Obama Says . . .

In an article written by Aris Folley this morning, he discusses what Former President Obama says relative to “reparations” for Black Americans. If you have not read it, “Obama Says . . .

The Black Americans seeking such reparations seem to fail to realize that the Black Man did not get to where he is today by himself. White men have fought for racial equality and defended “Civil Rights” for all Americans for at least as long as the Black Man has. Agreed, not all White men have supported such, but Obama was not elected to office soley by the Black vote. And contrary to the belief of many Black Americans, there is a large populace of non-racist White people here in America. And if you are Black and are not familiar with the term “N***** Lover” then you need to go back to the past when White men showing support for racial equality were shunned by other Whites for showing such support and subjected to abuse and ridicule. How many White people have lost their lives fighting for racial equality and defended Civil Rights for all of America?

Every time the Black man has marched, protested, or committed an act of civil disobedience, White men in support have been there. And many more in support have been there in the background casting votes and serving to support most Black causes. At least more than 50% of White America has stood in support of equality and civil rights or no progress would have been made over the past 50 years. The Black Man did nothing alone. Black people seem eager to believe they have suffered something White man hasn’t. Not true! Slaves over one hundred years ago suffered the reality of slavery, none alive today has such experience. What Black people alive today have experienced is racism and civil rights abuses.but if you think about it we as a Nation were enjoying the best racial harmony we have ever had just this past couple years, prior to the incident of George Floyd. Sure there were minor incidents on occaission.but it seemred as though people of all races were getting along and showing respect for one another.

Presently there is tension between the races. And now talk of reparations. I personally have never owned a slave. I have never treated people of color any differently than anybody else. And over the years I have observed that this separatuion that everyone claims is by race, isn’t by race at all. There is a social divide in this Nation of those of wealth and those with less. White priveledge is not an all whites thing, it is a “select Whites and others as they acquire such level of wealth” type of thing. A significant portion of the White population suffers the same abuse that Black people suffer. Yes, there are White people that get followed by security when entering stores, that are pulled over by police when passing through certain neighborhoods, get treated like crap when dealing with County services and the Courts. We get our asses beat down by the cops unless we surrender easily, and we die sometimes while in the custody of others. My point is, THERE IS NOTHING BLACK PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING THAT ISN’T ALSO BEING SUFFERED BY THE OTHER RACES. So when the cry “Black lives matter” or “Reparations” goes out we ask, “What the F***”, “What about us?”

The next consideration we have to deal with is equality. It does not appear as though Blacks want equality, but superiority. Not all Blacks, but a bunch of those in the public eye. We have had a Black President. Now a woman Vice-President, and numerous other politicians. Forty percent of America’s Black population is considered middle class. The equality of the Black man has progressed quite a bit.

Racism is money! Somebody is making money off racism, and they promote racism by their existance. When you support one race over another, develope programs race specific, or give to some without giving the same to others, you have succeeded in creating racism If you want to stop racism, you need good men of all races to manage your services, your law enforcement, your courts, and your communities by looking beyond color to treat all fairly and support all fairly. We have to quit giving to skin color and give to people that need equally and fairly. And we as a populace of this great Nation have to mature to look beyond skin color.

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