I Heard That Trump Said The BLM Is Hurting Black People. . .

Black Lives Matter, every other “Black” organization, the U.S. Government, and every other organization that serves only specific races are hurting everybody in America.

Please listen to me America! If we as a Nation are ever going to get past racism, we have to quit pandering to racist. Every organization that uses race in their name just by being there is racism. The people that run these organizations make their money from racism. Were they confronted they would likely say, “Put an end to racism, and we won’t be needed.” But the facts are, racism grows because such organizations exist.

Here’s an example:

Do you think Mayor London Breed giving a $1000.00 monthly basic income to 150 Black and Island mothers is racist? This Nation has treated every one of a lesser income like crap for years. Why aren’t White, Hispanic, and every other race included in her offer? Doesn’t she think that the mothers of other races would love a shot a doing a better life for their child?

Every person that sees these Black and Island women being afforded opportunities not made available for them just started using the “N” word for the first time in their lives.

Black Lives Matter telling lies about police killings, inciting civil unrest has Black people and the other races angered by the violence and destruction created. That is causing racism from everywhere. And these people got along fine and actually cared for one-another prior to this.

If we, if this Country genuinely wants to put an end to racism, we must stop creating racism. Every organization that claims to represent a select race needs to be shut down. Every program that shows favor to one race over another needs to be shut down. Future organizations and programs need to be required to represent all races equally and fairly. If you do not understand what I am saying imagine this: White Lives Matter, White College Fund, or any other organization with White part of the name. If you saw such tomorrow, would it anger you? It is and always has been a two-way street. Racism exists because we keep continuing to try to fight racism with racism.

Everybody in the U.S. needs to stop today and eliminate racism around them. I know we will still have a few “Karens” around but giving them even mention allows racism to raise it’s head, laugh at them and walk away. Every race has some bigotry, hate, and prejudice. GET PAST IT!

The only people that want racism to continue are the racist.

About Me: I know I may come off as a kook sometimes, but I have spent a lot of years looking at the stupidity called racism. It cannot be stopped by use of racism. It has to stop by not being racist. Racism is stupid, don’t be stupid!

Costco Pulls Product From Shelves Because Maker Doesn’t Support Black Lives Matter.

Costco plans to rewrite the U.S. Constitution and do away with freedom of speech next! The maker of Palmetto Cheese called “Black Lives Matter” a terror organization on his Facebook page and Costco read it and decided that he wasn’t allowed “Freedom of Speech” and they removed his product from their stores.

How much you want to bet that like most of America, Costco has no idea who and what “Black Lives Matter” is? I’ll bet you that Costco Management thinks the U.S. Constitution is only supposed to be defended by Military and Law Enforcement.

For those of you too damn lazy to do the research, Black Lives Matter was not form for the support of George Floyd. Black Lives Matter was formed by two lesbians trying to protect black homosexuals. I may have it wrong and only one of the two is gay. Irrelevant! The fact is that when George Floyd was accidently killed by a cop, Corporate, and White America jumped to defend the George Floyd’s of the world by donating millions of dollars to who? The name “Black Lives Matter” just got paid, bigtime!

A few years back the Washington Post thought themselves the way to ascertain what is going on with police killing people, so they started a database collecting data on every police killing of people nationwide. You know what this database said? It said that Black people were 13% of the U.S. population, and it does. Based on that information they calculated the amount of Black people killed by police against the entire U.S. population. And, that is as far as they went into reading the database.

Well, I am not a scholar, politician, or any of the people that should be researching this database, but in less than an hour I found the flaw in their findings. You see, Black people are not part of the entire U.S. population. They only have significant population in 10 to 12 states. And, in the major cities of those states, Black people make up 23 to 54 percent of the population. Recalculation of the data demonstrates White people are killed by police almost twice as much as Black people. Did anybody else research the data to validate the truth?

Black Lives Matter is a racist terror organization making money off racism and they are laughing their asses off because the White man is footing the bill, believing the database lies.

After weeks of riots, looting, and violence Black people believe themselves justified in the unrest they have caused the nation. Black people that previously got along quite well with other races suddenly have become short fused trying to find someone to slight them, so they have an excuse for “going off” about it. Racial disharmony is growing day by day because our government is giving everything they can to the Black people, blatantly disregarding the other races.

And while our politicians are busy defunding police and dismantling police agencies. Crime is running rampant and violence is everywhere. Police officers are being prosecuted because persons they were trying to arrest resisted. Almost all of the killings by police of all races has been due to resisting arrest. Not all but most. A majority of those killed would be alive today had they just cooperated with police and taken the argument up in the Court.

Today, the biggest crime against this Nation, is the new racism being created by the racist organizations making money off it. That includes “Black Lives Matter” and all those White people supporting them.

Street renaming after George Floyd approveed by Minneapolis City Council

Hold up? Hold Up just a minute? Is this for real? For the record, George Floyd should not have died that day. But, how did he die? He died because a cop accidently killed him trying to restrain him while resisting arrest. And then, using the lies that Black people are abused and killed more than the other races by police, the racist Black Lives Matter organization helped set off weeks of riots, looting, and violence around the globe. Are you freaking kidding me?

  • Police were trying to arrest George Floyd and he resisted arrest leading to his being dropped to the ground and restrained by police.
  • While being restrained an officer placed his knee on George Floyd’s back to restrain him and did not realize he was killing George Floyd while doing so.
  • After George Floyd’s death the “Black Lives Matter” movement suddenly found themselves with the perfect name to take advantage of his death. They were receiving large donations before they even had a chance to say anything about it.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement is a racist organization that serves to take advantage of Black People by use of propaganda while making themselves rich from donations. They encourage rioting, looting, and violence based upon lies derived from a Washington Post database that has been mis-read.

Since George Floyd’s death public cries to defund police and dis-band police departments has led to some cities doing so. Presently in these cities mayhem and murder rule their streets and they ask themselves why?

No, George Floyd should not have been killed that day. But he himself participated in the decision to have it happen. All he had to do was cooperate with the police allowing his arrest, he chose not to.

George Floyd is no national hero. He did nothing special to warrant his name being used by government for anything. With all the Black people that have done something that should be given recognition, how the hell did we give recognition to a criminal resisting arrest?

The news article that brings us here!

Can The Lies Create A New Racism?

It troubles me that the lies that Blacks have suffered an abuse more than other races have actually given the Black people advantages never afforded the other races, all in the name of “payback.” It’s our government saying that even if the data lies we still want to give you everything. I believe the claims that White people fear Black people may actually be true, because in a day when the less fortunate White people are suffering so much, we turn our backs on them and rather than share the pie, we give it all to the Black people. Will this create a new racism?

How much will we give to Black people, because they claim they that they “Have it coming?” I am sorry, my family fought with the North during the “Civil war” and I have personally supported almost every Black movement since my high school years. I have never owned a slave of any color, and I have never intentionally caused any harm to any Black person at any time during my life. I don’t owe the Black people anything. I seriously doubt there is many Black people alive today that actually has experienced slavery. If there are any Black people still alive that actually experienced slavery, then they are owed something, but not those that haven’t experienced slavery.

Do you see how this unfair giving of things to one race, but not the needy of the other can create a new level of racial inequality? It is my contention that what we call racism is not racism. What we have is an issue derived from economics. The less fortunate people in this country, are suffering. But we don’t see anyone other than Black people being less fortunate than others. There are people of all different races that need help.

Yesterday’s newspapers demonstrate how ridiculous this “pay one race” is. I cannot remember the name of the government program doing this but, they plan on giving pregnant Black and Island women a basic income of $1000.00 per month for a period during the pregnancy and into the childhood of the child. This is a remarkable idea. This could very well be a turning point for the involved parties. But, it can and probably will be the festering of anger that eventually will be racism at a new injustice. As long as you are selective by race for any benefit, you have created your own racism. And as long as you serve only select races, you my friend are the racist.

The creation of Black Lives Matter is as racist as you can get. What, only Black Lives Matter? Now keep in mind the claims that Black People suffer more than the other races is fabricated bullshit by people that choose not to read what the database actually says. Why is Black Lives Matter even here. They are here because someone is making money off it. By it’s name alone, it creates racial disharmony. . . And, somebody is making money off of it.

There are poor people all over this Country. Children that do not get the food they need, cannot afford decent housing, people that have less opportunities than most of us. These people are not Black or White, or any other color. These are people living in poverty, that regardless the color of their skin do not have much opportunities for a decent future. And rather than representing all of these people regardless the color of their skin we assume the role of racist by only serving to benefit one race. Isn’t this just the continuation of racism?

Every business, every society, and every organization that uses race as part of their name needs to be put out of business. Everybody that serves to only benefit one race or limit benefit to select races is a self-proclaimed racist. And, anyone that supports such is also racist. The only way this Country will evolve to eliminate racism is if we quit building racism. If I went out tomorrow and started an organization called “White lives Matter” what would you think? White people would immediately call it racist, Black people would be trying to burn the building down. But yet, there are how many organizations made with the racist intent of serving only selected races?

If you take one person of any race that is suffering from injustice or condition, I guarantee you there will be someone of a different race suffering the same. We need to serve all races to not be racist. And we have to know within our hearts, that all men are created equal and serve that belief before any other if we truly desire to be free of racism.

While London Breed may well represent the City of San Francisco, she has failed to develop a non racist program because she created her own racism by selective race participation. I’m sorry, the basic income noted above is one of the programs by London breed.

How To Stop Racism

Actually, it is simple. Just everybody stop being whatever color you are. No more “Blackness,””Whiteness,” or “Otherness.” I know it sounds stupid, but think about it. If you were not the color you are, would all of your preconceived racial beliefs matter anymore?

Every race has their own beliefs and opinions on how their race is impacted by others. And each race has a lot of bullshit in these beliefs.

The claim that Black people are treated more poorly and killed by police more than Whites is a garbage claim supported by manipulation of data, and is not true.

But, somebody has allowed this manipulation of data to continue a lie to such a degree that everybody including lawmakers, educators, and even clergy believe this claim. I need correct that. Everybody has allowed that claim be made without challenge. Recent rioting, looting, and even killings have taken place and it started with this claim.

You cannot stop racism by being a color. Being a color and trying to stop anything because you are that color, creates it’s own racism. If you support a single color, excluding others . . . Isn’t that racism? Wouldn’t not being of a race be better than being a race at all?

Then we have social influence. Every race has problems with interracial relationships. Here in the U.S. it’s a common sight, but in some countries a mixed race relationship is looked upon with hatred. Religion doesn’t so much separate by race, or does it? Religion may not directly create racism, but in following the Church beliefs it could have a racial impact. Family and friends are a great influence for racism. Is your best a racist? Don’t you get tired of their racial comments and slurs? How strong of an influence are they to you? Schools are the best place to not be racist, if the other people would let you.

Then the all time racial trigger, ANGER! It doesn’t matter what the color, sex, or any other thing the other person is, if they piss you off it’s racial real quick with the insults based upon race. And once that first racial insult is made, there is no taking it back. It matters not the color of your skin, your friend or lover calling you a racial slur in anger will forever harm the relationship.

Under the definition of racist, no person of color can be a racist. Racists is a term specific to White people in regards to their interactions with others of a different color. Yeah, well the original definition was written a long time ago:

RACIST: If you treat any other person as a lesser person than yourself based on skin color . . . You are a racist.

If you believe you are entitled to more than others based on the color of your skin . . . You are a racist.

If you have a problem associating with someone of a different race based upon their race . . . Yep, you a racist.

So, I have made my case, to stop racism, you have to quit being the color you are. Try it! It may work very well for you. If it doesn’t . . . You are probably a racist, please try again.

The biggest blockade in the stoppage of racism is organizations representing race. The moment you support any race exclusively, you create racism. These organizations make money to exist off that racism. Instead of forming an organization based on skin color, why not form an organization that is based on the real issue? Look around you, if you have an issue that you believe is racial, are others of other races having similar issue? So why not form an organization that serves both the true issue and the people that truly need it.

My point is, quit being racist. Seriously, try it. It isn’t that hard. Sure, you have to take responsibility for your own acts, and learn how to interact with others better. But, it isn’t bad.

Am I Expecting Too Much?

I do not find it unreasonable that the world suddenly discover me and subsequently beat a path to my door. I mean I have a pretty good grasp of reality. (What was that . . . Don’t worry he’s just hearing those voices again. Hey, those voices are real, I also hear them.) I write purty good and if you excuse the often misspelled words like there/their, are/our, and the sudden loss of what I am doing . . .

Let’s try this again. Is it unreasonable to expect that by some miracle somebody might stop by this site and find it so interesting, so fascinating, so insightful, and so entertaining that they would tell all their friends about what a wonderful site I have here and immediately they would follow? No, I do not find that to be unreasonable, so one or two of you guys are goofing off.

You see, word of mouth sometimes is the best promotion of many things and I am trying to send a very important message to the world. But in doing so most people come off sounding like they wear an aluminum foil hat most the time. I don’t even have any aluminum foil, I swear. So the recommendation of others of reasonable sanity can go a long way. (What’s he talking about now, he don’t know anybody of any sanity. Stop, he’s trying to think.) Would you guys get out of my head for a few minutes, this is important.

Anyway, I’m trying to tell the world that this racism crap is just that, CRAP!

You cannot eliminate racism by making one skin color more important than others.

You cannot eliminate racism by using color as an excuse for everything.

You cannot eliminate racism by pointing fingers at others.

You cannot eliminate racism by allowing racism to be used to avoid looking for the real cause of issues.

You cannot eliminate racism by forming groups and organizations that are racist by nature.

The way to fight racism is to quit being racist. I know, it sounds just a bit too simple, doesn’t it? But, if you eliminate skin color from your mind for a few minutes and then think of the issues and then consider that all of the races are experiencing the same issues, you will see that there are issues that require attention for everybody regardless skin color.

The true problem of racism, is racism is the problem. But, not how you would think. Every organization that carries in its name to serve for the betterment of one race, is racist. The moment you form a group to serve only a certain group, excluding others is either racist or criminal (or both). We are promoting racism in effort to fight racism and we are profiting off racism. And most of today’s racism is caused by those screaming the loudest about the existence of racism.

The truth be told, race is less the issue than monetary wealth. Eliminate low income neighborhoods by providing a decent income to the poor and watch how quick “we all get along.”

Anyway, as I was saying . . . Some of you folks is goofing off. Spread the word to your friends, family, and mental professionals that there might be something of value over here and then tell them where “over here” is. I will appreciate it and you might feel good for doing it. (Okay, so I’ll feel good about you doing it.)

Ignorance In Politics


At Least 11 Cities Are Defunding Their Police Departments

Did anyone vote these people into office? I’ll bet they get voted out of office fairly soon. Does it seem to you that we are in a Batman script in which the criminal masterminds are all at a meeting discussing how to eliminate interference by police as they rob and pillage.

Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Washington DC, Baltimore, Portland,  Philadelphia; Hartford, Conn.; Norman, Oklahoma; and Salt Lake City all have cut millions from their Law Enforcement budgets and reduced the amount of officers to be employed. I hate to say this, but are you people stuck on stupid, or what?

Allow me to explain the ignorance of our political and government leaders. First, there is no data to support any claims of racism by police. There is no data that supports the claims that Blacks are treated more poorly and killed more by police than the other races. The claim that Blacks make up about 13 percent of the US population but are killed by police more often than anyone else is a misrepresentation of the data. Blacks make up about 13 percent of the US Population, but only have a significant amount of people living in about 12 states, in which Blacks are from 23 to 65 percent of the population. And in these States, Whites are still killed almost twice as much as Blacks by police. Go ahead, do the research.

Now let’s add the rest of the game in play. The death of George Floyd was unfortunate, and un-necessary. But, for every George Floyd death a person of another race has reached the same demise. The facts are simple . . . Everybody gets treated like shit by the police. Add a racial organization to the game and you have three women of questionable integrity that just made millions in donations, based entirely on lies. And now . . . these same lies are being used to defund our police.

Frankly, I am disgusted. You don’t think there was a more intelligent way to handle this? For ONE, de-funding is stupid. Provision of additional funding to provide additional training to the community teaching them how to comply with police instead of getting hurt would be a better alternative. I cannot think of a single time that I have seen police put a man on the ground to restrain him, that wasn’t due to the persons resisting. Spend money teaching people to quit resisting could be another alternative.

Decision Making 101

How About We Learn To Accept Responsibility For Our Own Actions…

Think about the things you do that are simply, fucked up. Seriously, give it some thought. Do you think any of us want to put up with your shit? You act out all over the place, making people nervous, upset, and afraid. And, you don’t care. Sooner or later somebody drops a dime on you and next thing you know the local police are on scene

Now, you believe that there are witnesses and these police will not hurt you. Are you in for a rude awakening? You see,when these police show up on the scene, one of them is going to approach you and likely tell you to do or stop doing something. This is where you have the ability to demonstrate intelligence, or lack of such. But this decision is all yours, nobody else makes this decision for you. But maybe this decision has already been made for you.

Did somebody while you were young tell you not to listen to police? Did somebody tell you that it is cool to act like an ass or argue with police? If somebody did, then they have told you wrong. And it can and will affect both your wallet and your health. You see, in this kind of situation the whole world is looking on to see what the cop is going to do. To the rest of the world you are suddenly the victim. But you’re not the victim. Everybody that had to put up with your shit to this point, as well as the cops trying to deal with you now, are the victims. You are the offender.

Did you take an aggressive posture to the officer? Did you have a weapon? Had you recently committed an act of violence that the officers were responding to. Did the officer tell you to stop doing something? Did the officer tell you to drop your weapon? Does an officer have to wait until you hurt him before he takes action? The answers to these questions are demonstrative of your intelligence also. Because the intelligent person complied with the officer and knows the officer does not have to wait for you to hurt him.

But, it’s not cool to let them arrest you. . . If you committed the crime, who gives a shit about how cool you are. You probably weren’t cool in the first place. But, if you didn’t do the crime . . . Why fight? Why not let them take you to jail Let them put you through it all the way to your Attorneys office where you take them to Court for their misdeeds? It’s much easier to fight a legal battle over false arrest if you are not in a full body cast. And, getting paid for their violations is far better than getting hurt or killed

The point I am trying to make is if YOU make the right decision when dealing with police,more often than not things will turn out okay. But if you choose to do otherwise, accept the responsibility for your actions and quit acting like a victim. People assume that the police can or should go fist to cuffs when dealing with a combative person. People assume that an officer should engage in hand to hand combat rather than use their sidearm. If you have never filled a position of employ that has you working behind a badge, are you qualified to make an assessment on the officers actions? The question you should be asking is if the person the cops have to deal with complied with instructions of the officer. If he did not comply, it was his choice. Quit sticking up for somebody else’s bad decision. What would your decision have been under the same circumstances?

My First Temp Taking

I visited my local Kaiser Hospital this afternoon to pick up my prescription and as I approached the entrance I am greeted by a row of portable sinks to wash my hands before entering the hospital. Having done that I continued into the hospital entrance where I was greeted by a large fella in hospital garb whio asked me had I experienced any flu like symptoms. Subsequent to my responding with an answer of “no” he advised me he was going to take my temperature. As I was in the process of removing my pants, my temp taking gent was frantically stopping me asking me to remove my motorcycle helmet. (Hey, he didn’t specify where he wanted to take my temp at. I just assumed . . .)

Upon removing my helmet, he draws this small gun from I don’t even know and aims it square at my forehead, and I freeze. A moment later he smiles and says “perfectly normal.”

Wtf, perfectly normal my ass! I just wet myself . . . PERFECTLY NORMAL!

Have you yet to enjoy having your temperature taken to demonstrate if you are infected with the corona-virus or not? It’s not nearly as scary as I play it up to have been. And it is comforting to know that at the time my temperature taken I was not believed to be infected. But, then I ventured into the hospital. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE IN HOSPITALS? They have SICK people in hospitals, not just one or two either. They have an overabundance of people suffering from one ailment or another, cared for by another overabundance of medical folks that are breathing the same air as those people that is sick. Shit, I know if some of that crap jumps on me, at my age I’m gonna die.

Well if I gotta go . . . ‘Mr Pharmacist? Might I have a bottle of those little blue pills please? You see, if I gotta go I prefer it be while suffering from the adverse 4 hour reaction . . . Is 40 of these enough? What do you mean, there’s no pheromones in these to make me more attractive to women?

Well as long as these medical folks have these funny little guns, I know where to stop by for my temperature to be taken to see If the corona-virus has got me or not. Today, in a whole bunch of America a lot of people are concerned about the possibility of becoming infected with the corona-virus. One of the primary symptoms of Covid-19 (corona-virus) is the infected person having a fever. Well if I don’t have a fever, but do have 40 of these little blue pills . . .

Please take the Corona-Virus seriously. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch social distancing, please! If you are sick, stay home and call the hospital for instructions on what you should do. And, DO NOT go out running around passing the virus around to everyone. The only thing worse than catching the Corona-Virus, is catching it from some dip-shit that neglects the cautions from the virus like it doesn’t matter.

Keep in mind, that you can have the corona-virus and while showing no symptoms yourself can infect others. This means that while you don’t think it true, you can have the virus and kill others without even knowing it. Nothing about this is cool. Let’s stop this virus so we can be rid of these fucking face masks. I wear glasses and spend most my day trying to look through a fog, it SUCKS! Besides, if it wasn’t for TV, I’ve probably forgotten what a beautiful woman looks like. Hey don’t blame me if I cannot remember your face before the mask. It would help though . . . if you were not wearing a mask with jaws of a beast of some sort!

Damn! Did anybody have any idea that the masks could impact the effectiveness of these little blue pills? LET’s STOP THIS VIRUS!

It’s Okay To Be A Racist If You Are Black!

Why is it okay to be racist one way and not the other?

There is nothing in the banner presented above that says anything about the millions of other people of other races suffering the same problems. How many other American families are feeling the same pain as these African Americans. Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black?

There is more people in America suffering from economics than racism. But rather than do the research to ascertain the true issue, the race card gets played, damn near every time. 50 percent of America is living paycheck to paycheck, poverty level in the Northern California Bay Area is around $50,000.00 per year because rents are close to $36,000.00 per year for even the shabbiest homes, and few have the emergency funds to cover three months of expenses that the noted advertisement above claims to be a Black problem. IT IS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM.

Why can’t we put racism aside and deal with the real issues. This is not a Black Only problem, and I’ll bet higher percentages of other races suffer the same issues. So why can’t we deal with the real issues?

Is it because there is money in racism? Is it because the loudest gets the play and it’s harder to raise a unified voice? Can we take a count and see if there is a wide difference in the numbers. Let’s count how many of each race are having trouble making ends meet and see if the numbers vary very much. Let’s then defend all of the people regardless of color suffering this way. Let’s quit being racist and find a solution for all the Americans regardless of the color of their skin.

Why is it okay to be a racist if you are Black? It’s not! America, move beyond racism and fix what truly needs to be fixed.