What Percentage of The Population?

They say that Black People make up 13 to 15 percent of the U.S. population. Then why are television commercials suddenly significantly Black? It is a given that Government and Corporate America fear Black people. The riots after George Floyd’s death scared a lot of people, and I don’t have issue with Black people getting theirs. But, this is my observation:

Every commercial on television includes Black people, some almost entirely. Many have situations in which it appears a family is made up of a Black man, White woman, White daughter, and a Black boy. Are there no other mixed-race families out there?

My point is, if Blacks make up 13 to 15 percent of the population, should they be entitled to more than 50 percent of the jobs created by commercials? Have we gone completely to one side? Can you see how this could create a racial issue? Domino’s has a commercial where it looks like a Black kid steals a pizza and runs away with it, what kind of message does this commercial give?

There are only so many jobs available and consider the wanna-be actor trying to get a job making a commercial and he/she not given equal opportunity for the job. This is where we have to take action to try to end racism. When you take from one race and give to another race it fosters resentment which allowed to grow creates racism.

We already have the Government doing programs that only provide benefits for Black people. Millions of dollars were given to “Black Lives Matter” by Corporate America, which has only proved beneficial to the founders of the organization who are “living large” on that money. And they don’t care if anyone sees it because they were never intended to be a resource for Black people. We really cannot be this blind. You don’t fight racism by taking from one and giving to another.

If we are ever serious about fighting racism, we need to start by giving to those in need regardless of color, sex, religion, etc. There is no justification in giving to anybody based upon the color of their skin. When you give to one race and not the other it creates racism. When you give to all that need regardless of the color of skin, you take skin color from the equation and isn’t that the goal we should be trying to achieve?

Every organization that supports individual races, supports racism. You don’t agree? How do they make their money? By promoting racism. We do not need Government that creates racism or Corporate America giving money to bogus organizations. If you make your money supporting one instead of all, you may very well be the problem. Think about it. We all need to mature beyond skin color if we are ever going to beat racism.

C’mon ya’all let’s do something good for our future, our children, and our community!

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