Even Black People say the Black Lives Matter movement is racist.

Black People get treated no differently than anyone else by police and that the claims of such are supported by failure to further expose the data. And, that the BLack Lives Matter movement is a racist hate organization

It Gets More Ridiculous With Each Passing Day . . .

“Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple caught on video waving guns at protesters, have been charged with one felony count each, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.” These are the people that came out of their house with guns to protect their home as Black Lives Matter protesters who were already trespassing passed by…… Continue reading It Gets More Ridiculous With Each Passing Day . . .

Proof that racism is for idiots!

A couple of america’s finest decide to harass a Black man to demonstrate themselves absolute idiots to the rest of the Country. Indiana Men Accused Of Threatening To Lynch Black Man In Viral Video Charged With Multiple Felonies This almost seems scripted, but you read the story and make up your own mind. Regardless scripted…… Continue reading Proof that racism is for idiots!