Let’s Play “What If’s”

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Yes, it is. But I am sitting here at my desk watching Asian Comedians describe being the only Asian amongst a group of White People. They describe being given nick-names vs. use of their real names deciding that the use of the nick-name racist. There has been numerous truly racist names given to Asian people as real names. Soldiers during the Viet Nam war were particularly cruel in giving names to their illegitimate children. Names like: Dum Phuk, Do Ho, Lil Dic, and a whole bunch more were to become part of American History, and cause of much abuse to the children throughout most of their lives That was racial and offensive. But those were real names.

Alot of people are given nick-names, for many different reasons. I am guilty of using nick-names for friends with names I could not pronounce properly. Not a single time was it intended to be offensive.

Being the only person of your race amongst a whole bunch of another race can be very stressful and everybody that raises this topic tell it as them being the only of their race with a bunch of White People. I don’t think I have ever heard a story on this topic in which the only was with an other-than-White group of people or a lone White person amongst a group of another race.

The reason I ask this question is because I believe that people that claim all this racism, never look at the shoe on the other foot. Have they ever witnessed how a group of their race treat others of a different race? I know I have walked into a room of another race only to have them start talking in their own language, about me like I wasn’t there. What usually followed was comments between each other that were obviously derogatory about me. It is uncomfortable and sometimes threatening at times.

Anybody else have a story to tell. Keep it real!