Reparations bill tests Biden and Harris on racial justice

That is the headline to an article in POLITICO a few minutes ago. As this movement gains momentum, I have a few questions:

  • Reparations for my family members who gave their lives freeing the slaves?
  • Are there any of those enslaved alive today?
  • Have any Blacks been denied jobs or promotion, given to an unqualified White man instead?
  • Have any White people been attacked by Black people just for being White?
  • Haven’t White people been treated just as poorly by Police and Government as Blacks?
  • When anything is given to one race, where does it come from?
  • Isn’t “Reparations” just a continuation of racism.
  • How do you end racism?

Some people see this reparations bill as a positive act, but is it really? My family members gave their lives fighting to free the slaves. To date, I have not ever heard or seen any Black people give acknowledgement or even a thank you for my relatives contribution. Actually, my whole life I have supported equality of the races. It is a good thing I have done so without expectation of anything in return as not even a thank you offered. To this very day I still support equality of the races but cannot support this bill because it is an insult to my family members that paid the higher cost in giving their lives, and now you expect me to pony up the tax money for this? NO THANK YOU!

Are their any of the Blacks enslaved still living today? If there are, pay them. They lived the abuse, the lack of freedom, and true injustice. Slavery still exists in America, but it is not just Blacks enslaved. People of all colors are being subjected to slavery by people of all colors today. Black people were not brought to America as free men. They were bought as slaves from people of their own color as slaves and brought to America. This is when the wrong-doing was committed. If their are any of those enslaved still alive, please pay them immediately so they might enjoy such payment in their last days.

The term “affirmative action” was first introduced by President Kennedy in 1961 as a method of redressing discrimination that had persisted in spite of civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees. It was developed and enforced for the first time by President Johnson. While there was numerous benefit provided the Black man, such benefit was taken from the White man. Jobs that White men qualified for were given to unqualified Black men. Promotions were given to Black men ahead of White men of higher qualification. College seats were taken from White students with a high gpa and given to Black students with a lower gpa. And this is why any action that gives to one race at the expense of another does not do anything but create additional racism. First thing you must understand is affirmative action did not and does not affect the affluent. Do you want more info on Affirmative Action? See Affirmative Action Laws: Everything You Need to Know

I have never attacked anybody for being a different color than myself, but I have been attacked for being White. How do I know I was attacked because I am White? Because just before I had bricks and rocks thrown at me, one of those throwing such hollered to the others “He’s White! Twice during my life I have been approached by Black men with intent to rob me. I do not know of anyone attempting robbery of a Black person. I know violence against Black people has happened, I believe some Black people have been subjected to racial violence and in some instances such violence observed by many. But, has racial violence by Blacks against all of the other races been of higher incidents.

Claims that Black people are treated worse than the other races by Government, Police, and other agency are simply exagerated data. Most claims use the data that says the Black population in America is 13%, which is true. But only 12 States have a significant Black population. And in those States the Black population is anywhere from 23 to 60 percent of the population. People in America fail to look beyond skin color in this situation. If they were to do so they would note that economics plays the biggest role, as people of this economic group, regardless of color are treated like crap by everybody, including their own. What is the difference between the Black and White races when being arrested by Police? Simple: Blacks act the fool or resist. White people that do the same get their asses beat too. This is a decision made by the person being arrested regardless of color. George Floyd and Oscar Grant did not end up getting killed because they complied. And, in both cases their death was not by intentional act by Police. Neither of these men should be dead today, but still you have to ask the question, “How did he end up on the ground.”

When you give to one race and take from another, do you create fairness or racism? Again, use economics instead of skin color as the problem. Your lower income neighborhoods probably have a good mixture of races, believe it or not. All of similar income. Now give something to one race and not another, what do you have? History is already full of such acts. Do you think there are more Blacks suffering anything more than others? Open your eyes, look around you, see the reality of life today. Giving to one and not the other creates a whole new racism. Reparations will likely create a whole bunch of racism.

How do you stop racism. You treat people as equals regardless any of the applicable factors. There was a news story a short while back in which a White youngster got his ass whooped by a Black guy for repeatedly using the term “My Ni****.” This was inappropriate as Blacks made talking like this acceptable and the White kid must have been mentally suffering to think himself cool acting like that. The Black guy should of just walked away and another White guy should of stepped up and slapped the kid down. For more on this topic, read

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