I Would Not Be A Cop In The U.S. Regardless The Pay!

Do you think being a cop in the United States is easy today? I don’t care how much the pay, I would not put a badge on my chest for nothing in the U.S. today . . . The following headline appears in todays news:

Homicide Charges Filed Against Former SF Police Officer Chris Samayoa In Fatal 2017 Officer-Involved Shooting

Syndicated Local – CBS San Francisco  8 hrs ago

When a criminal has the right to assault people, carjack a vehicle, and run from the police . . . He poses a threat to society and the use of deadly force regardless he armed or not is allowable. So why are we trying to fuck over a cop?

The suspect took off running from the police. Where do you think he was headed? Is it possible he was going to carjack someone else to evade arrest? What if it you family member victim to this clowns escape? He could of surrendered when stopped, he would be alive today. But because of his shit poor decision making, he’s dead and a cop has to pay for it. How about instead of making everybody else responsible for a persons inability to make a good decision, you make them responsible for their own mistake.

There’s going to come a day when you need a cop, and none will come . . . There will come a day when a man is expected to be a man and do what is right or wrong and pay any penalty associated with such decision. Right now, White America is doing their best to appease Black Lives Matter ideals even though such are racist lies and ridiculous demands. Since the death of George Floyd while in police custody a few months back all of America is kissing the Black man’s ass, trying to make Black America happy so they will stop rioting and protesting. All they are succeeding in doing is recreating racism.

Black America, with a portion of White America seem to believe that you can commit crimes, resist arrest, and not get hurt. WTF! The whole fucking Country is being harmed by people committing crimes and a significant amount of the population seems to think that it is okay to resist arrest and make it a cops fault if the criminal gets hurt.

It all comes down to decision making skills. And, perhaps upbringing. If your parents sucked at being parents and didn’t teach you from right or wrong, or somehow you were not there the day one of your parents tried to teach you that if you do something wrong, the police gonna arrest you, maybe you’d have an excuse for being so stupid that you make the decision to commit crimes and fight cops. But, are we talking people that don’t know right from wrong being the problem?

The person committing the crime likely knows that he is doing wrong. He probably has a clue that if he gets caught it may mean jail time for the wrongs committed. But maybe he is also not the true problem. No the problem is the people that believe a criminal gets to get away with crime and gets to fight cops making good his escape that are the problem.

Is there really that many stupid people in America? Don’t people understand that if you commit crimes you are likely to get arrested. Don’t people understand that you are not supposed to fight police or try to evade arrest? Now, go back in history . . . How many people have been hurt or killed by police that complied with police and surrendered to being arrested? ZERO! Even George Floyd resisted arrest. That is how he ended up on the ground with a cop holding him down by a knee to his back. The facts are simple. George Floyd caused his own death by making the decision to resist arrest. But, is George Floyd being held responsible for his failure to make a better decision? Nope! So, let’s blame a cop. (No George Floyd should have not died while in the custody of police, nor should the officer that killed him been so negligent as to cause his death) But, would he be alive today if had just complied with his arrest?

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