Will Smith Did Just What The Situation Asked For . . .

Enough of the bullstuff! Do you think Will Smith did wrong when he slapped Chris Rock during the “Oscar” presentation last week? He didn’t do wrong, he did the only thing he could do under the circumstances and he should be commended for it.

Chris Rock not only made a joke in poor taste, he also failed to consider how those part of the joke may feel about it. I do not care how well Jada took the remark made by Chris Rock, it had to of not only humiliated her, but likely hurt her feelings deeply. Do you think it didn’t take a lot of guts for Jada and Will Smith to attend the Oscar Presentation with Jada’s current medical condition? And then to be ridiculed world-wide on Television by Chris Rock bringing his poor-taste joke into the spotlight.

Have you ever known a beautiful woman to not be seriously embarrassed by anything that takes away from that beauty? Be it a clothing stain, a poor hairstyle, or even a pimple? Many women would decline any sort of public appearance under such circumstances. Even if Jada smiled had laughed on the outside, I doubt she did so on the inside. And, Will Smith did exactly as he should have done.

Will Smith did not go up and beat Chris Rock down. He did not grab him and shake him vigorously while holding him by the throat. Will Smith did not pull a weapon and use such on Chris Rock. No, he went up in front of a world-wide audience and slapped Chris Rock in a manner that said exactly what needed to be said but Chris Rock wasn’t smart enough to respond correctly.

Instead of Chris Rock saying that Will Smith just smacked the crap out of him, he should of stood up and walked over and on that same world-wide television presentation apologized to Jada and Will Smith. Chris Rock is smart enough to realize his offense. And this is where Will Smith did wrong . . .

When Will Smith smacked Chris Rock, he should of told him “Don’t say my wife’s name again.” Instead, on a worldwide television presentation, Will Smith not once but twice said “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” And, did so from across the room in a very strong and loud voice. This was inappropriate and the only thing Will Smith did wrong.

Chris Rock did wrong from the very start by making his poor taste joke involving Jada Smith. And, unless Chris Rock has publicly apologized to the Smith’s for his actions and defended Will Smith’s acts to all that seek to find fault with him, including Chris Rock’s brother who is quite vocal with his opinions on the matter, then Chris Rock continues to be in the wrong.

Will Smith did the honorable act of standing for his wife. Since when has it been acceptable to make jokes about the disability or health of others? It is not acceptable! Plain and simple, what Chris Rock did was unacceptable under any circumstance. Will Smith should be recognized for his strength to face the ridicule of the entire world for doing as he should have. The Nation should be proud of Will Smith’s actions. He acted like a man should and did so without regard to any issue it may raise probably because he loves Jada. Most men are just too chicken shit to defend their family, friends, or others. Will Smith became a man when he smacked Chris Rock, he should be commended for it.

The last I heard was Will Smith was banned from the Oscars for a decade. Today, throughout America there are people destroying lives by the thousands, yet we allow a man be penalized for standing as a man. People today go to extremes to ensure they not be disrespected and it ends in a mass shooting somewhere or some other “over the top” act of violence. Will Smith did exactly what he should have done. He slapped Chris Rock for running his mouth at Jada Smith’s expense. There was nothing extreme about it. And had he of waited for a later time to make his point known to Chris Rock, it would likely have led to something stupid. Ladies in the future when some guy is making jest of your fat ass and you look at your husband or boyfriend as though “aren’t you going to do something?” and he gets up and goes to the bar for a fresh beer . . . remember.

White America is AFRAID!

This should not come as a surprise. White America fears the Black Man. That is the only excuse I can find that allows this farce of Black people being treated worse than Whites.

It is my contention that the data used to demonstrate the treatment of Black people is intentionally flawed to create a racial disharmony.

Why? Simple, racists make money off racism.

The Washington Post’s Police Killings Database does not tell the actual story?

This database fails to demonstrate the actual population percentages that dispute the findings of Black people being 13 percent of the US population.

America’s political machine is afraid they will lose voters if they talk against the current movement in support of Black people.

Lets look at the true facts:

The Washington Post Database of Police Killings says that Black people make up about 13 percent of the US population and this percentage should be relative to the amount of Black people killed by police. NO IT SHOULD NOT! The claim of Black people making up about 13 percent of the US population may be true, but that is all it is good for. Use of such data does not truely reflect the data necessary to demonstrate police killings claims.

According to U.S. Census Bureau, 49.7 percent of the California population is male and 50.3 percent are female. The top five races for people in California are: White (61.8%), Hispanic or Latino (37.2%), Some Other Race (13.9%), Asian (13.1%), Black or African American (6.1%).


As you can see from the data above, the Black population of Oakland, California clearly exceeds the 13 percent claim. Run the data with these population percentages and suddenly not so many Black people killed by police vs population exists. There are still a high rate of Black people killed, but race does not factor near so much. One has to stop playing the race game and ask the right questions.

Why do Black people get killed by police? Black people get killed by police because Black people resist or act a fool when arrested. This is what needs to be fixed. None of the racial claims previously made are supported by use of the relevant population data. What does the use of this data demonstrate? It demonstrates that the percentage of Black people being killed by police should be almost double the 13 percent calculation.

I cannot say if this is true of all cities nation-wide, but it will paint an entirely different picture of the data results. Why hasn’t this data been discussed by our politicians? Because the first to show this disparity between the true data and what the Country thinks is right, won’t be very popular. And most of our most influential people of all colors seem to rate popularity higher than truth.

What all of us need to understand is that there is money in racism. Racism is being created by the people making this money. We are allowing these people to influence us without fact checking their claims. And, we all allow too much playing of the race card when we need to dig deeper to find the true data to resolve issues. C’mon America, let’s move beyond the color of our skin . . .

Are You A Racist Educator?

Sacramento teacher caught making racist ‘slit eyes’ during class

Visit the link above to read a story about a High School Teacher that thinks displaying racial gestures to her class is appropriate. It isn’t appropriate, and that is the topic of todays posting.

Who has more influence over our children than ourselves, and their peer group? Teachers! Who do we trust to educate our children in what is acceptable conduct? Teachers! Who teaches a class of mixed race children each day that should never show any racist anything? Teachers! Who do we want for our childrens teachers? Certainly not a racist!

There are a lot of bad judgement calls made by teachers. This teacher made such a call in making racial gestures to her class during a “Zoom” class. It matters not her intent in making such gesture, she will seen as a racist moving forward into the future. She may be an excellent teacher, maybe even the best where she teaches, but today all of America sees nothing but racism.

In reality, the gesture may not of been intended offensive. Face it, we as a people are presently overly sensative to almost anything. But it offended somebody. And it may have offended someone that says nothing until reaching adulthood, and then uses the same gesture with offensive intent to others. Simply put, we DO NOT need anyone with as much influence as a teacher teaching our children to be racist. Our children already get taught all the less desireable things by their peer group and on the street.

As an educator, it is your responsibility to not be racist. While such is not a requirement of the position, it should be. Teachers influence children of all races, sexes, religions, and economic group. They have to be the one to teach our children tolerance, acceptance, and social expectation. We know5 that as parents most of us fail to do so. Don;t think so?

Have you ever told a racist joke, used an offensive term when referring to another race . . . in front of your children? Have you allowed your friends or other relatives do so? Don’t lie to me, judge yourself. I don’t care who you are, or what color you are, you know you have. But, how do yopu feel about it? If you are okay with it, please don’t take a teaching position, or government, law enforcement, employee in any kind of business that is opposed to racism, or anyplace6 else in which you hold potential for influence of others. And I am not only saying this to Whites. You know who you are!

Isn’t it about time that we mature beyond skin color? All of us!

Devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has been an honor bestowed upon the few that are worthy of such award. I saw a headline that said the Black Lives Matter movement had been nominated for such award. Why not just devalue the award entirely?

The Black Lives Matter movement was never intended to be what it is today. Black Lives Matter was formed by a couple of gay women to highlite the struggles of a young gay athelete I believe, and had nothing to do with anything else. On the day that George Floyd was accidently killed by a negligent police officer, Corporate America was looking for a way to support Black People and based on the name “Black Lives Matter” Corporate America started donating a whole bunch of money to BLM. Social Media was screaming “Black Lives Matter” and the women that formed BLM didn’t say anything about their organization not relative to the George Floyd matter, while they accepted gobs of money in donations. Simply put, right place, right time.

Now some folks say Black Lives Matter is not a racist organization. First becauase by definition Black People cannot be racist and second because some white people believe it isn’t. Well if you believe Black people cannot qualify as racist using the same criteria used for whites, modify the definition a little. And believe me Black people discriminate, show predudice, and treat others poorly based on skin color. Black Lives Matter even believes they are the Master Race. Wasn’t there a White guy who thought he had the Master Race back in history. Black Lives Matter people have threatened the U.S. Government, incited riots, incited violence, and caused millions of dollars in damage to their neighbors . . . All BASED ON LIES!

Selective Data Farming is when somebody farms data to show only certain information. This is how a company can claim it’s product better than a competitor or in the case of Black Lives Matter . . . “Black people are killed by police more than Whites even though they are only 11 to 13% of the population” The trouth is though Black people are 13% of the U.S. population, they only have a significant presense in 10 to 12 states and in those states Blacks are from 23 to 60 percent of the population. And, with the exception of Chicago Whites are killed at least twice as often than others. I cannot explain Chicago.

Killings of Blacks sells newspapers. Face it. It doesn’t matter if the person good or bad, all he has to be is Black and the Black populace will pour out onto the streets screaming of the injustice of it all. White people don’t do this for White people, but will for Black people. White people understand that if they mess around or act stupid they get their ass beat by the cops. When White people see a White dude beat down by the cops they know the guys an idiot that deserved the beating and go on about our business. But when it’s a Black guy beat down, nobody cares what he did, or even if he did. A majority of the Black people of recent protest and more are there by their own act, yet we cry defund the police as though the police are wrong. Yes some of the incidents have been by wrongdoings by police, but for the most part had the person simply complied with the police officer he would be alive today. Go ahead make me the bad guy for telling the truth. It is a fact that most Black people do not allow themselves be arrested without resisting. George Floyd did not end up on the ground with a cops knee in his back because he complied with his arrest. And people think White people get treated differently, but a White guy resists he gets treated the same.

Black Lives Matter would better serve the elimination of racism, by not practicing racism. Our problems are not skin color, it is economics. As long as BLM and America fail to see this, they feed the racism beliefs and continue to promote racism. There are a lot of people that make their money off racism, most use skin color as part of their name. Black Lives Matter being nominated for anything more than racist organization is ridiculous. For the Nobel?

If you want to nominate someone for a Nobel, find the man that treats all men equal.

Does Government Truely Want To Stimulate Our Economy?

I just saw 1 Billion dollars handed over to a single Mega Millions Lottery winner. The week prior I think better than 750 million to a PowerBall Lottery winner. I ask myself, “Are we really this stupid?” Lottery winners stimulate the economy, don’t they?

First thing a lottery winner does is go spend. He buys or builds a big house. He buys cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s. He buys new clothes, gets a haircut, visits the Dentist. Then he spends a bunch of money on stuff he just wants to buy, because he can. THAT IS STIMULATING THE ECONOMY! And guess what folks? It is not all being done with our tax money.

The problem is there are so few winners. Why not make a bunch of 100 million dollar million winners instead of one billion dollar winner. The impact to our economy would be the same multiplied by the number of winners. Think about it. Not just one house, not just a few cars, not just a little stuff, and have we considered the services like gardening, dry cleaners, maid servbices? A whole bunch of money gets spread aroound this way. And you give people a chance of living the life.

I suppose I have always had a problem with the Lottery. It is not that it is gaming. It is gambling. It’s not the fact that it is addictive. It is simply a way for a whole lot of bullshit to take place that should never happen. If there is only one direction that our pandemic will go, then it will be an easy choice for most of America. I personally believe there are other choices to be considered and a responsible government should do whatever it takes to make our economy strong again.

I think the original laws that formed the Lottery preclude the government using monies from the Lottery except for schools and taxation. I do not know if there is anything that prevents the changing of prize structure or not, but the winnings need more distribution making more simple millionaires, instead of just a few high figure winners. Yes, it could make almost everyone in California wealthy. Would it not provide the stimulus needed for our economy?

And while we are at it . . . It is absolute bullshit that the Lottery does not better support schools. That was the primary goal of the Lottery, and it’s been doing a shit poor job of it. Do you really think that nobody will play the Lottery if the prize is not in the hundreds of millions? Give up some of that money and actually provide funds for schools.

And, why are we not keeping the Lottery money in the State of California? In a single week 1 billion to someone in Michigan and 750 million to someone in Maryland. Shouldn’t there be some restrictions on out of State players. Sending all that money out of State does nothing for our State economy. Maybe reducing winnings for such players or increased taxation should be considered.

There is presently nothing that can produce high volume dollars as well as the Lottery. The government should be able to enact some sort of emergency law allowing the modification to the Lottery payout. This pandemic has taught us one thing: A whole bunch of folks are going to lose everything while the rest barely hang on. Our State and Federal economy is already shit in the wind with no real chance of gain on the horizon. The Lottery may be the best chance of saving the wealth of the State of California . . .

All lives matter

How Math Works . . .

I believe we have a significant learning disorder affecting millions nation wide. It appears as though supporters of “Black Lives Matter” do not believe in basic math . . .

If you have a significant population in 10 to 12 States, and you have approximately 30 percent of the population of those states, then you are 30 percent of 10 to 12 states, not a tiny portion of the entire country. Let’s test my theory . . .

Do you think that the places most effected by the riots set off by the death of George Floyd were a population of 13 percent? Okay, not a good demonstration of numbers there. Let’s look from the other side. The Black population of Oakland, CA. is close to 40 percent Black, with White and Hispanic populace bringing in a lesser percentage. In some cities/states the Black population is less than 1 percent. So wouldn’t it be wiser to draw data from the truest representation of truth. Sure the Black population of the U.S. is roughly 13 percent of 50 states, of which 38 states do not have a significant population of Black people. But, in the states Black people are being harmed the Black has at least a 30 percent of the population. (You will note that I have said the same thing numerous ways to drive this point to the forefront of this topic) Use of the entire country for the statistics is an intentional misrepresentation of the data. In other words, it is a lie.

In the states where most of the claims of racial abuse has been, Black people are 23 to 53 percent of the population. So why isn’t the Black Lives people using data that represents the truth? Could it be because they make a living pushing racism? Aren’t the organizations that seek the betterment of one race at the cost of another actually creating racism instead of stopping it?

The problems of failing racial harmony are not because we cannot get along. The problem that creates the fail for racial harmony is that Black people believe they are the only one suffering. Blacks are not treated any different than Whites or others until they resist. When White people are approached by police, for most they cooperate. Those that resist, get their asses whipped or shot just like Blacks do. That White Privilege that everyone thinks is afforded all White people, is bullshit. White Privilege is afforded the affluent. Forty percent of todays Black population is “middle class” and five percent is “upper class” leaving the rest struggling day by day, just like about twenty percent of the Whites. New to the Whites are the homeless, which daily is increasing in numbers and exceeds the amount of Black homeless by at least double. My point being that contrary to other opinion, we all suffer in the lower incomes. We are all treated like shit by City, County, and State Agencies, Law Enforcement, and even our own races.

You cannot fight racism with racism. When all of those suffering quit playing the race game, quit letting the racist manipulate us, and stand together . . . We may have a chance of defeating racism.

Pay Attention Politicians, Pay Attention Corporate America . . .

The reason that America suffers racism, is not because we just cannot get along. It’s because those making the decisions suffer from rectal-cranial inversion. Instead of taking efforts to stop racial issues, they instead create new racial disharmony.

You cannot fight racism with racism. Taking from one race and giving to another race is racist. Not only is it racist, but it’s also predatory. Allow me to explain . . .

Every program developed by both Corporate America and our Government gives benefit to a minority by taking that benefit away from White people. What White people lose in this situation? The lower income workers, entry level workers, and the less fortunate trying for acceptance to education. The upper middle class and the wealthy are not effected, yet they make the rules. It is already hard enough for the less wealthy White people, and it’s just as hard for the same level minorities, but creating programs that take from one race giving to another race is just plain stupid. And doing so based on the color of skin, qualifies for intentional negligence. (Yes I just made that up.)

All that Corporate America and Government is doing is creating anger and racial disharmony at the expense of White people suffering the same strife as the minorities, when it is their job to help all the people regardless of skin color.

You see, the problem isn’t skin color. The problem is economics. Trading one color for the other does not eliminate the problem. Not only does it not eliminate the original problem, but it creates a new problem because you have left one of the colors the loser based upon his skin color. And for all you folks looking for Systemic Racism, climb back into your big house upon the hill because you don’t know shit about life down the hill, we are all treated like crap regardless the color of our skin.

One of the requirements of employment in America is a diverse workplace where there are no business that is strictly white. Equal Opportunity Employment laws

“U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which was established by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to assist in the protection of United States employees from discrimination. The law was the first federal law designed to protect most US employees from employment discrimination based upon that employee’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Employment discrimination entails areas such as firing, hiring, promotions, transfer or wage practices and it is also illegal to discriminate in advertising, referral of job applicants, or classification.”

Do you know how many employers do not hire White people as employees? White people are discriminated against in numerous occupations nation-wide and nobody sees anything wrong with it. But, isn’t it just as wrong when the position discriminates against minorities?

There is only one solution to racism in America. Quit fighting racism with racism. Eliminate race from every issue. Do not create any organization/program/or benefit that does not benefit all races equally. Education and Employment should be based upon qualification, not skin color. Corporate America and Government need to take responsibility for the positions in which they serve and move beyond skin color to ascertain actual issues and seek resolution to such issues without taking the food from one table to another.

Racism is STUPID, don’t you be STUPID too!

Another Cop Beating A Citizen Story . . .

Here’s a story about a fella got his ass whipped by Vallejo PD officers . . .

Man beaten by Vallejo police will receive $750,000. Now he plans to leave town for good

By Otis R. Taylor Jr.  

Here’s a guy minding his own business when Vallejo Police Officers decide to beat his ass good, for being the wrong color in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now this being Vallejo and cops kicking ass, got to be another Black fella? Nope! A middle-aged White guy working on his fence and he didn’t even resist, but he did live.

Guess what folks? Cops do treat White folk as bad as they treat Black folk! Of course they do, but racists will tell you different. They will claim Black folk treated worse and getting killed more by police than others. There wasn’t any marching, protesting, rioting, looting, or causing harm to others for this guy. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Cops Kill 2 Guys That . . .

Two young Black men were killed by police acting in self-defense. But, that isn’t what the headlines say. It seems the media will do anything to sell their product. It matters not, newspapers, magazines, TV news, or any other type of publication . . . The headline rarely matches the story. The following is the prop for the CBS News video on the situation

Video shows Florida deputy fatally shooting teens in moving car.

Video released by a Florida sheriff’s office shows two deputies pulling their weapons and one firing at a car as it drives near him in a shooting that killed two Black teenagers. A.J. Crooms, 16, and Sincere Pierce, 18, were killed last week in Cocoa, Florida

So why doesn’t this headline read Cops kill 2 . . . ? I cannot bring myself to finish the sentence, but the questions need to be asked because all over America today people are demonstrating, rioting, looting, and causing harm to others because some believe that this situation would have turned out better had the guys shot by police been White. The only way this situation could have turned out better is if the kid didn’t aim his car at the cop. This was clearly poor decision-making skills demonstrated by these youngsters. Where does it say that someone can try to kill a cop and the cop doesn’t get to do anything about it?

Most of the people subject of the racial unrest recently have been killed subsequent to resisting arrest. All these people had to do was not resist. This is not that difficult to understand. Cop comes to arrest you, you get arrested. Cop comes to arrest you and you resist, what happens next is your fault. But, it’s easy to blame someone else. It’s easy not to take responsibility for your own actions. I agree it’s a shame that anyone gets hurt or killed by police, but they didn’t have to get hurt or killed. Folks out there today are forgetting that with the exception of a couple instances, most of these people were the cause of their being harmed. Even George Floyd would not have been on the ground with a cops knee in his back had he of just complied with police and allow himself be arrested.

And, it matters not the color of your skin, your sex, your age, or your religion . . . If you resist, you chose to be where it went next. Yet we continue to protest, riot, loot, and cause others harm. Why? I know damn well that nobody would give a damn if I got hurt of killed resisting arrest. Are these people more important than myself? Maybe All Lives Don’t Matter!

Affirmative Action Note

In a Washington Examiner article today the writer discusses California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action.

“Californians, and Americans, reject racial quotas and preferences”

by Michael Barone, Senior Political Analyst |   | November 18, 2020 11:19 AM

I truly enjoy the way this guy writes. And, although he obviously has better education and qualification to talk on this topic than I, I think he has missed a portion of the reasoning leading to the lack of support of Affirmative Action.

Lack of support for Affirmative Action is not racist. To the contrary, it is the non-racist choice of many. AS evidenced by the previous Affirmative Action programs, People of color were hired into jobs based on skin color rather than by qualification. This led to a couple of different situations of which I doubt anyone thought it significant enough to collect the necessary data to validate the findings or opinions.

The first being how many qualified White men were displaced from such employment by a lesser qualified person of color? Before you get your panties in a knot, I am not trying to cause issue with minority inclusion to the workforce. I merely am trying to point out how Affirmative Action may have led to the failure of a White person by allowing a less qualified person of color to be hired due to Affirmative Action. Keep in mind, the Affirmative Action policies also influenced promotions within the workforce. How many White men were qualified for promotion but were not considered because a person of color was needed in such position to satisfy Affirmative Action quotas?

The second issue which was spoken of repeatedly in the days of Affirmative Action in the past. How many people of color were hired, promoted, and rose to excellent careers while those in their peer group looked upon them as less than equal because they did not get to where they were on qualification, but by color of their skin? This may not seem a significant issue but perhaps to a young man embarking on a career, educated, and qualified . . . Maybe he would rather be seen as an equal in the workforce. I do not know if this is even an issue to a person of color, but I know if I were in such position it would bother the hell out of me. When I was hired, promoted, or selected to any position in the workforce, it was due to qualification and merit, not skin color.

If California has an Affirmative Action problem with people seeking employment it is not due to lack of diversity in the workforce. People that try to build statistics regarding racial equality tend to stop at the Blacks make up 13% of the US. population, expecting that equation to magically produce racial equality. It doesn’t!

Although Black people make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, they make up a far different figure in some of our major cities ranging from 23 to 55 percent of the population. In these cities the other races split the percentages left over, the usual highest percentage being White but surprisingly the breakdown of Black, Hispanic, and White is close enough to suggest an almost equal percentage of the cities population. In many of these cities, the racial breakdown of those living in poverty is also similar. Over 50 percent of the Black population is considered middle class while 40 percent own their homes.

California was well on it’s way towards equality of all until the recent racial unrest that exploded subsequent to the death of George Floyd while in police custody. “Black Lives Matter” and other racist organizations have created a new racism that serves no purpose but to further racial disharmony.

However, California’s lack of support for Affirmative Action serves to stop the racial aspect of Affirmative Action with no favorites due to color of skin and a very diverse workforce is apparent should one actually look. California strives to move beyond skin color. The harm caused by recent racial unrest threatens racial equality Nation-wide as the racists aim the attention towards the Black population instead of serving all the populace. Folks do not realize that we are all suffering the same regardless of race but are not taking the opportunity to see it.