We Have All Been Lied To . . .

For years and more years lies about racial issues have been commonplace everywhere. Blacks and a whole bunch of Whites believe so seriously in all the hype of abuse towards Blacks that even when a claim proven a lie, they still believe in the lie.

  • The contention that Blacks make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, so they should only get killed by police at that same 13 percent, is stupid. The information that brought about this reality was supported by a database compiled by The Washington Post in which it demonstrated the Black population at approximately 13 percent while police shootings of Blacks was above 20 percent in some cities. What people using this data is although the nation-wide black population is approximately 13 percent, in most major cities the Black population ranges from 20 to 60 percent. Also, in these same city’s Black population after dark (As in who is there to be shot by police) is close to 80 percent. The 13 percent rule is a lie
  • Almost all the issues being considered for reparations are being treated as though it only a Black issue. Do you really believe that Whites only treated Blacks poorly? White people treat everyone poorly, even Whites. Every issue raised by reparations has also affected some White people in much the same way as Blacks.
  • The idea that Whites have not suffered the same issues as Blacks is ridiculous. Employment, Education, and other opportunities have all been White abusive. And still continue to be. Blacks may only be a small percentage of the workforce in one category, while in others they have a much higher percentage. Players in NFL Football teams are 70 to 90 percent Black. Many occupations are at a high percentage of Blacks. When you look at percentages, look at the numbers 13 percent Black equals 1 or 2 percent White to have the same numbers.
  • Educators world-wide seem to think actually researching information before they further influence our youth is not important. There is a fella named Tom Thornhill that teaches a course on White Racism in Florida. I doubt he has truly done any research into the topic and he believes there is no such thing as Black Racism. He like so many of our educators teaches to promote racism. Until such time as they actually do the research to ascertain actual facts and figures they are teaching nothing but racial disharmony and failing our education system.

Why do we have the racial issues we have today? Because somebody is making money from it. Every organization that has a race name in their title is doing all of us another dose of racism. That’s how they put food on their table. But recognize it for what it is. Racism is not that hard to fight. Just mature enough to become color-blind and learn to treat people of all colors as equals. It is really not that hard to do. Those that claim to be “Woke” aren’t. How can you be “woke” if you only know one side of the topic?

Government Manufactured & Sanctioned Racism

The Mercury News ran an interesting story today about Alameda County being sued by an anti-affirmative action group because of their public contracts policy. Alameda County has a policy that gives a portion of their contracts to minority owned business. What this means is Alameda County instead of trying to eliminate racism, creates racism.

If the goal of Alameda County is to provide construction jobs to all races, they don’t need to. Construction right now is suffering from a shortage of workers, both skilled and unskilled. Most construction companies have a very diversified crew, of varying skillsets and color. Except minority owned construction companies. Many minority owned construction companies are comprised of a single race. That is pretty much the norm for many minority owned companies. Today most of the non-minority owned companies have a policy of hiring the person that can do the job, regardless skin color. Their hiring criteria is compitence in doing the job, which is as it should be. Reserving a portion of contracts for a minority owned company that serves to employ only a single race is nothing less than promotion of racism.

The link for the story is below . . .

Alameda County sued by anti-affirmative action group over public contracts policy

If you seriously want to fight racism, you don’t do so by creating racist policy. Any policy, any organization or anything else that favors one race over another serves but one purpose, the promotion of racism. To make matters worse, we have people writing policy that don’t care the impact of the policy, because they will never be subject of the policy. And if you look closely, you will see somebody making money by it. If an organization has a race as part of its name its purpose is to make money off of what may be a ledgitimate social injustice while not doing anything to fix the problem.

At some point, our society has to quit thinking that the way to fix racial issues is by taking from one race to give to another. That does not work. What we need is a solution in which race has no part of the solution. Government and Corporate America need to quit pandering to every race, develop a color-blindness that distributes resources or other benefit to people based upon need and to be fair to everyone involved.

If you look outside any door in any major city in America today, put your color-blind glasses on, and you will see America is in trouble. Everywhere you look there are people in need. People are suffering. Not just one race, every race has been given their share of the suffering. And. that is what needs be fixed. Quit trying to build more and more racism and fix the suffering of the people. There is no acceptable reason for people in America to not have adequate food or shelter today. If you took all the money from organizations that get rich off promoting racism and put it to use solving suffering, all the races would benefit and our society would improve significanty.

Alameda County’s policy regarding construction contracts is bullshit. It does nothing to fight racism, it does not serve the community, and will cause harm by serving one race over another. And, that is the real harm. That is the continuing racism that needs to be stopped.

Ignorance In Politics


At Least 11 Cities Are Defunding Their Police Departments

Did anyone vote these people into office? I’ll bet they get voted out of office fairly soon. Does it seem to you that we are in a Batman script in which the criminal masterminds are all at a meeting discussing how to eliminate interference by police as they rob and pillage.

Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Washington DC, Baltimore, Portland,  Philadelphia; Hartford, Conn.; Norman, Oklahoma; and Salt Lake City all have cut millions from their Law Enforcement budgets and reduced the amount of officers to be employed. I hate to say this, but are you people stuck on stupid, or what?

Allow me to explain the ignorance of our political and government leaders. First, there is no data to support any claims of racism by police. There is no data that supports the claims that Blacks are treated more poorly and killed more by police than the other races. The claim that Blacks make up about 13 percent of the US population but are killed by police more often than anyone else is a misrepresentation of the data. Blacks make up about 13 percent of the US Population, but only have a significant amount of people living in about 12 states, in which Blacks are from 23 to 65 percent of the population. And in these States, Whites are still killed almost twice as much as Blacks by police. Go ahead, do the research.

Now let’s add the rest of the game in play. The death of George Floyd was unfortunate, and un-necessary. But, for every George Floyd death a person of another race has reached the same demise. The facts are simple . . . Everybody gets treated like shit by the police. Add a racial organization to the game and you have three women of questionable integrity that just made millions in donations, based entirely on lies. And now . . . these same lies are being used to defund our police.

Frankly, I am disgusted. You don’t think there was a more intelligent way to handle this? For ONE, de-funding is stupid. Provision of additional funding to provide additional training to the community teaching them how to comply with police instead of getting hurt would be a better alternative. I cannot think of a single time that I have seen police put a man on the ground to restrain him, that wasn’t due to the persons resisting. Spend money teaching people to quit resisting could be another alternative.

It’s Okay To Be A Racist If You Are Black!

Why is it okay to be racist one way and not the other?

There is nothing in the banner presented above that says anything about the millions of other people of other races suffering the same problems. How many other American families are feeling the same pain as these African Americans. Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black?

There is more people in America suffering from economics than racism. But rather than do the research to ascertain the true issue, the race card gets played, damn near every time. 50 percent of America is living paycheck to paycheck, poverty level in the Northern California Bay Area is around $50,000.00 per year because rents are close to $36,000.00 per year for even the shabbiest homes, and few have the emergency funds to cover three months of expenses that the noted advertisement above claims to be a Black problem. IT IS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM.

Why can’t we put racism aside and deal with the real issues. This is not a Black Only problem, and I’ll bet higher percentages of other races suffer the same issues. So why can’t we deal with the real issues?

Is it because there is money in racism? Is it because the loudest gets the play and it’s harder to raise a unified voice? Can we take a count and see if there is a wide difference in the numbers. Let’s count how many of each race are having trouble making ends meet and see if the numbers vary very much. Let’s then defend all of the people regardless of color suffering this way. Let’s quit being racist and find a solution for all the Americans regardless of the color of their skin.

Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black? It’s not! America, move beyond racism and fix what truly needs to be fixed.

It Gets More Ridiculous With Each Passing Day . . .

“Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple caught on video waving guns at protesters, have been charged with one felony count each, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.”

These are the people that came out of their house with guns to protect their home as Black Lives Matter protesters who were already trespassing passed by their home.

“In a statement released Monday, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner announced that the pair have each been charged with one count of exhibiting, a felony.

“It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating in nonviolent protest, and while we are fortunate this situation did not escalate into deadly force, this type of conduct is unacceptable [in this city],” she said.”

I wonder if Kimberly Gardner has researched the claims of the BLM that started all this. Do you think she even questioned the validity of the claim that Black People are abused and killed more by police than others. This claim is false and the BLM is manipulating data to demonstrate the claim true.

I wonder if Kim Gardner lives in a neighborhood in which these protests were held. Do you think she would fear for her safety, her property, or anything else? It is not wrong to defend your property, or yourself for that matter. The McCloskey’s did not make threats or approach the protesters, of which I am sure a few of them had firearms. How many days had the McCloskey’s watched the news seeing protesters rioting, destroying property, and looting anything of value by the protesters? Why shouldn’t they be prepared to take action to defend their property?

I wonder why Kimberly Gardner isn’t taking measure to protect the citizens of her city from people causing harm. The McCloskey’s did not interfere with peaceful protest, allowing the protesters to pass unhindered.

America is de-funding their police and changing laws and lives based on lies and none are sm,art enough to challenge the validity of the data that proves it all a lie.

Trump & The Confederate Flag

President Trump seems to have his hands full defending the Confederate flag. But, is he defending the flag or our right to use it as freedom of speech?

Across the Country people are tearing down things they see as offensive using racism as their reasoning. You cannot erase history. But you can create a new racist. You learn from your mistakes, not by taking it away, but by using it. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT EDUCATION IS?

Every symbol of anything in our history, bad or good needs to remain in place and the people need to see it and be educated in what it symbolizes. And, you cannot make everyone that had slaves or used the “N-word” one hundred and fifty years ago your enemy, and classify them as racist when that was the way society was accepted back then. Those same people in today’s day and age would likely be the strongest supporters of racial equality. But, they are history and we should learn from it.

The most offensive racial symbol flying today is the “Black Lives Matter” flag because it is actually creating new racism. How can you want for equality when you think your life more important than mine? Especially when the data used to suggest Black people being killed and abused more by police does not support that belief. What the data does suggest is use of data to demonstrate a lie so somebody could create racial disharmony and probably make bank while doing so. I really wish someone would take the time to do the research to prove me wrong. Mind you, I am not saying that Black people haven’t been treated poorly by police. I am saying that everyone is treated like shit by police. And if you don’t believe “Black Lives Matter” creating a new racism, go tell a white woman that her baby not as important as a Black baby. And, until BLM created that issue it was never even a consideration in a White woman’s head. Is BLM a racist organization making bank off the Black people? That’s up to you to decide. But before you make such decision, DO THE RESEARCH so you can make an informed decision.

Let me get back to our symbols in history that some find offensive. If you had left that statue standing and required the Government to affix a plaque to it speaking of the issues in offense, a kid in school could make a report presenting it to his whole classroom, telling the entire class of the past wrongdoing and teaching from it. Instead, idiots tear down these things so history doesn’t have to remember them at all. All under the false claim of police abuse. Again, I am not saying Black people have not been abused by police. I’m saying police have abused all of us, not just the Black race.

If Trump is in fact trying to protect our freedom of speech, he is doing what he should be doing. He is defending our “Constitutional Rights” as he should. Those politicians not doing so lack the backbone to do their jobs.

I do not like Trump and disagree with many of the things he says and does but he is the only one trying to defend our Constitution while the rest of the Nation follows a misguided public opinion on a subject not as important as our Constitution.

How Much Of The Racial Unrest Is A Lie?

Right from the top, Police need to quit abusing their authority and the brutality has got to be brought to an end. But, are Black people killed by Police more than any other race? Maybe, maybe not.

Wikipedia says:

As of July 2016, White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, comprising an estimated 13% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising an estimated 18% of the population.

Self-identified race: Percent of population

Black or African American: 12.6%

White: 72.4%

Native Americans and Alaska Natives: 0.9%


What this says is the White race was 72.4% in 2016. But this figure includes Whites from every corner of the U.S. Blacks only make up 12.6% of the U.S. population and a majority of Black people live in our cities or nearby suburbs. This is not true for all Black people but it is true of most.

The ethnic composition of the population of OaklandCA is composed of 124k White Alone residents (29%), 114k Hispanic or Latino residents (26.5%), 97.6k Black or African American Alone residents (22.7%), 65.2k Asian Alone residents (15.2%), 22.3k Two or More Races residents (5.19%), 2.98k Native Hawaiian & Other …

Oakland, CA | Data USA

In fact there are many cities across the U.S. that have African-American majority populations. If the  killings of Black people by Police is within these cities, the percentage relevant to how many killed by race needs to be recalculated to demonstrate accurate figures. You cannot base this calculation on a nationwide demographic when the locations of the killings are areas of possibly more than 50% populated by Blacks.

In 2017 Police killed 457 Whites, 223 Blacks, 179 Hispanics, 44 Others,and 84 Unknowns. In 2018: 399 Whites, 209 Blacks, 148 Hispanics, 36 Others, and 204 Unknowns. In 2019: 370 Whites, 235 Blacks, 39 Others, and 202 Unknowns. As of June 4th of this year: 172 Whites, 88 Blacks, 57 Hispanics, 14 Others, and 98 Unknowns. Calculated: 1398 Whites, 755 Blacks, 542 Hispanic, 133 Others, and 588 Unknowns. Clearly more Whites are killed by Police than any other race. And, if a majority of these killings are in the same cities as Black people are being killed by police, the assumption that the national percentage of White people would not  be applicable and such requires recalculation based on the applicable demographics.

I do not mean to take anything away from the Black Lives Matter folks, but aren’t there a lot more than Black people being killed here? And if the proper numbers be used in the calculations, Black may actually be being treated like all the other races. This does not mean that Blacks are not being treated poorly. It means ALL RACES ARE BEING TREATED POORLY and it has to stop. This is not a situation in which the races should argue, but a situation in which all the races should unite for change.

Of larger concern is the failure of Government to address this matter as I have. I have used data readily available on the Internet for my findings. Anyone that wants the truth can find it easily  So, what is preventing our elected officials from doing the research as I have? Could it be they fear racial unification for a cause . . .