Affirmative Racism

The headline “Appeals court upholds Harvard’s affirmative action policy” is “affirmative racism” and it is “affirmative racism” by a a school of higher learning. If I was a minority I would not attend Harvard. How would you like to be known as the person that got into school because of your skin color regardless your qualification?

That is exactly what Harvard has done. No matter the reason, their Affirmative Action Policy leaves every minority student that attends school there the label of “less” even if their qualifications are better than others, simply due to skin color.

You cannot fight racism with racism and contrary to the definition, any program that serves to provide skin color benefit or advantage over other skin color is racism. Our school of higher learning doesn’t care if the minority student wants to hold his/her head high so long as they satisfy the school’s need for diversity in the population in attendance. Do you really think that a minority student wants to be considered less than others just because he is a minority? That is the only benefit provided by this policy. Seriously how can this be considered any benefit? 10 years after graduating with honors some Black guy is going to apply for a job and the HR person is going to see “Black Guy” vs. “Harvard” and immediately assume the Black Guy lesser simply because he thinks “affirmative action” instead of qualification and even if you get the job everyone thinks less of you.

How stupid are we? If you want to fight racism you don’t reduce qualification. To fight racism you need to maintain qualification and get rid of the racist that is deciding who attends based on skin color. You would expect a school of higher learning to have moved beyond racism rather than embrace it. Yeah, we’re that stupid!

Even Black People say the Black Lives Matter movement is racist.

For months I have tried to get people to listen to me, that Black People get treated no differently than anyone else by police and that the claims of such are supported by failure to further expose the data. And, that the BLack Lives Matter movement is a racist hate organization making bank by donations of millions of dollars to their coffers from people that believe the organization something more.

The facts are simple:

1.) More White people are killed by police than any other race.

2.) Blacks may be 13% of the overall country population but are actually 23 to 65% of the population in the cities in which most of the serious incidents have occurred.

3.) Black Lives Matter was never intended, nor expected to become the organization it is today.

4.) George Floyd’s death should never have happened but has made a handful of Black people quite rich.

5.) Our politicians have demonstrated their lack of back-bone and blatant fear of the Black people by jumping to the demands of Black Lives Matter activists for defunding and destruction of our police services.

6.) Although there have been a couple incidents in which police have acted contrary to the law, resulting in deaths of a few people, most have died the result of resistance to arrest and it is not only Black people dying in such situations.

7.) Black Lives Matter is a racist organization, in which they have asked White people to get out of.

8.) Black Lives Matter protesters do not care to comply with the law and use the guise of legal demonstration to destroy property, and create fear amongst others by their aggressive and hostile action

Were the government truly supportive of Black Lives Matter, and/or the true issues, they would be trying to ascertain why so many Black men feel the need to resist, ending in a physical altercation with a probability of injury or death the end result.

A lot of the cases in which the person is injured or dies have been non-serious offenses that would not of even have required the person do anything more than allow himself to be arrested and then be cited or allowed to bail out. A majority of these cases fail to be reasonable as until resistance was involved the person was only facing minor offenses.

How Do You Tell A Friend That His Race Is Being Manipulated?

If you were to try and tell a Black person anyplace in America today that it is a lie that Blacks are killed more than others and treated more poorly than other races by police . . . Would they listen? Would they even give you a chance to tell them? Would they immediately attack you?

That is my dilemma. I believe the entire world is being manipulated based upon an intentional failure to extract the applicable data. Allow me to explain how this has happened.

  • There is no argument that Black people make up about 13% of the U.S. population.
  • But, most of the Black people making up this 13% live in only 10 to 12 States.

It may come as a surprise to a lot of folks, but there are parts of the United States in which there are no Black people, at all. There are places in the United States that if it wasn’t for a Black person driving through town, the Town folk would not have even seen a Black man. What does this mean our idea that Black people make up 13% of the U.S. population?

  • Instead of using the measurements created by using all 50 States, reduce your measurement to use the 12 States with a significant Black population.
  • Recalculate the racial percentages based upon the data from those States.

Recalculation of the applicable data demonstrates that Black people make up from 23 to 65% of the population. Now, this information changes most everything.

  • In most of the major cities of these States the Black population is almost equal the other races, including Whites.
  • In these States, White people are killed more by police than the other races, with the exception of Chicago which seems to have a whole bunch of Black people being killed by police.
  • Nation-wide, Whites are killed more by police approximately 30% more than the other races.

If you don’t believe me, do the research yourself. Here is the link to the Washington Post database.

My concern is for the ongoing racial unrest that has gripped the Nation presently. More police killings, looting, riots, and damage to business and other properties. Why are we doing this? I am not saying that there isn’t issues to be taken with Law Enforcement and Government. I am saying that we need to deal with these issues with real data supporting our position.

My other concern is why are we acting on the unsupported claims instead of qualifying our data. And, are we all being manipulated for someone to profit off of racism. You do realize that there is a lot of folks making bank off this racial disharmony?

Well if anyone can figure out a way to get the attention of anyone else, consider the possibility that I am right and re-evaluate your position on the issues. Don’t let a handful of racist make money off the color of your skin.

How To Stop Racism

Actually, it is simple. Just everybody stop being whatever color you are. No more “Blackness,””Whiteness,” or “Otherness.” I know it sounds stupid, but think about it. If you were not the color you are, would all of your preconceived racial beliefs matter anymore?

Every race has their own beliefs and opinions on how their race is impacted by others. And each race has a lot of bullshit in these beliefs.

The claim that Black people are treated more poorly and killed by police more than Whites is a garbage claim supported by manipulation of data, and is not true.

But, somebody has allowed this manipulation of data to continue a lie to such a degree that everybody including lawmakers, educators, and even clergy believe this claim. I need correct that. Everybody has allowed that claim be made without challenge. Recent rioting, looting, and even killings have taken place and it started with this claim.

You cannot stop racism by being a color. Being a color and trying to stop anything because you are that color, creates it’s own racism. If you support a single color, excluding others . . . Isn’t that racism? Wouldn’t not being of a race be better than being a race at all?

Then we have social influence. Every race has problems with interracial relationships. Here in the U.S. it’s a common sight, but in some countries a mixed race relationship is looked upon with hatred. Religion doesn’t so much separate by race, or does it? Religion may not directly create racism, but in following the Church beliefs it could have a racial impact. Family and friends are a great influence for racism. Is your best a racist? Don’t you get tired of their racial comments and slurs? How strong of an influence are they to you? Schools are the best place to not be racist, if the other people would let you.

Then the all time racial trigger, ANGER! It doesn’t matter what the color, sex, or any other thing the other person is, if they piss you off it’s racial real quick with the insults based upon race. And once that first racial insult is made, there is no taking it back. It matters not the color of your skin, your friend or lover calling you a racial slur in anger will forever harm the relationship.

Under the definition of racist, no person of color can be a racist. Racists is a term specific to White people in regards to their interactions with others of a different color. Yeah, well the original definition was written a long time ago:

RACIST: If you treat any other person as a lesser person than yourself based on skin color . . . You are a racist.

If you believe you are entitled to more than others based on the color of your skin . . . You are a racist.

If you have a problem associating with someone of a different race based upon their race . . . Yep, you a racist.

So, I have made my case, to stop racism, you have to quit being the color you are. Try it! It may work very well for you. If it doesn’t . . . You are probably a racist, please try again.

The biggest blockade in the stoppage of racism is organizations representing race. The moment you support any race exclusively, you create racism. These organizations make money to exist off that racism. Instead of forming an organization based on skin color, why not form an organization that is based on the real issue? Look around you, if you have an issue that you believe is racial, are others of other races having similar issue? So why not form an organization that serves both the true issue and the people that truly need it.

My point is, quit being racist. Seriously, try it. It isn’t that hard. Sure, you have to take responsibility for your own acts, and learn how to interact with others better. But, it isn’t bad.

Am I Expecting Too Much?

I do not find it unreasonable that the world suddenly discover me and subsequently beat a path to my door. I mean I have a pretty good grasp of reality. (What was that . . . Don’t worry he’s just hearing those voices again. Hey, those voices are real, I also hear them.) I write purty good and if you excuse the often misspelled words like there/their, are/our, and the sudden loss of what I am doing . . .

Let’s try this again. Is it unreasonable to expect that by some miracle somebody might stop by this site and find it so interesting, so fascinating, so insightful, and so entertaining that they would tell all their friends about what a wonderful site I have here and immediately they would follow? No, I do not find that to be unreasonable, so one or two of you guys are goofing off.

You see, word of mouth sometimes is the best promotion of many things and I am trying to send a very important message to the world. But in doing so most people come off sounding like they wear an aluminum foil hat most the time. I don’t even have any aluminum foil, I swear. So the recommendation of others of reasonable sanity can go a long way. (What’s he talking about now, he don’t know anybody of any sanity. Stop, he’s trying to think.) Would you guys get out of my head for a few minutes, this is important.

Anyway, I’m trying to tell the world that this racism crap is just that, CRAP!

You cannot eliminate racism by making one skin color more important than others.

You cannot eliminate racism by using color as an excuse for everything.

You cannot eliminate racism by pointing fingers at others.

You cannot eliminate racism by allowing racism to be used to avoid looking for the real cause of issues.

You cannot eliminate racism by forming groups and organizations that are racist by nature.

The way to fight racism is to quit being racist. I know, it sounds just a bit too simple, doesn’t it? But, if you eliminate skin color from your mind for a few minutes and then think of the issues and then consider that all of the races are experiencing the same issues, you will see that there are issues that require attention for everybody regardless skin color.

The true problem of racism, is racism is the problem. But, not how you would think. Every organization that carries in its name to serve for the betterment of one race, is racist. The moment you form a group to serve only a certain group, excluding others is either racist or criminal (or both). We are promoting racism in effort to fight racism and we are profiting off racism. And most of today’s racism is caused by those screaming the loudest about the existence of racism.

The truth be told, race is less the issue than monetary wealth. Eliminate low income neighborhoods by providing a decent income to the poor and watch how quick “we all get along.”

Anyway, as I was saying . . . Some of you folks is goofing off. Spread the word to your friends, family, and mental professionals that there might be something of value over here and then tell them where “over here” is. I will appreciate it and you might feel good for doing it. (Okay, so I’ll feel good about you doing it.)