Respect . . .

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A whole lot of people believe that they are due respect. Worse yet,is there is more people that feel they do not have to respect anybody or anything. Let’s discuss respect. Respect is earned not just given. People are subject to other people requiring respect of them,when there is no respect due. I love it when I see some little loser demanding respect when their life accomplishment thus far is shoplifting the local mom & pop store and frightening little old ladies on a BART train.

Some people tend to believe they achieve respect through violence.If you have to be violent to achieve respect, you lose. What you have is achieved is fear and loathing. Do you have to like a person to show them respect? Not really.It would help, but it is not required. Many people don’t like the President, but they…

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And, Racism Again Wins The Day . . .

Oakland launches guaranteed pay plan for low-income people

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The above headline discusses how stupid we are in our efforts to put an end to racism in America. You will have to read the story to make your own decision regarding the racism involved.

First, why is this plan racial in any way. People that should be targeted for participation should be selected based on income and need for the service, not by skin color. There is no need to make such a plan that precludes White participation, unless you are a Racist. Or, do you mean to tell me there are no low-income White people that could qualify for participation?

The facts are simple. Our Government, Leaders of Industry, and the Rest of those supporting such programs don’t understand a damn thing about racism, except how to create it further. Is it racist to give to one person but not another based upon skin color? Would it be racist if it were a “Whites Only” plan?

“This is the first program to limit participation strictly to Black, Indigenous and people of color communities.” How is this acceptable. Do you really believe there are no poor White people that could benefit from this plan?

Their Reasoning: “White households in Oakland on average make about three times as much annually than black households, according to the Oakland Equity Index.” But what about the White households that don’t make so much money? There are at least as many poor White people as there are Black people. You don’t think so? Look around you? Budgeting help and information

You cannot fight racism with racism. There should not be any program in the United States today based upon skin color. Every program, plan, offering, or other should be based on need not color. The guaranteed pay plan should be open for anyone that qualifies. It’s not that hard to not be racist. All you need to do is grow beyond skin color. It is not that hard to take the applicants and qualify their participation by their lowest incomes. Look Ma! No skin color involved!

But why is such an idea even allowed consideration? It’s easy! There is money to be made off racism. And I will bet you that the organizers that run this program will all have phat incomes from it. Corporate America is so eager to show their support for Black people that they will donate to anything good or bad.

Grow beyond skin color, then you can fight racism. This Guaranteed Pay Plan is nothing less than racism in progress. If you cannot come up with a program that is not racist, then just leave it alone.

Government Pandemic Robbery

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Are you being robbed by your City, County, or State Government? Many of us are and don’t even realize it.

It seems like half the Country is dependent on Federal Funds to survive presently. Most families are struggling, living day to day with the monies they recieve from unemployment and stimulus benefits. And lots of us also utilize other services from local government. Other than those living the life of the independently wealthy, you have run delinquent on payments for such services. This can become a real issue as time goes on because your local government does not give a raggedy rats ass if you are forced by this pandemic to live off goverment benefits, local government wants their money, plus LATE FEE PENALTY. WTF!

Do we get to charge the Feds late fees while we wait for them to return from week after week of usless negotiations and additional weeks of waiting for the check to arrive. Is the Government delaying paying services so other Government can assess additional penalties to the local citizen?

Should you have to pay late fees or penalties to the DMV, or your City or County during this pandemic? How about taxes due? Give this a moments thought. You have worked your ass trying to get ahead, along comes a simple pandemic that currently has passed the year mark. You have lost your job, possibly your home, and your debts are piling up. DO YOU OWE ANYBODY ANY FORM OF PENALTY. Should any Government agency be assessing such penalties to anyone?

In my opinion, yes my opinion . . . No Government agency should be collecting a single penny from anyone during the pandemic. No taxes, no fees, and no penalties. Why? Because each and every Government Agency has pissed away a whole bunch of cash neglegently since the beginning of this pandemic, and if I cannot collect late or penalty payments against Government, why can they do so to me? How many people have gone from middle-class to homeless while waiting for their unemployment. How many months are we all behind on our rent, utility payments, car payments, and everything else we have suffered a loss from? Is anybody giving us a way to recoup our losses by paying our late fees and penalties.

Late Fees and Penalties can add up quite quickly. Calculate the late fees you are being charged. Your late house, car, or utility bill probably are adding late fees to you if you are at all delinquent in payment to them. Have any of these services re-evaluated what they charge for their services during the pandemic? Are any forgiving late payment fees or penalty during the pandemic.

Why is the Government able to collect on past due taxation when the Goverment has miss-handled every tax dollar they had. Look at the money pissed away via Unemployment. The last thing anyone should have to do is pay any past due debt to Government. Yes, you should still pay your current taxes, but why should you pay a past due tax bill or in any way be negativly impacted by government during the pandemic

What do you think? Use the thumbs-up to indicate you share my opinion that nobody including local Government should be assessing late fees or penalties during the pandemic, thumbs-down to indicate you do not share my opinion.

We can see a lot of people are presently returning to work or going on to new jobs that have become available. Good for them. These people are going to struggle to catch up their debts, but how long is it going to take to catch up all your debts to being current? How many late fees are you going to be forced to pay.

If You DO NOT Know The Truth, STFU!

I am so tired of people going on and on about how poorly Black People are treated vs. White People. Politicians, Clergy, and every stupid ass that doesn’t know the truth and is too damn lazy to check it out needs to just STFU until they actually do some simple research.

1.) It is true that Black people make up about 13 percent of the US population. However, out of 50 States the Black population is only significant in about 12 States. Take the 13 percent and apply it to only 12 States and the Black population suddenly becomes 33 to 60 percent.

2.) And, when applying the numbers from the previous calculation, White people are still the most killed by Police.

3.) Black people and half of the Nations Whites believe that Blacks are treated worse than Whites. This simply is not true. White people for the most part do not resist arrest. Believe me a White person gets his ass whipped just as quick if they resist or act a fool. And in almost every case where somebody gets their ass whipped regardless their color it is because they chose not to comply with the officers instructions. Do Not get me wrong, there are incidents in which Police misconduct is the problem, but it doesn’t only happen to Black people.

4.) If you live in a certain neighborhood, dress a certain way, or use slang, the “N-word” or “FUCK” repeatedly, are underemployed or unemployed regardless of color, everybody near you gets treated as poorly as you. It has nothing to do with skin color. It is economics. And behind your back, even your own race talks shit about you.

What we all are not paying attention to is the money. Racism is money. Somebody is getting paid by racism and and probably making BANK doing so. They are the problem. They lie and create racial issues that might not even exist, and we continue to allow it. The only way to do away with their influence is by education You need to do the research yourself and find the truth. All the information is available on the Internet and it costs nothing to review it. Quit being manipulated by racists. Quit living the lies. Grow beyond skin color to defeat racism for all.