Has The World Been Duped By A Criminal Element?

Here I go again making myself unpopular because of the topic I choose to write about. Before any of you get angry and decide that I am an idiot that knows nothing, please read this in it’s entirety and do a little research into the matter. It would hurt my feelings not at all were somebody to prove me wrong. Because if I am right there may be something more sinister afoot.

  For a long time I have thought the Black Lives Matter movement was not being all it could be. On numerous occasions I have heard many of my friends make the claim that Black people were treated more offensively than other races ands more Black people killed by police each year than the other races. What has bothered me the most is the amount of people, of all colors, that are protesting, looting, and committing violent acts without confirming any of the aforementioned claims to be true.

The claim that more Blacks are killed by police than other races is false. Nationwide almost twice as many Whites are killed per year than Blacks. In fairness, what the claim actually is based on a per capita percentage based on the Black race being approximately 11 to 13 percent of the U.S. population. On the surface, using these numbers one might assume the claim of more Blacks killed to be true, but again it is false.

Yes there are  a lot more Whites than Blacks in the U.S.  And, if you count all of the Whites across the Country you will find that it may be true that the numbers support that per capita in the U.S. more Blacks are killed by police than Whites. But were you to take into consideration that Blacks only have a strong presence in 10 to 12 states, and in those states Blacks make up  20 to 60 percent of the population in major cities. In many of these cities the White population is only slightly larger than the Black population and in some of these cities the Black population is actually larger. These cities are where most of the police killings are taking place. In these cities Whites only make up a small percentage of the population, yet are killed twice as much as Blacks by police and when you consider the local Black population likely is more than 25% of the population the per capita nationwide percentages are deliberatively deceptive.

Why are so many of the Black people willing to accept the false claims without doing the necessary research to validate the information that they so readily jump to defend? It gets worse! Educated people, Educators, Governments, and many intelligent people of all colors will tell you that you are wrong when presented with the truth. It simply cannot be true that police treat people of all colors poorly. Well if you have not yet done the research and you are assaulting others, damaging property, looting, and acting as though your life matters more than anyone else’s based on the color of your skin, take a moment for a racisms check. If it acts like a racist, looks like a racist, and talks like a racist . . . It likely is a racist. And racist do come in more than one color.

Now, George Floyd’s death at the hands of police is unfortunate and it did not need to happen, could have been prevented, and needs to be addressed accordingly. But the damage being caused in protest of his killing has served no benefit to anybody but the criminals stealing, looting, and robbing under guise of protest. And, young people of all colors are being lured into such conduct just by passion for the cause, real or imagined. Are we, the populace of the world being manipulated to commit acts of violence and criminal conduct by Government, racists, religious, or criminal elements? The numbers do not support our doing the things we are doing. The numbers do not support  Black Lives Matter more than All Lives Matter, but making it a Black thing only when it clearly isn’t, seems racist itself.

Nationwide there has suddenly appeared anti-protest groups. A situation which should be all the races combined telling our Government that the police brutality must stop has found another source of hate and violence in this movement. Isn’t it about time we look to who is benefitting by this movement, because none of us on the street are, except those being criminal. I don’t know if it’s population control, an excuse for governmental suppression, or a criminal conspiracy but something just doesn’t seem to make sense in this matter.   

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