The Joys of Retirement Age: Medicare

At no time during my life have I hated the telephone as much as I do now. Starting at about 65 years and 1 day, from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM I recieve approximately 12 sales calls per day every day from foreign call centers where either people of foreign language or recorded voices try to carry on a conversation with me in which it matters little what I say they already know all about me.

First of all, I do not want to be called by anybody at 6:00 AM, unless it’s a babe for a booty-call in mind. I damn sure do not appreciate being awakened by a phone call with some fast talking gent or gal with a thick accent, and a background of call-center noise so loud that it wakes me past my ability to go back to sleep. But daily, I get calls from “Health Care Benefits” and “Medicare Plans” whom it doesn’t matter if I patiently advise them I do not need their services or threaten to crawl through the phone line and rip their fucking throats out, they keep calling me. This isn’t one call a day. This is at least six calls per day, by different individuals, different phone numbers, but same company multiplied by 2.

I have followed the telephone prompts, when available to remove my phone number from their list. I have gone through their repeated sales pitch until being forwarded to a Licensed Medicare Insurance Agent, asking and even threatening to do his ugly wife on his desk in his office if he doesn’t stop calling me. I’ve even called Medicare and complained. You would think they would have the ability to reach out to the company’s if provided the company name telling them to quit their harassment. Sadly no, their advice “Put your phone number on the national Don’t Call registry.” I have tried that. I have installed call blockers, that blocked people I wanted to call me. It didn’t stop their calls, they just changed the number they called from, repeatedly.

I have even redialed the number they had called from, hoping I would find Inteligent life on the other end of the line that could stop this. “I’m sorry but the number you have called is no longer in service.” WTF! You mean I am being harassed daily by an out-of-service telephone? Am I really being disturbed by somebody using telephone services without even paying for the call?

And, people wonder why I am becoming a miserable mean old man . . .

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