The Equalization of Man

Are you not a RACIST. Not prejudice? Don’t treat people differently based upon Skin Color, Nationality, Religion, Sex or Sexual Preference, and believe all men are created equal? Are you tired of listening to racial bullshit? Do you believe you cannot fight racism with racism? Do you wish for Racial Harmony? Then join us in saying “It is TIME for CHANGE”

The Oath for Equalization of Man

  • I believe all men are created equal
  • I will not discriminate.
  • I will not show prejudice.
  • I will not participate in acts of racial inequality.
  • I will support racial harmony
  • I will not support racism in any way

I wonder, could we start a group opposed to racism. A group of such numbers that could influence the rest of the Nation relevant to racism. Could we start a group that supports the fight to end racism without pandering to others or entertaining the lies spread Nationwide.

Is it possible that we could as a group mature beyond skin color? Join Us, let’s make it happen.

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