Father Kills 2 Year-old Son . . .

That isn’t the actual headline of the story. But, it is true. The headline read: N.C. Boy, 2, Finds Loaded Gun in Front Seat of Truck and Kills Himself, and Father Faces Charges . And the father should face charges, murder chargers. It’s the same story over and over again. Somebody doesn’t secure their weapon properly, and someone gets killed because of it. The true problem in this case as is in many, a child gets dead. You have to ask yourself, what kind of jackass parent leaves a loaded gun where a 2 year-old kid can get access to it? While we are asking questions, why was he even carrying a gun in the first place?

I think we are seeing a pattern developing here. Parents cannot handle being parents so they have found a way to eliminate children. No, that is likely not the case. But can you think of any reason to endanger your children that qualifies as important or threatening enough that you need carry a gun?

Guns are a necessary evil in many of our lives. But the necessity has never included the killing of your own child due to gun owner negligence Yet it seems as though we hear it almost daily. With gun ownership comes responsibility. If you own it, you are responsible for any mis-use of it. If you are stupid enough to not secure it and it gets used in a mass shooting or even ends in the death of your own child, you are the one that made it happen, you are the one needs to be charged with committing the crime.

And I hope they throw the fucking book at you!

The State of America . . .

I read an article in a news publication today in which people were asked to say what they thought of the state of America today using one word. Let it suffice to say, there were very few favorable responses and no visible argument to the negativity noted. Why? What has happened to America? Has America become both financially and morally bankrupt? Has the Pandemic destroyed the heart of America? Has racial divide and failure of us to educate our young brought about the end of peace on our streets? What exactly has happened to America?

The Pandemic brought about a lot of loss. Family, friends, and neighbors suddenly were sick or dead. We were unable to be in close contact with others which for many is a human need. When we did go out into the community again it waws with a mask covering our face. Our neighbors and friends fought over this requirement in public stores and streets largely because of misinformation passed on social media. Dis-trust of our Government grew significantly day-by-day, and nothing could be done to stop the downhill trend not to believe in Government. This dis-trust continues today because our Government to date has failed to identify the source of the Covid-19 virus that almost killed a Nation that has done nothing to discover the reasons why.

A Nation of unemployed supported by Government with far too much time on their hands as Pandemic restrictions eased allowed the growth of criminal activity on our streets, followed by the unfortunate death of George Floyd while in police custody on a public street brought racial tensions to the top of our Nations issues as well as the crippling of our police departments across the Nation. Presently, crime has increased to such a degree that our city streets are unsafe even during daylight hours Police Officers disheartened by cries of the public to “defund the police” and the inability of Government to acquire enough recruits to fill the required police officer employees, has left police departments unable to meet the challenges of fighting crime in our neighborhoods to the extreme that store closures are necessary due to rampant theft.

Inmates that were released from our prisons and jails control our streets with the help of local street thugs that even when law enforcement catches them, are back on the streets within hours leaving the community living in fear. People that had previously lived a life of lawful living suddenly found the only way to prosper in life was to take what you wanted, has begun to do so. Even in the best of neighborhoods, crime riddles the streets and fear of “home-invasion” is real While it has in the past been offensive to declare “martial law” to protect the community, may become necessity in the near future.

Failure of “gun owners” to properly secure their weapons continues to be a primary factor in many school mass shootings, and other shootings of our children. And, no matter how loud it is hollered people still cannot hear our pleas to “please secure your guns.” Our Government still fails to prosecute gun owners for the mis-use of their guns by others, even when negligence by the gun owner is obvious continues. Parents as well as children fear school days and wait for the dreaded call of an incident at their local schools. On the adult venue, people no longer feel safe attending events such as concerts, fairs, or even movies.

I have to stop writing this. The negativity compiled by simply writing this thus far, hurts. Where is this headed? How and to what degree are we going to have to go to defend ourselves? This is not the America I grew up in nor the America our children should live in. You see, the previous paragraphs written are just the tips of the ice-berg. I could write for days on this topic and not repeat the same concern twice. I’m unsure of whom to point a finger at to blame for the state of America today, without the finger eventually pointing back at myself, as in all of us. And to make things even worse, I cannot think of a single thing to say good on this topic . . .

Can you? Feel free to comment below.

They Should Charge These Parents With Murder!

I know I may be sounding a little extreme but give it a moments thought. What better way to get rid of you children, then to leave 3 young children home alone with a loaded shotgun? As a matter of fact wouldn’t that also make a great lead-in for a Horror Movie. But this isn’t some movie theme, it’s real. Now, one child will have to live the nightmare of killing their sibling, for the rest of his life. In the news article a Texas 10-year-old boy has shot his 8-year-old brother with a shotgun, killing him. Their 13-year-old brother was there and called 911.

Think of the drama these lives will have to deal with. The 13-year-old will forever believe himself responsible for his brothers death because we all know we are responsible for our younger siblings. Then 10-year-old will forever carry the guilt because he is the one that shot the 8-year-old. But who is actually responsible for the death of this boy and the harm it does to the other two boys?

In case you are having difficulty pointing the finger at the guilty party in this case . . . It’s the adult that brought the gun into the home, and left it loaded and unsecured for children to gain access to it. I know somebody out there is going to say, “They’ve suffered enough, they have lost a child.” 3 children’s lives are destroyed and you think they should go unpunished because their negligence is the cause of it?

Charge them with MURDER and treat it like they murdered somebody else’s child. Just think, all they had to do was secure the weapon where the children would not have access to it, or unload it, or add a trigger lock. A $25.00 trigger lock or putting it where a kid can’t get to it, and an 8-year-old boy would be alive right now.

Oh, a link to the news story https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/ten-year-old-boy-accidentally-shoots-and-kills-eight-year-old-brother-with-shotgun-in-texas/ar-AA13pgex?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=b8d84143da404e58bc8ba9de87389350

Read An Interesting Article About Guns Today

Actually, I read this article about 4 days ago. Since reading this article a security guard has killed a gal, a reserve police officer has accidently shot his girlfriend, and a 6 year old has killed himself with his fathers gun. This shit has got to stop! The article is “American Gun Sales Collapse in 47 Statesby Douglas A. McIntyre. Mr. McIntyre puts some interesting information out in his article. One statement in his article states.

“Americans believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows them to freely own as many guns as they would like, and that they should be able to wear these guns in the open. As the Amendment reads, ”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

Telling the truth I support the Right to Bear Arms. And I also support the requirement of Backgrounds, Regfistration, Lawful Carry, and Gun Ownership. What I don’t support is people owning guns that do not know how to properly use and secure their firearms. Oh I also support an Insurance Requirement that goes along with owning guns.

It just does not make sense that people can buy and in some cases carry a firearm without any form of training or acceptance of liability. Police and Military have to participate in training relative to the safe use of their weapon. They also have to qualify their shooting ability before they get to use one. But Joe Average can go buy a gun and ammunition and start shooting folks without even a conversation regarding its proper use and handling, And it’s obvious that these people have recieved no training . . . Bullshit! One is a Security Guard that has been trained and carries a gun for a living, another is a Reserve Police Officer, also trained.

If I were of political office, I would write a new law requireing that in addition to the background requirement, all persons purchasing a firearm would be required to pass a training program on use and handling of firearms. And, if you wanted to purchase a firearm that was not used as a “carry” weapon you would be required to also carry a liability insurance policy specifically covering your firearm. If your firearm was to be used as a “carry” weapon then you would have to carry a bit more insurance. Think about this for a minute. If you want to have a firearm, and you want to do it legal . . . Why not learn how to do it and provide protections for its misuse? With gun opwnership there is a necessary responsibility. A responsibility we fail to accept in this Country. Isn’t it about time that we did?

When Are We Going To Charge A-Holes For Murder?

I know . . . What am I talking about? I’m talking about these A-holes that don’t care about their own family members, neighbors, or anybody else that leave unsecured firearms around for children to pick up and harm others. The story that has me all irritated comes out of Baltimore where a Security Guard leaves his gun laying around the house where a 9 year old boy picks it up and shoots a 15 year old neighbor girl, killing her.

It is about time that something is done about the stupidity and negligence of assholes wuith guns. There is one person responsible for the death of this little girl. The Security Guard needs be arrested and charged for the murder of this girl, as well as child endangerment and any other charge that are applicable to this case. Keep in mind, this is not some lil gang member messing around with a gun. No, this is an adult that has been at least given basic firearms training that knows better than to leave an unsecured firearm anywhere. This is a person that makes his income carrying a firearm on his belt.

The headline reads “9-year-old accidentally shoots, kills 15-year-old girl in SW Baltimore.” What the headline should say is “Security Guard in SW Baltimore charged with murder in the death of 15-year-old girl

I apologize for my blatant anger over this situation but this is not an accident, this is negligence coupled with a disregard for others. This Security Guard is responsible for the death of this girl as though he shot her himself. And there is no excuse for it at all.

Here is the story: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/9-year-old-accidentally-shoots-kills-15-year-old-girl-in-sw-baltimore/vi-AA10q8HG?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=4d29ed948b3a42af8ef86a4524f40b52&category=foryou

Happy 4th of July!

Photo by Miguel Acosta on Pexels.com

Our Country is in trouble, but Happy 4th of July anyway. One of the biggest issues we face in the U.S. is the number of people that don’t understand where they are from. We have people in this country that do not realize they are Americans.

I don’t care where your daddy’s daddy came from, if you were born here, immigrated here, or were a transplant here . . . You are likely an American. If you have sworn allegiance to this country, then you can consider yourself an American. But, if you were born in the good old US . . . You are not anything else other than American The only way to move America forward is for all Americans to quit trying to be loyal to the place they ran from, got driven from, or got stolen from and support the place in which you live.

Next on our list is these mass shooting incidents. WTF is wrong with you people? Killing people you don’t even know, people that have caused you no harm, and children? There is no place in America today you can enjoy an event or even a birthday party without worry that some idiot with a gun is going to come shoot everything and everyone up. Our children can’t even attend school without fear of being killed, even in remote country schools. And, I have yet to hear of any of these incidents that had real reason. In my opinion if there is no real reason, the shooter is nothing more than a fucking idiot or has mental problems. You thinking about going out playing shoot-em-up? Don’t worry, history will remember you for the loser you are.

Next, what is the deal with full-grown men , big strong men beating up the old and the weak? I just don’t get it. Ya gonna rob some little old lady and then beat her down? Are you expecting to be recognized for your strength, bravery, and good conduct? Yeah right! And of course, the rest of the criminal element? There are so many people doing wrong now, you can’t trust anybody. The “living in a safe environment” no longer exists. And children are as much of the problem as adults.

What are we doing about all of this? Nothing! Sure the police are trying to get a handle on things, but then they unload 60 rounds into an unarmed man and our trust in them gets kicked to the curb. But are we doing anything about all the world falling apart? I don’t have a solution. Hell, I haven’t even got a clue what anybody can do. Feel free to drop your input in the “suggestion box” on your way out.

One thing I have noticed that all of the aforementioned situations have in common, racial disharmony. Folks, we gotta start doing something to stop these racial issues. We simply need to mature to color blindness and start doing as we preach and treat each other better. It’s not really that hard to do.

This Is As It Should Be . . . .

In case you haven’t been following the story: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/parents-of-the-teen-suspect-in-the-michigan-school-shooting-are-now-considered-fugitives-sheriff-says/ar-AARrMCs?ocid=msedgntp .

This case is quite possibly one of the most important cases involving gun owners. The parents of the Michigan school shooting have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the school shooting by their son.

The way this story plays out is simple. The parents bought the minor aged son a firearm, allowing him complete access to the firearm, the son in turn takes the gun to school and starts shooting his classmates.

Why are the parents being charged? This is probably due to a number of reasons, but it should on.y require the adult having allowed the child access to an unsecure firearm. Why? Because people who own firearms should be held accountable for the use of their guns.

This doesn’t mean that a gun owner is held responsible for all use of his gun. It means that a gun owner that has a gun not properly secured or allows the use of his gun by someone not yet of adult age unsupervised should be held accountable for its misuse. It is far too easy to secure a firearm with a simple trigger lock or a firearms safe. There should not be anyone having access to your firearms without your knowledge and consent..

Some people make the claim that a secured weapon is useless in an emergency. If you live in a community in which your gun is a threat to those within your home, you don’t need a gun. You need a moving van.

Here is another link to this story: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/manslaughter-charges-filed-against-parents-of-accused-killer-in-michigan-school-shooting-authorities-search-for-couple/ar-AARr5uY?ocid=msedgntp

But say you live in a really bad neighborhood, where you might actually need a firearm at the ready. Then wear the weapon in a holster which provides for your use only. I know it sounds ridiculous but wearing it is more secure than leaving it on the coffee table or under your pillow.

Children should not be allowed access to firearms without supervision, even in a country setting. But in the case of children being raised around guns, taught when and how to use them, supervision may be ,is the child going out on the ranch rounding up cattle or is he carrying it around during school hours? I grew up around guns. I also grew up around snakes, alligators, and other nasty critters. I was taught at a very young age how to use a firearm. That was 50 years ago. But even back then we were smart enough to put guns out of reach of small children and not readily accessible by older children.

(I’m not really impressed with how I wrote this, let me know what you think.)

Kids & Guns

2 South Carolina Boys, Ages 8 and 9, Facing Involuntary Manslaughter in Shooting Death of 62-Year-Old Farmer is the headline for an article I read earlier today. The link above will take you to the story. The authorities are about to charge these children with a felony that can result inj the destruction of the rest of their lives.

Do you think these children mature enough to take responsibility for their actions? We have seen this story hundreds of times, yet we fail to address the responsible parties. So who is responsible for the killing of this old farmer? Well?

  • The Gun Owner has the true responsibility for this crime. Any gun owner that fails to properly secure his weapon should be held accountable for its use.
  • Who is responsible for the child? A parent? Babysitter? Neighbor? Do you mean to tell me that two little boys are out running around with a loaded rifle unsupervised?

The persons not responsible for this crime are the two boys. Why? Because they were doing what boys do. They are not mature enough to consider the outcome of their actions. Ansd even in a rural or country area boys this young should not be allowed firearms without supervision.

Prior to anyone be allowed the ownership or use of a firearm, they should receive training adequate to ensure the proper use of the firearm. I do not necessarily mean a formal training session. It could just be an experienced father that teaches the basic operation of the firearm so long as he has taught the child how to safely use the firearm. Regardless the training, no 8 and 9 year old boys need to be out running around with a loaded rifle.

If the children came into possession of the firearm because it was left unsecured the owner of the firearm should be held accountable for the offense.

The parents of these children should be the party charged for this crime, along with charges for child endangerment, child abuse, and whatever other charges they can be held to answer to were the children to have come into possession of the gun by the failure of the parents to secure the weapon and supervise its use.

A 22 caliber bullet may be small, but the round fired from that rifle could possibly travel a full mile were it not to find a target prior to that. And as the story tells, it can kill a man. Did these children know their bullet found a target? Did they even know the farmer was out there?

Life would be so much less dangerous were children not allowed access to unsecured firearms and unsupervised use. School shootings, kids shooting kids, even kids accidently killing themselves, and of course people killing others could all be avoided by simply securing your firearms. The “Constitution” gives us the “Right to bear Arms” but does it give us the right to our negligence destroying lives.

Firearms are not toys and contrary to all of the youngsters out there killing people, nobody needs have possession of a firearm without being trained in its use. The day Gun Owners and Parents are held responsible for use of the firearm, I’d wager a significant amount of these people would properly secure their firearms and supervise the use. It should be illegal to sell a firearm to anyone not an adult and properly trained in its use.