Okay, Somebody Tell Me . . .

WTF is with grown men beating on little old chinese people? I mean is there honor in beating an old person too old to defend himself? Why old people? Why not young people that might defend themselves? Why not somebody that can stand up to you? I just don’t get it. “I’m a tough guy. I beat up the elderly because they are too old to fight back”.

Recently there have been a couple incidents in which a Black guy pushes an elderly Asain man causing him to fall hitting his head, he later dies. Then this past week a Black guy knocks an Asain woman to the sidewalk and then kicks her repeatedly, while local security guards do nothing but watch. Don’t worry White folk, we know you doing the same shit, just haven’t been caught on film just yet.

We need to put an end to this shit now. There is no honor, nobody thinks you are big, bad, or brave. You are simply stupid and a bully.

First, even if it was China’s fault for the Covid-19 virus, it wasn’t ALL the Chinese people and most certainly was not some old Chinese person that has lived in the U.S. longer than you have been alive. Second, ANYBODY that knows of anyone so stupid to be a participant in this racial violence, tell them how stupid they are.

It scares me that we as a society are allowing this to happen right in our faces ansd we do nothing. The incident where the security guards observed the lady getting assaulted and did nothing, showed something else. A number of people drove right past the situation, did anyone even stop? Didn’t see anybody stop in the film clip.

He takes no guts or heart to beat down the elderly. It takes guts to stop assholes like this. Quit being punks, stop people acting like this. I don’t mean go out and get hurt, bullshit thats exactly what I mean. Stand up for yourself and tell these people to stop their violence and do what you have to. Protect the victim and show them we are not aLL RACIST.

It really is not that hard to fight racism, just grow beyond skin color it doesn’t hurt at all.

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