The Thing I Hate Most About Getting Old . . .

Damn, I hate getting old . . .

But, the thing I hate most about getting old is . . . What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Some folks have aches and pains, others have weight loss or gain, and others have sexual problems or suffer loneliness. My point being everybody suffers something as they grow old, and most of us do so quietly.

The good Lord has a wicked sense of humor. Nobody goes without suffering something. There is no easy way out, everybody gets some form of suffering. My problem is not the suffering itself, but the lack of knowing the longevity of the suffering. I get it. I know for the rest of my life I can’t eat what I want. I can’t stay up partying all night and still make it to work the next day. It is understood that I have nowhere near the physical abilities I used to have. BUT FOR HOW LONG!

No, I am not suicidal. I just think getting old becomes a prison with no escape, except no longer getting old. You know the end is near and while you want to avoid it at all costs, you can’t help but wonder how much longer you have to suffer whatever you have the pleasure of suffering. Think about it! You work hard all your life and then they put you out to pasture. You think you are being put out to stud, yeah good luck with that! You think, cool my kick-back years coming up. Then reality strikes in the form of waking every morning to your legs or back, or your top and/or your bottom screaming with pain. Sure, you had that pain before sometimes, but you had to go to work so you walked it off. Walking it off now is not the same. Having to work distracted you from the hurt. Now, walking it off reminds you how much it hurts. And, HOW MANY MORE YEARS?

If you see an old man living alone, he is lonely. Sure we try to keep busy and stuff, but when you wake up to an empty house or wake in the middle of the night realizing you are all alone, you’re lonely. There was a time in my life when I wished everybody would just leave me alone, leaving me with peace and quiet. Now, all the peace and quiet does is release the demons from my past to haunt me.

After all the suffering, the pains, special diet, loneliness, and demon fighting, what to do next? Like you still have 20 more years ?. . . Damn, I hate getting old.

I intended for this to be more humorous, then here comes reality. DAMN, I HATE GETTING OLD!

Will Smith Did Just What The Situation Asked For . . .

Enough of the bullstuff! Do you think Will Smith did wrong when he slapped Chris Rock during the “Oscar” presentation last week? He didn’t do wrong, he did the only thing he could do under the circumstances and he should be commended for it.

Chris Rock not only made a joke in poor taste, he also failed to consider how those part of the joke may feel about it. I do not care how well Jada took the remark made by Chris Rock, it had to of not only humiliated her, but likely hurt her feelings deeply. Do you think it didn’t take a lot of guts for Jada and Will Smith to attend the Oscar Presentation with Jada’s current medical condition? And then to be ridiculed world-wide on Television by Chris Rock bringing his poor-taste joke into the spotlight.

Have you ever known a beautiful woman to not be seriously embarrassed by anything that takes away from that beauty? Be it a clothing stain, a poor hairstyle, or even a pimple? Many women would decline any sort of public appearance under such circumstances. Even if Jada smiled had laughed on the outside, I doubt she did so on the inside. And, Will Smith did exactly as he should have done.

Will Smith did not go up and beat Chris Rock down. He did not grab him and shake him vigorously while holding him by the throat. Will Smith did not pull a weapon and use such on Chris Rock. No, he went up in front of a world-wide audience and slapped Chris Rock in a manner that said exactly what needed to be said but Chris Rock wasn’t smart enough to respond correctly.

Instead of Chris Rock saying that Will Smith just smacked the crap out of him, he should of stood up and walked over and on that same world-wide television presentation apologized to Jada and Will Smith. Chris Rock is smart enough to realize his offense. And this is where Will Smith did wrong . . .

When Will Smith smacked Chris Rock, he should of told him “Don’t say my wife’s name again.” Instead, on a worldwide television presentation, Will Smith not once but twice said “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” And, did so from across the room in a very strong and loud voice. This was inappropriate and the only thing Will Smith did wrong.

Chris Rock did wrong from the very start by making his poor taste joke involving Jada Smith. And, unless Chris Rock has publicly apologized to the Smith’s for his actions and defended Will Smith’s acts to all that seek to find fault with him, including Chris Rock’s brother who is quite vocal with his opinions on the matter, then Chris Rock continues to be in the wrong.

Will Smith did the honorable act of standing for his wife. Since when has it been acceptable to make jokes about the disability or health of others? It is not acceptable! Plain and simple, what Chris Rock did was unacceptable under any circumstance. Will Smith should be recognized for his strength to face the ridicule of the entire world for doing as he should have. The Nation should be proud of Will Smith’s actions. He acted like a man should and did so without regard to any issue it may raise probably because he loves Jada. Most men are just too chicken shit to defend their family, friends, or others. Will Smith became a man when he smacked Chris Rock, he should be commended for it.

The last I heard was Will Smith was banned from the Oscars for a decade. Today, throughout America there are people destroying lives by the thousands, yet we allow a man be penalized for standing as a man. People today go to extremes to ensure they not be disrespected and it ends in a mass shooting somewhere or some other “over the top” act of violence. Will Smith did exactly what he should have done. He slapped Chris Rock for running his mouth at Jada Smith’s expense. There was nothing extreme about it. And had he of waited for a later time to make his point known to Chris Rock, it would likely have led to something stupid. Ladies in the future when some guy is making jest of your fat ass and you look at your husband or boyfriend as though “aren’t you going to do something?” and he gets up and goes to the bar for a fresh beer . . . remember.