed. None of the racial claims previously made are supported by use of the relevant population data. What does the use of this data demonstrate? It demonstrates that the percentage of Black people being killed by police should be almost double the 13 percent calculation.

I cannot say if this is true of all cities nation-wide, but it will paint an entirely different picture of the data results. Why hasn’t this data been discussed by our politicians? Because the first to show this disparity between the true data and what the Country thinks is right, won’t be very popular. And most of our most influential people of all colors seem to rate popularity higher than truth.

What all of us need to understand is that there is money in racism. Racism is being created by the people making this money. We are allowing these people to influence us without fact checking their claims. And, we all allow too much playing of the race card when we need to dig deeper to find the true data to resolve issues. C’mon America, let’s move beyond the color of our skin . . .

If You DO NOT Know The Truth, STFU!

I am so tired of people going on and on about how poorly Black People are treated vs. White People. Politicians, Clergy, and every stupid ass that doesn’t know the truth and is too damn lazy to check it out needs to just STFU until they actually do some simple research.

1.) It is true that Black people make up about 13 percent of the US population. However, out of 50 States the Black population is only significant in about 12 States. Take the 13 percent and apply it to only 12 States and the Black population suddenly becomes 33 to 60 percent.

2.) And, when applying the numbers from the previous calculation, White people are still the most killed by Police.

3.) Black people and half of the Nations Whites believe that Blacks are treated worse than Whites. This simply is not true. White people for the most part do not resist arrest. Believe me a White person gets his ass whipped just as quick if they resist or act a fool. And in almost every case where somebody gets their ass whipped regardless their color it is because they chose not to comply with the officers instructions. Do Not get me wrong, there are incidents in which Police misconduct is the problem, but it doesn’t only happen to Black people.

4.) If you live in a certain neighborhood, dress a certain way, or use slang, the “N-word” or “FUCK” repeatedly, are underemployed or unemployed regardless of color, everybody near you gets treated as poorly as you. It has nothing to do with skin color. It is economics. And behind your back, even your own race talks shit about you.

What we all are not paying attention to is the money. Racism is money. Somebody is getting paid by racism and and probably making BANK doing so. They are the problem. They lie and create racial issues that might not even exist, and we continue to allow it. The only way to do away with their influence is by education You need to do the research yourself and find the truth. All the information is available on the Internet and it costs nothing to review it. Quit being manipulated by racists. Quit living the lies. Grow beyond skin color to defeat racism for all.

Are You A Racist Educator?

Sacramento teacher caught making racist ‘slit eyes’ during class

Visit the link above to read a story about a High School Teacher that thinks displaying racial gestures to her class is appropriate. It isn’t appropriate, and that is the topic of todays posting.

Who has more influence over our children than ourselves, and their peer group? Teachers! Who do we trust to educate our children in what is acceptable conduct? Teachers! Who teaches a class of mixed race children each day that should never show any racist anything? Teachers! Who do we want for our childrens teachers? Certainly not a racist!

There are a lot of bad judgement calls made by teachers. This teacher made such a call in making racial gestures to her class during a “Zoom” class. It matters not her intent in making such gesture, she will seen as a racist moving forward into the future. She may be an excellent teacher, maybe even the best where she teaches, but today all of America sees nothing but racism.

In reality, the gesture may not of been intended offensive. Face it, we as a people are presently overly sensative to almost anything. But it offended somebody. And it may have offended someone that says nothing until reaching adulthood, and then uses the same gesture with offensive intent to others. Simply put, we DO NOT need anyone with as much influence as a teacher teaching our children to be racist. Our children already get taught all the less desireable things by their peer group and on the street.

As an educator, it is your responsibility to not be racist. While such is not a requirement of the position, it should be. Teachers influence children of all races, sexes, religions, and economic group. They have to be the one to teach our children tolerance, acceptance, and social expectation. We know5 that as parents most of us fail to do so. Don;t think so?

Have you ever told a racist joke, used an offensive term when referring to another race . . . in front of your children? Have you allowed your friends or other relatives do so? Don’t lie to me, judge yourself. I don’t care who you are, or what color you are, you know you have. But, how do yopu feel about it? If you are okay with it, please don’t take a teaching position, or government, law enforcement, employee in any kind of business that is opposed to racism, or anyplace6 else in which you hold potential for influence of others. And I am not only saying this to Whites. You know who you are!

Isn’t it about time that we mature beyond skin color? All of us!