Affirmative Action Note

In a Washington Examiner article today the writer discusses California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action.

“Californians, and Americans, reject racial quotas and preferences”

by Michael Barone, Senior Political Analyst |   | November 18, 2020 11:19 AM

I truly enjoy the way this guy writes. And, although he obviously has better education and qualification to talk on this topic than I, I think he has missed a portion of the reasoning leading to the lack of support of Affirmative Action.

Lack of support for Affirmative Action is not racist. To the contrary, it is the non-racist choice of many. AS evidenced by the previous Affirmative Action programs, People of color were hired into jobs based on skin color rather than by qualification. This led to a couple of different situations of which I doubt anyone thought it significant enough to collect the necessary data to validate the findings or opinions.

The first being how many qualified White men were displaced from such employment by a lesser qualified person of color? Before you get your panties in a knot, I am not trying to cause issue with minority inclusion to the workforce. I merely am trying to point out how Affirmative Action may have led to the failure of a White person by allowing a less qualified person of color to be hired due to Affirmative Action. Keep in mind, the Affirmative Action policies also influenced promotions within the workforce. How many White men were qualified for promotion but were not considered because a person of color was needed in such position to satisfy Affirmative Action quotas?

The second issue which was spoken of repeatedly in the days of Affirmative Action in the past. How many people of color were hired, promoted, and rose to excellent careers while those in their peer group looked upon them as less than equal because they did not get to where they were on qualification, but by color of their skin? This may not seem a significant issue but perhaps to a young man embarking on a career, educated, and qualified . . . Maybe he would rather be seen as an equal in the workforce. I do not know if this is even an issue to a person of color, but I know if I were in such position it would bother the hell out of me. When I was hired, promoted, or selected to any position in the workforce, it was due to qualification and merit, not skin color.

If California has an Affirmative Action problem with people seeking employment it is not due to lack of diversity in the workforce. People that try to build statistics regarding racial equality tend to stop at the Blacks make up 13% of the US. population, expecting that equation to magically produce racial equality. It doesn’t!

Although Black people make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, they make up a far different figure in some of our major cities ranging from 23 to 55 percent of the population. In these cities the other races split the percentages left over, the usual highest percentage being White but surprisingly the breakdown of Black, Hispanic, and White is close enough to suggest an almost equal percentage of the cities population. In many of these cities, the racial breakdown of those living in poverty is also similar. Over 50 percent of the Black population is considered middle class while 40 percent own their homes.

California was well on it’s way towards equality of all until the recent racial unrest that exploded subsequent to the death of George Floyd while in police custody. “Black Lives Matter” and other racist organizations have created a new racism that serves no purpose but to further racial disharmony.

However, California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action serves to stop the racial aspect of Affirmative Action with no favorites due to color of skin and a very diverse workforce is apparent should one actually look. California strives to move beyond skin color. The harm caused by recent racial unrest threatens racial equality Nation-wide as the racists aim the attention towards the Black population instead of serving all the populace. Folks do not realize that we are all suffering the same regardless of race but are not taking the opportunity to see it.

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