Abolish the Police . . .

The headline “In Minneapolis, new push to end police after Floyd’s death” leads one to wonder if our Country has gone completely nuts. But there may be some merit in their ideas. Sure we can add a more sophisticated police department. A police department made up of “shrinks, lawyers, medical personnel, and others to respond to our Country’s need for law enforcement. Have we considered the costs involved?

Years ago, security of the community was left to the village idiot to sound the alarm in the event of emergency. Today, law enforcement requires a much different village idiot serve as security of the community. Not so very long ago you needed only a high school diploma to become a policeman. This may be true in some parts of America today but, in some communities now they are looking for Bachelor Degrees before they even accept your application. No, that is wrong. In some communities the would like the applicant to have higher education. Either way, this amounts to a higher paying occupation than the cop of yester-year. Now, lets add the specialized training that will be necessary with the Abolish the Police movement . . .

How much education does a medical/mental health/counselor/lawyer/child care specialist/master of martial arts/marksman cop need? And how many of these medical/mental health/counselor/lawyer/child care specialist/master of martial arts/marksman cops will we need per department? Do you see where I am headed with this? Average annual pay for a police officer in America is around $46,000 today. Where will that figure go when we have to pay for the training for this new super cop? And where are we supposed to get replacements for these super cops from? I haven’t reached the end yet. Our new super cop won’t be allowed to make a mistake and will be required to only return fire when using their sidearm. I may be going out on a limb here but this new village idiot is going to cost us a lot more than todays cop, a lot more

Why do we need the new super cop? We need this super cop because our cops keep hurting and killing people that resist arrest, fail to submit to arrest, and/or suffer from some form of mental illness either resist or act a fool when being arrested or interacting with law enforcement. When did resisting and acting a fool become acceptable conduct? And what about responsibility. The idea that a police officer is to be held accountable for those suffering mental illness is ridiculous. If you have a family member that cannot walk to the corner store and back without getting into trouble, then it is the family’s responsibility to care for this person. And if you let this person roam about unsupervised you share in the responsibility of whatever incidents take place.

Do we truly need the new super cop? Not really. Our society as a whole needs to accept responsibility for their actions. If you resist or act a fool you get your ass whipped, it’s on you. Cops don’t get paid enough to put up with bullshit or having to wrestle everyone they deal with. There is no reason to resist or act a fool. If by chance you were arrested unlawfully, sue the police department and get paid for your trouble. What we need is to somehow educate the people on how to act right when dealing with police. If you act right when dealing with police and something negative happens, you have a cop problem which would be a lot easier to identify were people not being the problem.

As for the village idiots out there, why do it? Why put on that uniform every day and try to save people from themselves. The very people you defend don’t support you, your administration and local government doesn’t support you, cops and citizens are getting killed in stupid situations that should not even happen, and you are the only one being held accountable. I would not be a cop in this Country, no matter how much the pay. Stay strong, you are a necessity that some day will be appreciated.

How Much Of The Racial Unrest Is A Lie?

Right from the top, Police need to quit abusing their authority and the brutality has got to be brought to an end. But, are Black people killed by Police more than any other race? Maybe, maybe not.

Wikipedia says:

As of July 2016, White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, comprising an estimated 13% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising an estimated 18% of the population.

Self-identified race: Percent of population

Black or African American: 12.6%

White: 72.4%

Native Americans and Alaska Natives: 0.9%


What this says is the White race was 72.4% in 2016. But this figure includes Whites from every corner of the U.S. Blacks only make up 12.6% of the U.S. population and a majority of Black people live in our cities or nearby suburbs. This is not true for all Black people but it is true of most.

The ethnic composition of the population of OaklandCA is composed of 124k White Alone residents (29%), 114k Hispanic or Latino residents (26.5%), 97.6k Black or African American Alone residents (22.7%), 65.2k Asian Alone residents (15.2%), 22.3k Two or More Races residents (5.19%), 2.98k Native Hawaiian & Other …

Oakland, CA | Data USA

In fact there are many cities across the U.S. that have African-American majority populations. If the  killings of Black people by Police is within these cities, the percentage relevant to how many killed by race needs to be recalculated to demonstrate accurate figures. You cannot base this calculation on a nationwide demographic when the locations of the killings are areas of possibly more than 50% populated by Blacks.

In 2017 Police killed 457 Whites, 223 Blacks, 179 Hispanics, 44 Others,and 84 Unknowns. In 2018: 399 Whites, 209 Blacks, 148 Hispanics, 36 Others, and 204 Unknowns. In 2019: 370 Whites, 235 Blacks, 39 Others, and 202 Unknowns. As of June 4th of this year: 172 Whites, 88 Blacks, 57 Hispanics, 14 Others, and 98 Unknowns. Calculated: 1398 Whites, 755 Blacks, 542 Hispanic, 133 Others, and 588 Unknowns. Clearly more Whites are killed by Police than any other race. And, if a majority of these killings are in the same cities as Black people are being killed by police, the assumption that the national percentage of White people would not  be applicable and such requires recalculation based on the applicable demographics.

I do not mean to take anything away from the Black Lives Matter folks, but aren’t there a lot more than Black people being killed here? And if the proper numbers be used in the calculations, Black may actually be being treated like all the other races. This does not mean that Blacks are not being treated poorly. It means ALL RACES ARE BEING TREATED POORLY and it has to stop. This is not a situation in which the races should argue, but a situation in which all the races should unite for change.

Of larger concern is the failure of Government to address this matter as I have. I have used data readily available on the Internet for my findings. Anyone that wants the truth can find it easily  So, what is preventing our elected officials from doing the research as I have? Could it be they fear racial unification for a cause . . .