Happy 4th of July!

Photo by Miguel Acosta on Pexels.com

Our Country is in trouble, but Happy 4th of July anyway. One of the biggest issues we face in the U.S. is the number of people that don’t understand where they are from. We have people in this country that do not realize they are Americans.

I don’t care where your daddy’s daddy came from, if you were born here, immigrated here, or were a transplant here . . . You are likely an American. If you have sworn allegiance to this country, then you can consider yourself an American. But, if you were born in the good old US . . . You are not anything else other than American The only way to move America forward is for all Americans to quit trying to be loyal to the place they ran from, got driven from, or got stolen from and support the place in which you live.

Next on our list is these mass shooting incidents. WTF is wrong with you people? Killing people you don’t even know, people that have caused you no harm, and children? There is no place in America today you can enjoy an event or even a birthday party without worry that some idiot with a gun is going to come shoot everything and everyone up. Our children can’t even attend school without fear of being killed, even in remote country schools. And, I have yet to hear of any of these incidents that had real reason. In my opinion if there is no real reason, the shooter is nothing more than a fucking idiot or has mental problems. You thinking about going out playing shoot-em-up? Don’t worry, history will remember you for the loser you are.

Next, what is the deal with full-grown men , big strong men beating up the old and the weak? I just don’t get it. Ya gonna rob some little old lady and then beat her down? Are you expecting to be recognized for your strength, bravery, and good conduct? Yeah right! And of course, the rest of the criminal element? There are so many people doing wrong now, you can’t trust anybody. The “living in a safe environment” no longer exists. And children are as much of the problem as adults.

What are we doing about all of this? Nothing! Sure the police are trying to get a handle on things, but then they unload 60 rounds into an unarmed man and our trust in them gets kicked to the curb. But are we doing anything about all the world falling apart? I don’t have a solution. Hell, I haven’t even got a clue what anybody can do. Feel free to drop your input in the “suggestion box” on your way out.

One thing I have noticed that all of the aforementioned situations have in common, racial disharmony. Folks, we gotta start doing something to stop these racial issues. We simply need to mature to color blindness and start doing as we preach and treat each other better. It’s not really that hard to do.

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