No Justice

I want to bring your attention to an article I read today in which 2 men were convicted of the rape and murder of an 11 year old girl and later released and pardoned after DNA proved someone else did the crime 30 years after the men sent to prison. Go read the story, then please return here to see where the real crime goes unpunished. Two Black brothers were awarded $75 million after false rape, murder convictions led to more than 30 years in prison (

If you have read the story these two gents got paid 1 million dollars each for each year in prison, but has justice been served? A serious crime has been committed without anyone being held responsible. Two men were arrested, charged with a crime they did not commit, sentenced to prison (At least one if not both to Death Row) losing their liberty, their lives, loves, and family. How did they get there?

There is a set of rules for damn near everything and if you break those rules you should haved to pay for sdoing so. So how did these men end up spending 31 years in prison for a crime they did not commit? Did a witness lie, cop lie or fail to do his job correctly, Prosecuter, District Attorney, or Judge fail to do their job properly? In order for this situation to happen somebody broke the law and it caused these men to lose 31 years of their lives. And with the exception of the witness, all of the others are supposed to be qualified professionals. Somebody involved in this situation nereds to answer for his/her misdeeds.

Do you think getting killed by a cop is the most serious offense committed by a cop? A cop that lies, withholds evidence, coercion for confessions, falsifies reports, is a criminal. Attorneys and Judges that allow information that may lead to no conviction to be forgotten, are criminals. Why are they not being held responsible for their crimes?

It is really hard to describe what life is like in prison. Think how difficult it would be to describe life in prison when you committed no crime. Prison is not nice. If you are dead, at least you do not have to live the trespass upon you every day. In prison you are either one bad mother@#$%^ or you have to worry about rape, robbery, getting beat down or stabbed by another inmate. Then you have to worry about getting shot by the prison cops. And, all for a crime you didn’t commit.

The way the American Justice System is supposed to work, this situation should not happen. When it does it is usually because somebody has made an innocent person victim by not doing their job correctly. That person needs to be held accountable for their criminal acts leading to the imprisonment of an innocent person, and everything that happens to that person subsedquent to their being falsly convicted.

The injustice of nobody being held responsible for a false conviction is something that needs resolution. The persons involved in such conviction need be held accountable. Although this story is about two Black men, it happens to all races. Yes, there are men/women in prison that have not committed the crime convicted of. And, there are worse things than being killed. Seeking accountability of police in a case of resisting arrest is ridiculous compared to the injustice of being convicted for a crime you did not commit.

I’m curious, What do you think of this topic? It concerns me because I have a background in Law Enforcement\Corrections and my belief is that our Justice System is designed to let a criminal go rather than convict an innocent. We know that isn’t true today. Please comment on this topic.

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