Racism in Progress – Reparations

USA Article this morning: Most Black people want reparations. They don’t believe America will give them any

Reparations do nothing to end racism. Reparations do nothing but give to a single class of people and disregards all other issues that stem from racism. Are we going to end racism by giving wealth to Black people that could be used to benefit all races, or are we going to create a class of person that is elite and government-made wealthy just on the color of their skin.

Before we consider reparations to anyone shouldn’t we look at how racism affected everyone. Black people believe they were the only race subject to harm in the past. How many Black people have been lynched in support of White people? During the Civil War, how many White People gave their lives in support of abolishing slavery? My point is not to diminish the loss of Black people brought upon due to slavery, but to demonstrate Black people have made no progress in achieving equality on their own. In order for Black people to enjoy the freedom they enjoy today, a whole bunch of White people has had to willingly sacrifice their lives, their families, and their futures to help Black people get here.

Do Black people give credit to those that have worked in support of their cause? Then why are reparations for Black people even being considered instead of reparations for all those that have suffered due to slavery? Don’t you see, reparations is nothing less than a continuation of racism that will negatively affect generations to come.

For reference: ” Lynching was not a crime committed exclusively against black people. Between the 1830s and the 1850s the majority of those lynched in the United States were whites. From 1882-1968, some 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States (not all lynchings were recorded). Of these, 3,446 or 73 percent were black and 1,297 (27 percent) were white.”

You cannot fight racism, giving to one while another suffers. Slavery has happened numerous times in history and all races have suffered from it. Look at America today. People of all races , colors, and creeds are suffering. I look down my street and I see everyone suffering from low incomes, lack of work, lack of opportunity. It is not just Blacks, it is everybody. If you want to fix America, quit trying to fix just a single skin color.

It Gets More Ridiculous With Each Passing Day . . .

“Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple caught on video waving guns at protesters, have been charged with one felony count each, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.”

These are the people that came out of their house with guns to protect their home as Black Lives Matter protesters who were already trespassing passed by their home.

“In a statement released Monday, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner announced that the pair have each been charged with one count of exhibiting, a felony.

“It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating in nonviolent protest, and while we are fortunate this situation did not escalate into deadly force, this type of conduct is unacceptable [in this city],” she said.”

I wonder if Kimberly Gardner has researched the claims of the BLM that started all this. Do you think she even questioned the validity of the claim that Black People are abused and killed more by police than others. This claim is false and the BLM is manipulating data to demonstrate the claim true.

I wonder if Kim Gardner lives in a neighborhood in which these protests were held. Do you think she would fear for her safety, her property, or anything else? It is not wrong to defend your property, or yourself for that matter. The McCloskey’s did not make threats or approach the protesters, of which I am sure a few of them had firearms. How many days had the McCloskey’s watched the news seeing protesters rioting, destroying property, and looting anything of value by the protesters? Why shouldn’t they be prepared to take action to defend their property?

I wonder why Kimberly Gardner isn’t taking measure to protect the citizens of her city from people causing harm. The McCloskey’s did not interfere with peaceful protest, allowing the protesters to pass unhindered.

America is de-funding their police and changing laws and lives based on lies and none are sm,art enough to challenge the validity of the data that proves it all a lie.

Trump & The Confederate Flag

President Trump seems to have his hands full defending the Confederate flag. But, is he defending the flag or our right to use it as freedom of speech?

Across the Country people are tearing down things they see as offensive using racism as their reasoning. You cannot erase history. But you can create a new racist. You learn from your mistakes, not by taking it away, but by using it. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT EDUCATION IS?

Every symbol of anything in our history, bad or good needs to remain in place and the people need to see it and be educated in what it symbolizes. And, you cannot make everyone that had slaves or used the “N-word” one hundred and fifty years ago your enemy, and classify them as racist when that was the way society was accepted back then. Those same people in today’s day and age would likely be the strongest supporters of racial equality. But, they are history and we should learn from it.

The most offensive racial symbol flying today is the “Black Lives Matter” flag because it is actually creating new racism. How can you want for equality when you think your life more important than mine? Especially when the data used to suggest Black people being killed and abused more by police does not support that belief. What the data does suggest is use of data to demonstrate a lie so somebody could create racial disharmony and probably make bank while doing so. I really wish someone would take the time to do the research to prove me wrong. Mind you, I am not saying that Black people haven’t been treated poorly by police. I am saying that everyone is treated like shit by police. And if you don’t believe “Black Lives Matter” creating a new racism, go tell a white woman that her baby not as important as a Black baby. And, until BLM created that issue it was never even a consideration in a White woman’s head. Is BLM a racist organization making bank off the Black people? That’s up to you to decide. But before you make such decision, DO THE RESEARCH so you can make an informed decision.

Let me get back to our symbols in history that some find offensive. If you had left that statue standing and required the Government to affix a plaque to it speaking of the issues in offense, a kid in school could make a report presenting it to his whole classroom, telling the entire class of the past wrongdoing and teaching from it. Instead, idiots tear down these things so history doesn’t have to remember them at all. All under the false claim of police abuse. Again, I am not saying Black people have not been abused by police. I’m saying police have abused all of us, not just the Black race.

If Trump is in fact trying to protect our freedom of speech, he is doing what he should be doing. He is defending our “Constitutional Rights” as he should. Those politicians not doing so lack the backbone to do their jobs.

I do not like Trump and disagree with many of the things he says and does but he is the only one trying to defend our Constitution while the rest of the Nation follows a misguided public opinion on a subject not as important as our Constitution.

Black Lives Matter| Research

If you have just tuned in this is article three regarding  the Black Lives Matter Movement. You see, I am having difficulty finding data that supports the claims that Black People are killed by police more often than the other races. This is because the numbers do not reflect such at all. What the numbers do demonstrate is almost twice as many Whites are killed by police than Blacks. The claim of more Blacks being killed based on the percentage of Blacks vs Whites in the population suggest that the Blacks being approximately 11-13 percent of the population a per capita figure would accurately identify and demonstrate such claim is ridiculous as there is only a strong Black population in 10 to 12 States and a majority of the 11-13 percent of Black people reside in those States. In some of our major cities of those States the Black population is a much higher percentage than 11-13 percent. In some locations the black population reaches 35 to 60 percent. Based upon the data derived from those States, with the population percentages recalculated which in some cases showed the White population as 32 percent and the Black population as 29 percent, continues to demonstrate White people killed by police more so than Blacks. Until Chicago . . .

From 2013 through 2019 a whole bunch of folks were killed by police in Chicago:

Alfontish Cockerham23MaleBlack
Angelique Styles60FemaleBlack
Antwon Johnson24MaleBlack
Aquoness Cathery24MaleBlack
Bettie Jones55FemaleBlack
Brayant Alvarez24MaleHispanic
Cedrick Chatman17MaleBlack
Chad Robertson25MaleBlack
Charles M. Smith29MaleBlack
Christian Green17MaleBlack
Christopher Terrell Willis32MaleBlack
Cleotha Mitchell37MaleBlack
Corsean Lewis17MaleBlack
Curtis Stagger21MaleBlack
Darius Colegarrit21MaleBlack
Darius Jones26MaleBlack
Deonta Dewight Mackey16MaleBlack
Derek Love50MaleBlack
Desean Pittman20MaleBlack
Dominique Franklin Jr.23MaleBlack
Esau Castellanos-Bernal26MaleHispanic
Eugene McSwain25MaleBlack
Felix Valdez44MaleHispanic
Francisco Rocha41MaleHispanic
Gary Smith37MaleBlack
Guadalupe Aguilar39MaleHispanic
Gus Tousis43MaleBlack
Harith L. Augustus37MaleBlack
Hector Hernandez21MaleHispanic
Herbert Johnson34MaleBlack
Heriberto Godinez Jr.24MaleHispanic
James Anderson33MaleBlack
Jeffery Kemp18MaleBlack
Jeffery McCallum31MaleBlack
Jimmy Malone26MaleBlack
Joe Huff86MaleBlack
John Harris58MaleUnknown race
Jose Nieves38MaleHispanic
Joshua Beal25MaleBlack
Joshua D. Jones20MaleBlack
Juan Flores19MaleHispanic
Kajuan Raye19MaleBlack
Lamar Harris29MaleBlack
Laquan McDonald17MaleBlack
Luis Vasquez42MaleUnknown race
Mark Garcia56MaleHispanic
Marlon Horton28MaleBlack
Martice Milliner27MaleBlack
Maurice Granton Jr.24MaleBlack
Michael D. Johnson26MaleWhite
Michael Elam20MaleBlack
Michael Myers62MaleBlack
Michael Westley15MaleBlack
Michelle Robey55FemaleWhite
Myles Frazier22MaleBlack
Name withheld by police25MaleBlack
Paul O’Neal18MaleBlack
Pedro Rios Jr.14MaleHispanic
Pierre Loury16MaleBlack
Quintec Locke37MaleBlack
Quintonio Legrier19MaleBlack
Raason Shaw20MaleBlack
Rafael Cruz Jr.29MaleHispanic
Rashad S. Wells Jr.17MaleBlack
Richard Grimes33MaleBlack
Rickey Rozelle28MaleBlack
Ronald Arrington22MaleBlack
Ronald Johnson25MaleBlack
Roshad McIntosh18MaleBlack
Sarge Junior16MaleUnknown race
Sharrell Brown30MaleBlack
Steven Isby53MaleBlack
Terrance Gilbert25MaleBlack
Terrance Harris40MaleBlack
Terrell Eason33MaleBlack
Thomas McGinty45MaleUnknown race
Tywon Jones16MaleBlack
Veronica Rizzo-Acevedo50FemaleHispanic
Warren Robinson16MaleBlack

I DO NOT care how you do the math. You could even calculate the Unknown Race as White, and you would still see a whole bunch more Black people killed by police than any other race in the City of Chicago, ill.  Casper, Wyoming for the same time period demonstrates a different story:

Christopher Benton27MaleWhite
David P. Wolosin38MaleWhite
Douglas Oneyear36MaleWhite
Jeff Hyde50MaleWhite
Randall Garfield Williams40MaleWhite
William T. McCollum21MaleWhite

I believe what the Casper, Wyoming data demonstrates is that  there are very few, if any Blacks people living there.

A Google search for the racial breakdown of Chicago provides:

The racial makeup of the city in 2010 was 45.3% white (31.7% non-Hispanic white), 32% black, 5% Asian, and 3% from two or more races. The ethnic makeup of the population is 28% Hispanic and 72% belong to non Hispanic background. … Chicago has the fifth highest foreign-born population in the United States. In 2019 I believe the percentage changes to 30.1 percent Black and 32.8 percent White.

Even with an almost equal percentage of Whites vs. Blacks, Chicago Police have clearly killed more Black people than other race from 2013 through 2019. Why?