It’s Okay To Be A Racist If You Are Black!

Why is it okay to be racist one way and not the other?

There is nothing in the banner presented above that says anything about the millions of other people of other races suffering the same problems. How many other American families are feeling the same pain as these African Americans. Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black?

There is more people in America suffering from economics than racism. But rather than do the research to ascertain the true issue, the race card gets played, damn near every time. 50 percent of America is living paycheck to paycheck, poverty level in the Northern California Bay Area is around $50,000.00 per year because rents are close to $36,000.00 per year for even the shabbiest homes, and few have the emergency funds to cover three months of expenses that the noted advertisement above claims to be a Black problem. IT IS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM.

Why can’t we put racism aside and deal with the real issues. This is not a Black Only problem, and I’ll bet higher percentages of other races suffer the same issues. So why can’t we deal with the real issues?

Is it because there is money in racism? Is it because the loudest gets the play and it’s harder to raise a unified voice? Can we take a count and see if there is a wide difference in the numbers. Let’s count how many of each race are having trouble making ends meet and see if the numbers vary very much. Let’s then defend all of the people regardless of color suffering this way. Let’s quit being racist and find a solution for all the Americans regardless of the color of their skin.

Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black? It’s not! America, move beyond racism and fix what truly needs to be fixed.

I Understand . . .

I understand why some would look upon this site with disfavor. I understand how may see this site as racist. I understand that some might believe this site supportive of their ideals. But, this site neither supports anyone’s cause, nor do we care the color of your skin, what your sex habits, which god if any you pray to, or any other issue relative to racism. Racism is just one topic of this site, and our concerns are not about our being racist, but about if you are racist, or not.

There are topics of interest that you may find offensive, others you may find supportive of your opinion. We seek neither to offend, nor support anybody else’s anything. Our opinion is our own, what we feel, what we believe, or what facts present. The facts are, if after you read on a topic here you choose to do a little research you will likely find the information here correct. And if not correct, at least presenting data that will make you think on the topic rather continue following the voice of social media that may or may not be an educated adult.

Why do we disfavor “Black Lives Matter?” We do not disfavor “Black Lives Matter?” We don’t. Our concern is of two things. 1.) Does BLM create new racism? And, 2.) What is going on with the millions of dollars donated to BLM? BLM may have excellent ideas on how to benefit the Black community. You decide.

This site is not here to change your mind on any topic. This site is here to present the topics hoping to provide you adequate information that you can form an intelligent opinion of your own.

Have You Ever Wanted To Be Wrong?

Many times in my life I have been wrong, and prayed nobody noticed. Sometimes I have been wrong, and argued being right when I knew I was wrong. But, this is the first time in my life that I’m right and wish somebody would prove me wrong. You see, I got the idea that “Black Lives Matter” is based on lies and somebody is getting rich off it, regardless the harm to others. Worse than that, I believe our beloved Government is actively allowing it to happen.

It all happened by accident. I was sitting around for data to support “Black Lives Matter” for an article to write. And, found some pretty good information. Black Lives Matter |Research shows Blacks being killed by police at an outrageous amount. Check out the article, its good stuff.

Anyway, after writing that article I continued to research. Do you know what I found? I found that the data doesn’t show what BLM claims it shows. As a matter of fact, the data shows whites killed by police close to twice as much. Now I don’t much care if the Black man gets a step or two up, but they could have jumped way up and been the hero of the hour. All they had to do is quit being racist. It was so simple and all they had to do is change their slogan.

Let’s see, claiming that Blacks are being killed more than the other races, when it is not true. Screaming a racist slogan while you destroy our cities, our neighborhood, and our livelihood. Doesn’t that sound a bit racist? How about if it was being done by a White man running down the street screaming “White Lives Matter” while burning down your Walmart? Would you consider that racist?

So what I see, is a lying racist organization taking advantage of people of color because they have manipulated Black people to do the dirty deeds that have been done . . . While filling their pockets with millions of dollars in donations from stupid people that don’t research where they throw their money. But, they have nothing to fear . . . Because even our politicians are too stupid to raise the truth. Every politician in office today should leave office and go hide somewhere.

Our politicians, based upon the same lies are defunding our police forces. They are dismantling our police departments and removing the only defense the people have against crime. What they should be doing is providing additional funding for specialized training and funding to provide for the families of the slain officers that will fall due to these racists.

As I said, these folks had a great chance of being the hero of the hour. Simply by changing their slogan and truly being non-racist. All they had to do was say “All Lives Matter” and mean it.

It Gets More Ridiculous With Each Passing Day . . .

“Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple caught on video waving guns at protesters, have been charged with one felony count each, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.”

These are the people that came out of their house with guns to protect their home as Black Lives Matter protesters who were already trespassing passed by their home.

“In a statement released Monday, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner announced that the pair have each been charged with one count of exhibiting, a felony.

“It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating in nonviolent protest, and while we are fortunate this situation did not escalate into deadly force, this type of conduct is unacceptable [in this city],” she said.”

I wonder if Kimberly Gardner has researched the claims of the BLM that started all this. Do you think she even questioned the validity of the claim that Black People are abused and killed more by police than others. This claim is false and the BLM is manipulating data to demonstrate the claim true.

I wonder if Kim Gardner lives in a neighborhood in which these protests were held. Do you think she would fear for her safety, her property, or anything else? It is not wrong to defend your property, or yourself for that matter. The McCloskey’s did not make threats or approach the protesters, of which I am sure a few of them had firearms. How many days had the McCloskey’s watched the news seeing protesters rioting, destroying property, and looting anything of value by the protesters? Why shouldn’t they be prepared to take action to defend their property?

I wonder why Kimberly Gardner isn’t taking measure to protect the citizens of her city from people causing harm. The McCloskey’s did not interfere with peaceful protest, allowing the protesters to pass unhindered.

America is de-funding their police and changing laws and lives based on lies and none are sm,art enough to challenge the validity of the data that proves it all a lie.


Everybody get in line, thats it. You guys in the back, c’mon get in line. We would expect lot’s of people joining just because we are tired of living this pandemic.

You simply add your data to their website and wait for them to respond. I’ll do it just to see if our Government is using vacuum technology to gather information by lacing the vaccine with other devices. It sounds a little far-fetched until you realize that we already chip our children and pets. That and banking by a chip embedded under your skin. Think about it, all you would need is chip writer and some “hacker” skills and you could re-write your spouse. . .

Anyway, they are seeking new people to work with them testing vaccines. It doesn’t pay well But it is an opportunity to serve your community.

Proof that racism is for idiots!

A couple of america’s finest decide to harass a Black man to demonstrate themselves absolute idiots to the rest of the Country.

Indiana Men Accused Of Threatening To Lynch Black Man In Viral Video Charged With Multiple Felonies

This almost seems scripted, but you read the story and make up your own mind. Regardless scripted or not, stuff like this is just plain stupid. Intelligent men don’t behave like this. And, I have doubt any self-respecting Black man would allow this to happen without a much bigger fight. Nor would his White friends of allowed this to happen without their being physically involved.

In today’s world, everybody has a camera. And do not hesitate to use it. Even in backwoods Indiana. So, anything video has to be proven true to me. Even I, with little video making knowledge can make a video that says and shows most anything. The part that troubles me is there is no video showing the victim being abused or restrained. The video shows the verbal abuse but where is the face shot of the victim.

And then, the response to the media when questioned, appears scripted in it’s entirety with the victim having thoughts of others that have died before him. Bullshit! Were he to have feared for his life at any time that big boy would have got free enough to mess someone up. As I have said, I believe the whole episode scripted, but you decide.

For the record however, racism does exist. And, with “Black Lives Matter” creating new racism by manipulating data to tell lies, while gathering millions of dollars in donations you have suspect any race report of being fabricated and scripted.

Trump & The Confederate Flag

President Trump seems to have his hands full defending the Confederate flag. But, is he defending the flag or our right to use it as freedom of speech?

Across the Country people are tearing down things they see as offensive using racism as their reasoning. You cannot erase history. But you can create a new racist. You learn from your mistakes, not by taking it away, but by using it. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT EDUCATION IS?

Every symbol of anything in our history, bad or good needs to remain in place and the people need to see it and be educated in what it symbolizes. And, you cannot make everyone that had slaves or used the “N-word” one hundred and fifty years ago your enemy, and classify them as racist when that was the way society was accepted back then. Those same people in today’s day and age would likely be the strongest supporters of racial equality. But, they are history and we should learn from it.

The most offensive racial symbol flying today is the “Black Lives Matter” flag because it is actually creating new racism. How can you want for equality when you think your life more important than mine? Especially when the data used to suggest Black people being killed and abused more by police does not support that belief. What the data does suggest is use of data to demonstrate a lie so somebody could create racial disharmony and probably make bank while doing so. I really wish someone would take the time to do the research to prove me wrong. Mind you, I am not saying that Black people haven’t been treated poorly by police. I am saying that everyone is treated like shit by police. And if you don’t believe “Black Lives Matter” creating a new racism, go tell a white woman that her baby not as important as a Black baby. And, until BLM created that issue it was never even a consideration in a White woman’s head. Is BLM a racist organization making bank off the Black people? That’s up to you to decide. But before you make such decision, DO THE RESEARCH so you can make an informed decision.

Let me get back to our symbols in history that some find offensive. If you had left that statue standing and required the Government to affix a plaque to it speaking of the issues in offense, a kid in school could make a report presenting it to his whole classroom, telling the entire class of the past wrongdoing and teaching from it. Instead, idiots tear down these things so history doesn’t have to remember them at all. All under the false claim of police abuse. Again, I am not saying Black people have not been abused by police. I’m saying police have abused all of us, not just the Black race.

If Trump is in fact trying to protect our freedom of speech, he is doing what he should be doing. He is defending our “Constitutional Rights” as he should. Those politicians not doing so lack the backbone to do their jobs.

I do not like Trump and disagree with many of the things he says and does but he is the only one trying to defend our Constitution while the rest of the Nation follows a misguided public opinion on a subject not as important as our Constitution.