Are White People Really This Stupid?

Last night I observed an absolutely beautiful White Gal saying “All lives matter, but not until Black Lives are heard.”

It’s a strange situation. Black people believe that they have been treated worse by police than White people and have recently created a lot of havoc trying to get their voice heard. Their belief stems from a Washington Post database in which selective data revealed that Black people makeup approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population but are victims of abuse and killings at a higher percentage than the other races.

Deeper data disputes that information, providing a different finding. The deeper findings demonstrate that although Black people make up approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, they have a significant population in only about a dozen states. In those states, Black people make up from 23 to 65 percent of the population. In many cities having a 1/3rd share of the population. Whites are killed by police almost twice as often as any other race.

My problem with this situation is the belief that Black people are the only people being abused and killed by police. That is simply bullshit. Black people are jumping to the support of Black people that simply did not have to be in such a situation. Most the people abused and killed by police got there by trying to resist arrest or during the commission of a crime. Now that is not everyone that has been abused or killed. There are some that should not have ever been even stopped by police, and some others that suffered mental issues, but most resisting or other crime.

Black people seem to believe that they are the only race that gets such treatment. White people get it every day in every way also. White people just don’t bring attention to it. And although White people support Black people in protest of such treatment, you do not see Blacks or Whites rallying, rioting, protesting, burning down cities, and causing other harm when a White person is killed by police. Were a Black person to have been harmed even during the commission of a crime the streets would fill with people of all colors screaming “racism” the reason for the person harmed when the person would not have been harmed at all had they complied with police.

What people of all colors have to understand is somebody is making money off racism. Those same people are promoting racism. We as a people need to look beyond color and see racism for what it is. Racism is “hate-for-profit” and those profiting are manipulating the rest of us. We need to identify and remove the influence and quit falling for the racism game

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