How Did Homeless Become Cool?

Homeless is not, nor has it ever been cool. But, the way some of these people act you would think that it not only an acceptable lifestyle but a preferred way of life. Benefits of homelessness include:

  • Sleeping under the stars while you wonder who is going to do what to you while you are not awake.
  • Camping out with a bunch of folks that would just as soon cut your throat as do anything nice to anyone.
  • No fear of rape, robbery, assault, or victim of any crime . . . Once you get used to it, you don’t fear it very much.
  • You don’t have to protect your valuables. Somebody else will have them as soon as they find you on the street.
  • Being filthy, dirty body, dirty clothes, serious hygiene concerns are no longer a concern, as long as you can stand your own stench.
  • You get lots of attention from local government and police.
  • Local business are happy to see you in their establishment. It’s okay to steal from them, ya’ all come back anytime . . .
  • Don’t worry about being unemployed, the people you are camping with will find a job for you. What do you mean you won’t do that . . . Yes you will, repeatedly.
  • You get used to being so hungry that your belly button touches your backbone.
  • On the rare occasion that someone not homeless tries to help you, it’s acceptable to take advantage of them.
  • Most camps are run by your local Park Ranger or the person most aggressive that decides he is in charge, whether you like it or not.
  • That rustling in the bushes at night is probably nothing to fear until you feel it against your leg in the dark.
  • You don’t have to worry about keeping the neighborhood clean, herds of mice and rats will follow behind you to maintain the neighborhood. What do you mean, that hill moved?
  • You get lots of loving, by those that can hold you down . . . sometimes in groups. No worry of STD’s, you got them.
  • Rummaging through trash cans and dumpsters for your meals provides a wide variety of healthy foods. Remember penicillin comes from mold. Cheese matures by molding. What are you talking about, it’s not alive, of course it is alive, can’t grow unless it is alive . . . Mmmm tasty!
  • You don’t do dope! You mean you didn’t used to do dope. Now you do it, sell it, and have it stolen from you . . . Daily!
  • And never forget . . . There is always a nice clean bathroom available if you need one.
  • “High Street Oakland is the place to be, Homeless livin is the life for me” Sung with the music from “Green Acres” theme song . . .

I have no idea if the homeless encampment at High Street is still rooted to the area but between rioters following the death of George Floyd and the ongoing theft to retailers at one point they were talking shutting down Home Depot there. Now, almost daily there is another retailer closing their doors due to theft losses being so high. And there is no longer a safe place to shop anymore. Not all of this is due to homelessness, but a significant portion is and sooner or later it is going to effect our communities and the value of the State. California used to be prime real estate. It is losing its appeal quickly. Major retailers that have been part of the San Francisco market for many years are closing their doors. High end retailers and jewelry stores, even in populated shopping malls are brazenly attacked in broad daylight losing millions of dollars to theft and driving consumers from the area. You have to ask yourself, who will they attack when the retailers are gone.

Which brings us to the rise in Home Invasion robberies. Again not directly attributed to homelessness but you need understand that these people are hungry and when one food source leaves, another will have to provide for their needs. There is no need for homelessness in the United States and no need for support of the homeless community, not when we have government agencies that can absorb a significant portion of those living homeless.

How many of our homeless could be enlisted in our military? How many of our homeless could be utilized supporting the military. Could the homeless be better helped by being used this way, given a job, given an income, and subsequently benefit from training that can provide them careers, as well as a roof over their heads. I’m not saying this is the perfect solution. Being homeless provides those of criminal nature excellent recruiting resource for crime. We need to stop this. We are doing nothing to redirect our homeless to a better place. I don’t believe all these people really want to be homeless, but there has to be a place for them to go that can provide for them and their families. Re-open a couple military bases. Those that cannot be absorbed by the military might find the expansion of civilian support retail in the area a viable place to get a job.

Again, I may not have an ideal solution. What we are doing presently is not working. If this idea only took 25 percent of the homeless of the street, even if only on a temporary basis, it would serve a more positive result than all the present efforts combined. Just my opinion. If you have a better opinion please tell us about it

The State of America . . .

I read an article in a news publication today in which people were asked to say what they thought of the state of America today using one word. Let it suffice to say, there were very few favorable responses and no visible argument to the negativity noted. Why? What has happened to America? Has America become both financially and morally bankrupt? Has the Pandemic destroyed the heart of America? Has racial divide and failure of us to educate our young brought about the end of peace on our streets? What exactly has happened to America?

The Pandemic brought about a lot of loss. Family, friends, and neighbors suddenly were sick or dead. We were unable to be in close contact with others which for many is a human need. When we did go out into the community again it waws with a mask covering our face. Our neighbors and friends fought over this requirement in public stores and streets largely because of misinformation passed on social media. Dis-trust of our Government grew significantly day-by-day, and nothing could be done to stop the downhill trend not to believe in Government. This dis-trust continues today because our Government to date has failed to identify the source of the Covid-19 virus that almost killed a Nation that has done nothing to discover the reasons why.

A Nation of unemployed supported by Government with far too much time on their hands as Pandemic restrictions eased allowed the growth of criminal activity on our streets, followed by the unfortunate death of George Floyd while in police custody on a public street brought racial tensions to the top of our Nations issues as well as the crippling of our police departments across the Nation. Presently, crime has increased to such a degree that our city streets are unsafe even during daylight hours Police Officers disheartened by cries of the public to “defund the police” and the inability of Government to acquire enough recruits to fill the required police officer employees, has left police departments unable to meet the challenges of fighting crime in our neighborhoods to the extreme that store closures are necessary due to rampant theft.

Inmates that were released from our prisons and jails control our streets with the help of local street thugs that even when law enforcement catches them, are back on the streets within hours leaving the community living in fear. People that had previously lived a life of lawful living suddenly found the only way to prosper in life was to take what you wanted, has begun to do so. Even in the best of neighborhoods, crime riddles the streets and fear of “home-invasion” is real While it has in the past been offensive to declare “martial law” to protect the community, may become necessity in the near future.

Failure of “gun owners” to properly secure their weapons continues to be a primary factor in many school mass shootings, and other shootings of our children. And, no matter how loud it is hollered people still cannot hear our pleas to “please secure your guns.” Our Government still fails to prosecute gun owners for the mis-use of their guns by others, even when negligence by the gun owner is obvious continues. Parents as well as children fear school days and wait for the dreaded call of an incident at their local schools. On the adult venue, people no longer feel safe attending events such as concerts, fairs, or even movies.

I have to stop writing this. The negativity compiled by simply writing this thus far, hurts. Where is this headed? How and to what degree are we going to have to go to defend ourselves? This is not the America I grew up in nor the America our children should live in. You see, the previous paragraphs written are just the tips of the ice-berg. I could write for days on this topic and not repeat the same concern twice. I’m unsure of whom to point a finger at to blame for the state of America today, without the finger eventually pointing back at myself, as in all of us. And to make things even worse, I cannot think of a single thing to say good on this topic . . .

Can you? Feel free to comment below.

Blacks Behaving Badly . . .

Media around the world is hot to get any story demonstrative of abuse of Black people or any incident that can be labeled racial but is anybody talking about the other side of the story? Do you really believe that White people are the only one acting the fool?

A Black man pulls up to a fuel pump at a gas station, not quite up to the pump but blocking others access to the pump. A fella on a motorcycle pulls up behind him. The Black man screws around for a good 5 minutes, not even getting out of his car while checking the motorcycle waiting behind him. He then exits his car heading towards the gas station store,

The guy on the motorcycle, “Excuse me sir, are you going to be getting gas?”

The Black man, “Yes I am.” Sounding annoyed by the question.

At this point the motorcyclist has been both prevented access to the fuel pump due to the car parked blocking one end of the fuel island and also by the Black mans intent to buy gas so the motorcyclist couldn’t pull around the car and fuel without blocking the Black mans access to the pump. The motorcyclist went and found another available pump. A few minutes later the Black man returns to his car, climbs in and leaves without getting any gas.

Per the gas station clerk, “He didn’t want gas he just didn’t want to let you get gas, he was checking you the second you pulled behind him.”

Now this is as racial as it can get. This Black man was obviously a mature educated Black man who knows right from wrong. But still he chose to intentionally prevent the motorcyclist access to the fuel pump. The guy on the motorcycle did nothing to be treated poorly by the Black man, except the color of his skin. The motorcyclist was white.

And the Black mans additional offense was towards the employees of the gas station, of which most are Black. What makes this Black man believe that it is acceptable to block the fuel island preventing the gas station selling fuel in any case. The employees make their living off selling fuel, that’s what they do. How many people tried to get gas but because of this gent chose to go elsewhere. What gives this guy the right to affect the employees jobs and income? Regardless his belief, the food chain of the station feeds more Black people than he intends to do.

Most annoying in this case is the fact that had the reversal of races taken place, the media and every Black person for blocks around would have been all over this berating the White guy for things he had never even heard of. But because the guy was Black it is acceptable conduct? NO, it is not! And you cannot cry racism when it happens to you. If you want to be treated equal, treat others equal. Anything other is “you the problem!”

Face it folks, there are those amongst us that believe that the way to deal with one-another is to see who gets over on who. We need to mature beyond this and grow beyond treating people in any way based on the color of their skin. It really isn’t that hard to do.

Does Government Truely Want To Stimulate Our Economy?

I just saw 1 Billion dollars handed over to a single Mega Millions Lottery winner. The week prior I think better than 750 million to a PowerBall Lottery winner. I ask myself, “Are we really this stupid?” Lottery winners stimulate the economy, don’t they?

First thing a lottery winner does is go spend. He buys or builds a big house. He buys cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s. He buys new clothes, gets a haircut, visits the Dentist. Then he spends a bunch of money on stuff he just wants to buy, because he can. THAT IS STIMULATING THE ECONOMY! And guess what folks? It is not all being done with our tax money.

The problem is there are so few winners. Why not make a bunch of 100 million dollar million winners instead of one billion dollar winner. The impact to our economy would be the same multiplied by the number of winners. Think about it. Not just one house, not just a few cars, not just a little stuff, and have we considered the services like gardening, dry cleaners, maid servbices? A whole bunch of money gets spread aroound this way. And you give people a chance of living the life.

I suppose I have always had a problem with the Lottery. It is not that it is gaming. It is gambling. It’s not the fact that it is addictive. It is simply a way for a whole lot of bullshit to take place that should never happen. If there is only one direction that our pandemic will go, then it will be an easy choice for most of America. I personally believe there are other choices to be considered and a responsible government should do whatever it takes to make our economy strong again.

I think the original laws that formed the Lottery preclude the government using monies from the Lottery except for schools and taxation. I do not know if there is anything that prevents the changing of prize structure or not, but the winnings need more distribution making more simple millionaires, instead of just a few high figure winners. Yes, it could make almost everyone in California wealthy. Would it not provide the stimulus needed for our economy?

And while we are at it . . . It is absolute bullshit that the Lottery does not better support schools. That was the primary goal of the Lottery, and it’s been doing a shit poor job of it. Do you really think that nobody will play the Lottery if the prize is not in the hundreds of millions? Give up some of that money and actually provide funds for schools.

And, why are we not keeping the Lottery money in the State of California? In a single week 1 billion to someone in Michigan and 750 million to someone in Maryland. Shouldn’t there be some restrictions on out of State players. Sending all that money out of State does nothing for our State economy. Maybe reducing winnings for such players or increased taxation should be considered.

There is presently nothing that can produce high volume dollars as well as the Lottery. The government should be able to enact some sort of emergency law allowing the modification to the Lottery payout. This pandemic has taught us one thing: A whole bunch of folks are going to lose everything while the rest barely hang on. Our State and Federal economy is already shit in the wind with no real chance of gain on the horizon. The Lottery may be the best chance of saving the wealth of the State of California . . .

No Menthol, Because Black Lives Matter

I read an article yesterday or this morning that said starting January 1, 2021 the State of California makes it the sale of menthol cigarettes unlawful/illegal. The article I read claimed the reason was because Black Lives Matter. The Black Community has been fighting Big Tobacco for a while claiming their advertisements are targeting Blacks and hurting Black people.


This is another example of racism. Rather than make a concerted effort trying to eliminate the sale of menthol tobacco products to all people, the focus is towards the Blacks. Do not misunderstand, they are right. Big Tobacco targets the Black community in sale of menthol products. But is this just a Black issue? Of course, it isn’t.

Do you think White people are targeted by Big Tobacco? How about Marlboro, Winston, Camel, Marlboro, Marlboro, and Marlboro? (Just noting the numerous labels of Marlboro cigarettes and the sales to the White community.)

My point really has little to do with cigarettes. my point is that the fight against Big Tobacco is being waged by skin color. Somebody is making money off skin color. Do they believe that eliminating the retail sale of menthol products is going to stop Black people smoking? It might get a couple individuals to stop, but most are going to smoke something else.

Or, Menthol products will achieve a new level of cool and the Black Market of menthol goods will create a whole new source of income for somebody. Our city streets will likely have young people standing on corners selling bootleg Newport and Kool cigarettes. Think of the lost taxation. Think about the loss of income to Small Business. Think about who will be selling the bootleg cigarettes.

Sure, there will be White people capitalizing on illegal cigarette sales, but as menthol is more a Black than White thing, don’t you think Black youngsters are going to be out there trying to make a buck, and eventually become targets for police? Of course, they will.

What will this lead to? It will lead to continuing racism by people making money from skin color.

You cannot stop racism by racism. Eliminate skin color from every issue and seek the real issue needing resolve. This is not a Black issue when you look beyond skin color. Big Tobacco targets everybody, with differing advertisements. All these people are doing is creating another situation in which eventually some kid is going to end up hurt by police. The kids will be blamed, the cops will be blamed, and Big Tobacco will be blamed. But will the racists cause this action be held responsible? Not a chance!

Big Tobacco Uses Menthol РTo Kill Black Communities

Racism is stoopid, don’t be stoopid!